Eid Al Adha: All You Need to Know about the Festival of Sacrifice

Mar/19/2022 / by Richa Sharma
Eid Al Adha
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It is a Muslim holy day that commemorates Ibrahim’s (Abraham‘s) willingness to make a sacrifice according to God’s command: his beloved son Isaac’s life. However, when Ibrahim prepared to kill his son, God supplied a sacrificial ram in his stead, pleased by Ibrahim’s faith. Muslims currently commemorate this occasion by dividing a slain animal into three parts: one for themselves, one for their family, and one for the poor. On this special day, we may all engage in this spirit of sharing.

When Is Eid Al-Adha In 2022?

Eid al-Adha is held on the tenth day of Dhul Hijjah, the Islamic lunar calendar’s 12th month. Eid al-Adha 2022 will start on Saturday, 9 July, and conclude on Sunday, 10 July, in the evening.

Eid Al-Adha’s History And Significance

Eid Al Adha
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The Prophet Ibrahim, also known as Abraham in Christianity and Judaism, had several challenges and tribulations during his life. One of these tests came when he was instructed in a dream by Allah (God) to sacrifice his son, Ismael. Both father and son decided to submit to God’s will and made their way to Mount Moriah. Ismail laid with his forehead on the ground, his father holding a sharp knife to his neck. Just as Ibrahim prepared to kill his son, God provided a big ram to be slain in his stead, which Ibrahim then sacrificed to God’s glory.

This episode is significant because it demonstrates Ibrahim’s willingness to follow God’s command in order to satisfy him. Ibrahim’s faith remained unwavering through several tests, and God blessed him. Eid al-Adha is one of the year’s most important Islamic celebrations. It is often referred to as ‘Qurbani’ or the Festival of Sacrifice and serves as a reminder to every one of God’s kindness and benefits for those who do good without ceasing.

Eid is a pleasant day to dress up, visit friends and family, prepare unique meat dishes and sweets, give youngsters toys and money, and hold barbeque parties. Eid al-Adha also celebrates the conclusion of Hajj, the required religious journey to Mecca for Muslims. The primary rite of this day is the killing and distribution of a goat, sheep, or camel. One-third of the meat is provided to the needy, one-third is shared with friends and neighbors, and family members consume one-third. This gesture demonstrates the value of sharing with others who are less fortunate.

A variety of names refers to eid al-Adha. In Turkey, it is referred to as ‘Kurban Bayram,’ in Malaysia and Singapore as ‘Hari Raya Haji,’ and in West Africa as ‘Tabaski. Regardless of the name, the holiday’s essence is widespread among Muslims worldwide.

Traditions Of Eid Al-Adha

Eid Al Adha
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It is a day of sacrifice, although it is lavishly celebrated. The holiday preparations begin a month in advance, with designers introducing Eid-themed apparel collections. Houses are meticulously cleaned and adorned, and shopping lists for festive feasts are created. The most time-consuming step is procuring the animal for sacrifice. Local sellers sell goats, cows, camels, as well as sheep during bazaars. Haggling and obtaining the greatest price for the animal is a tradition in and of itself. A full carcass is acquired and portioned in nations where this is neither allowed nor acceptable.

Muslims begin the day of Eid by rising early, cleaning, and dressing in their nicest clothing in preparation for the Eid prayers, which are followed by visiting friends, family, and neighbors at the mosque. Everybody greets each other with “Eid Mubarak,” wishing them a great Eid. The remainder of the day is spent rationing and distributing the sacrificed animal’s flesh and preparing for the evening celebrations, which include dressing up and barbecuing outside. It is quite usual to share your daily clothing and Eid selfies on social media.

FAQs About Eid Al Adha

What do you do on Eid Al-Adha?

It is a public festival in Muslim nations that features animal sacrifice, referred to as Qurbani, prayers, and family reunions. The day starts with morning prayers and continues with visits to family and friends, food exchanges, and gift exchanges.

Why is Eid Al-Adha celebrated?

Eid ul-Adha commemorates the period when Ibrahim had a dream that he took to be a message from Allah requesting that he sacrifice his son Isma’il in obedience to God. Ibrahim was enticed by the devil, who advised him to defy Allah and spare his son.

What food is eaten on Eid Al-Adha?

Yummy dishes you should cook this Eid include:

Peshawari Chapli Kebab.
Chicken Pulav.
Nazaqati Boti Kebab.
Al Kabsa.
Sheer Korma.
Pashtooni Zarda Pulao.

What can kids do on Eid Al-Adha?

Eid al-Adha is even referred to as the Sacrifice Festival. It commemorates the narrative of a prophet named Ibrahim (Abraham). Allah (God) instructed Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishamel in order to demonstrate his faith.


Now that you know everything about the Eid Al Adha, it’s time to get ready to celebrate this festival with a lot of pomp and love! For more blogs about popular festivals, keep reading Seema!


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