Eliminating Global Poverty, One Day At a Time

8 months ago / by Team Seema
Sania Nishtar
Image credits: Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

Who Is Dr. Sania Nishtar?

Dr. Sania Nishtar is a woman who wakes up and breathes in excellence. Put bluntly, her intellectual accomplishments afford her the opportunity to lead global organizations into unknown territory, improving the world as we know it daily. Moreover, her focus lies in eliminating poverty and enriching the lives of billions of women not only in India and South Asia, but across the planet.

What You Need to Know About Dr. Sania Nishtar

Nishtar isn’t just a dreamer — she goes out and makes her goals a reality. Currently, Nishtar is the acting assistant to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, with a specialized focus on poverty and the social well-being of the country’s inhabitants.

Similarly, Sania founded Ehsaas, a government-backed organization that helps Pakistani citizens lead productive and affluent lives despite regional hardships. This fact comes as no surprise when examining the previous job Nishtar held: working with the World Health Organization (WHO). Prior to her employment with Pakistanian minister Imran Khan, the profession of Dr. Sania Nishtar included tasks relating to non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, to name a few.

A Brief Biography Dr. Sania Nishtar

Although technical details surrounding Nishtar’s life, like the question, “what is the age of her?” could fill a book, let’s start from the beginning. Nishtar began her human-focused career by graduating Khyber Medical College with a specializtion in medical services. After graduation, Sania’s career flourished when she created a series of businesses focusing on providing medical care for impoverished communities. Fastrack to today, and we see how Nishtar’s medical background and humanitarian efforts led to the titles she holds in today’s market.

SEEMA and Sania Nishtar: Aligning Ideologies

Like her, SEEMA aims to alleviate the side effects of poverty, particularly in the regions encompassing India and Southern Asia. Women with financial resources available to them go on to lead productive lives, influence industry and improve their nation’s posture in the 21st century. By aiming to eradicate lackluster financial resources and allocate them to those in need, SEEMA, along with Sania Nishtar, improve the economy for women worldwide.