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Jul/31/2022 / by RASHMI GOPAL RAO

Everything magical and good happens between June and August – the months of summer, the season of sun, sand and sea!

Summer means happy times and good sunshine ~ Brian Wilson

Summer is also synonymous with holidays, endless days of fun, parties and get-togethers where we take a break from work to bond with family and friends. While a good time to go off on a vacation, there is nothing like spending time with loved ones at home. And there, no space is better than the deck to soak in the outdoors. Here are some easy and quick ways to give your deck a makeover for the summer.

Deck Overhaul: It is always a good idea to review your patio and check what improvements may be needed. Remove dirt, dust and moss before you start using it. Fix things like uneven panels, loose railings and sunken tiles. If the wooden floor is worn out, give it a fresh polish or consider re-staining it. You can also spruce up the deck by giving it a lick of paint. Go in for some fresh, light colors, like sunshine yellow or even pastel blues and greens, to give the place a cheerful vibe. If your patio is at an elevation, check the steps and fix any loose nuts and bolts or uneven surfaces.

Furniture Ideas: Adding furniture pieces that are functional yet chic goes a long way to make your deck cosy and comfortable. Steel, wrought iron, plastic, PVC or aluminum work best as they are resistant to the vagaries of the weather. Go for some sophisticated bar stools or retro style chairs if you want to make an impact. An overhead shade structure, or a pergola, can add a new look and also protect you from the harsh sun. It is a place to unwind, so keep comfort in mind while choosing the furniture. Add bean bags, loungers, day beds, even a swing bench if needed, and use furnishings that are stain free, for the deck is an area for food and drink and plenty of spills. Floating shelves display accessories and also help save floor space, while storage benches help you stash things away while allowing for seating.

Get some privacy: Enclosing your deck with screens or a live wall helps create a warm and snug vibe and gives your deck a homey feel. You can install a wooden square lattice wall on one side and allow plants like pothos or climbing roses to creep in, making the place both lively and beautiful. Tall plants, hedge walls, rattan or bamboo fencing or even a classic English fence are yet other ways to give your patio a clean, enclosed look.

Accessories: Give your deck a colorful and lively feel by throwing in accessories. Create texture with rugs, floor cushions, throws and pillows. Stick to a color scheme to add more character to the space. Add plenty of greenery in the form of potted plants in eclectic planters. Hang art work, paper lanterns or a mirror to give the place a personal touch. Consider installing a fire pit for a cosier vibe. Give existing planters a new look by painting them in bright colors. Planter boxes on the railing is another way to add a pop of color.

Lighting: It can make or mar a space. Consider some interesting lighting options to give your deck a new look and feel. Pendant lights and mood lighting can lift things up, while fairy lights can be a fun element. Flood lights, sconces and floor lamps are other options. Use materials like cane and rattan if you like the natural look. While metal and wood are good ideas for light fixtures, make sure they are waterproof and last long. Old school candle lanterns or some lighted scented candles at dusk can also create a serene yet inviting space.


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