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Easy Kitchen Upgrades

Feb/18/2024 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

Inexpensive options to improve the heart of your home

View of kitchen with blue cabinet doors, golden knobs and planter on the countertop.
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Upgrading your kitchen to make it a more inspiring place is often associated with being expensive and time consuming.  The entire exercise generally tends to be overwhelming.  But that need not be the case always.

Here are some quick and easy ideas for you to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen on a budget.  These are truly small changes that will make a big impact! 

Paint Your Cabinets

Give your cabinets a new look by giving them a lick of paint.  Choose a color that suits your overall décor scheme and one that is easy to maintain.  If you are looking to make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious choose light shades like beige, off white, ash or even grey.  You can opt for this paint that is easy to apply, long-lasting and effectively hides previous paint coats. 

Before you start, ensure that you clear your cabinets and get rid of dust and grease.  Allow the paint to dry completely before you place your kitchen items back inside.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can sand down your existing paint to give it a distressed finish. 

Get a Glow-Up

There is nothing like adding a few light fixtures to give your kitchen a new glow.  Consider having modern LED lights for the ceiling or a statement farmhouse style chandelier over the kitchen island or even a lamp over the sink.  Make sure that while the decorative value is important, functionality is the key.  If bohemian or boho chic is your décor aesthetic, lamps made from wicker and rattan are a good fit. 

Organize Your Shelves

If you have open shelves, give them a new look by organizing your items in a cohesive manner.  For example, have all your spices arranged in identical bottles, use baskets for your kitchen and tea towels. Also consider foldable bamboo shelves that can be placed on your counter top to stock items that you use often during cooking. 

Add labels on your containers to give them a chic look. Get creative with a DIY peg board shelf to store your pots, pans, ladles, and other small items to give your kitchen an eclectic look.

Add Art and Artefacts

Give your kitchen walls a new lease of life by hanging some quirky wall décor.  Whether they are framed retro posters, vintage recipe prints or wooden signs, they are sure to add a touch of jazz.  You can also hang in a set of these boho chic baskets to give your walls a rustic charm. 

You can also style your shelves using artefacts like candle stands, ceramics, statement cutlery, and personalized art made by your family.  Whiskey jugs, copper mugs and stoneware are other ideas.  They break the monotony and add ample visual interest to the space. 

Introduce A Touch of Green

The role of green plants in giving your kitchen a vibrant makeover cannot be underestimated.  Consider having some indoor plants like snake plants and succulents in pretty planters to liven the ambience (The latter require bright sunlight to grow.) 

You can also place some pots on your windowsill with herbs like mint, cilantro, and basil. Cultivating microgreens and placing them on the kitchen shelf or window is another great idea.

Have Fun With Fabric

Consider decorating your kitchen window with valences to give them a new look.  Pastel hues, floral prints, gingham checks, and abstract patterns are good options.   They are easy to maintain since they can be washed and reused.  You can also switch between colors and patterns depending on the season.  If the country or farmhouse décor style is your calling, consider having a skirt under your sink for a vintage feel.

Create A Cozy Corner

If you have space, consider creating a snug breakfast nook.  You can paint a couple of unused chairs and add a round table to create a bistro look. You can also craft a coffee corner by installing a coffee machine, adding floating shelves for cups and other essentials and some artwork for a pop of color. 


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