Letter from the Editor

As a young girl growing up in India, I hoped and aspired to do something about the status of women in my country. India offered a good life, but I did not see many of the women around me living to their full potential, or their best selves. I wanted women and girls in India empowered and united in a common mission to lift our mothers, sisters, and daughters to increase their reach and grasp of who they could be and what they could do. But it seemed all but impossible. It was a huge lift.

Personally, I was lucky. With parents who supported me to pursue my goals and a husband who encouraged me to aspire higher, I feel like I have found my own best self, living up to the name my parents gave me: SEEMA—the limit, the most possible, the summit.

Well, almost. Something was still missing. I have worked in some of the most reputable organizations in the world, with some of the world’s key leaders, and I’ve risen to the heights of my profession.

But there was always a gap. I had not yet fulfilled the dream I had as a young girl in India: to find a way to empower and celebrate all the women who had so much potential, so much leadership, so much to offer. An untapped kinetic energy that would ignite the world.

Today, I see that spark. Indian women are everywhere, in leadership positions all over the world, in politics, academics, food, fashion, philanthropy, business, and STEM! From Manhattan to Morocco, and Mumbai to Melbourne.

But we have no common platform to connect us. So today I realize my dream by creating the biggest platform about and for Indian women all over the world. Within our mission, our methods are holistic and organic. We want to create a shared space that appeals to the whole you, the Indian woman in full. From profiles to professional guidance, from health and wellness to culture, from society to entertainment and travel and everything in between, and beyond.

Welcome to SEEMA! Let’s build something together, for ourselves and for each other.