Dreams Really Do Come True – Garima Verma: Here’s The Latest Scoop On Who She Is

Mar/21/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Garima Verma
Image credits: Srikanth D via Unsplash

The world watches, and South Indus share their excitement and are proud as Garima Verma beats the odds and becomes USA’s first lady Jill Biden’s Digital Director. Garima will be part of the team in the white house. According to Biden, she will “bring a shared commitment to building an administration that lifts all Americans.”

Biography of Garima Verma

When thinking of the latest news about her the headlines are exploding with her success story as part of the Biden presidency team. We can’t pinpoint the exact age of her, but we know she’s young and going places.

Not much is known about her, still, one thing is sure, she will do great things within the digital sector for the first lady of USA. Garima is a talented young Indian-American woman born in India and grew up in Midwest USA Ohio.

She got her bachelor’s degree in communications, general and psychology at UCLA and has built-up an impressive portfolio showcasing her work with renowned companies. She has worked with Walt Disney in digital and partnership marketing, Paramount Pictures, Horizon Media, and a content strategist for the Biden for president campaign.

If you want to know what is the profession of Garima Verma, she is a digital director and creative strategist.

Garima Verma
Image credits: Dave Sherrill via Unsplash


Who is she married to?

It isn’t clear whether or not Garima Verma is married.

Where was she born?

Garima Verma was born in India.

What is her net worth?

Garima Verma’s net worth is unknown.

When did Garima Verma start her career?

Garima was always actively busy with academics and volunteer programs. She began part of her active work at UCLA in 2013. Her career got even busier after attaining her degree.

Conclusion to Who is Garima Verma?

She is an inspiration to many South Asian women She continues to make her peers, family, and friends proud as they watch her reach higher heights. She is proof that anything is possible.


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