Everything About Orange Oil & Its Various Benefits

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Orange Oil
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Orange Oil

Essential oils are extremely concentrated oils that are extracted from plants. Several essential oils come from citrus fruits, including lemon, grapefruit and orange.

Orange essential oil comes from the peel of the Citrus sinensis or sweet orange. The oil is extracted from the rind using a cold-pressing process which applies pressure to the peel to squeeze the natural oils from the rind. The flowers and leaves from the orange plant can be used to make the essential oil as well.

What Is Orange Essential Oil Good For?

The health benefits of this oil are numerous according to research. You can use orange essential oil to reduce your stress and boost your mood throughout the day. Orange essential oil can also be used to treat chronic skin conditions like acne and get rid of inflammation and pain in the body.

Orange essential oil benefits also include relieving an upset stomach and you can use the oil as a household cleaner. You can add the oil to your normal detergents or cleaning agents to give the room a delightful scent. The oil is antibacterial as well and can get rid of toxins and impurities on surfaces and in the air.

More On the Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Even if you’re familiar with some of the ways you can use orange essential oil, it’s important to be familiar with the scientific evidence pointing toward the benefits of the oil.

-Orange essential oil is antimicrobial. According to a study conducted in 2012, the oil can kill E.coli which makes it a natural treatment for food poisoning. The study indicated that after 24 hours around 1% of orange essential oil stopped the bacteria from growing at refrigerated temperatures.

Another study explored the effects of orange essential oil on strains of staph bacteria that may be resistant to antibiotics. Researchers found that when the oil was added to cells infected by the bacteria, the oil, even in low concentrations, kills staph bacteria without causing any harm to the cells.

Orange essential oil canalso stop fungal growth that causes food to become spoiled. A study suggests that orange essential oil can protect humans from four fungal species. The oil can fight the fungi that affects vegetables as well so you can spray a little of the oil in the fridge to keep your food safe. The oil is even more effective when you combine the orange essential oil with garlic or clove oil to make sure your food stays fresh.

Orange Essential Oil Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression

If you’re interested in aromatherapy treatment, you can use orange essential oil to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to a 2013 study, the oil can reduce the pulse rate and lower stress hormone levels in children when the children are undergoing a dental procedure. A visit to the dentist is often a stressful experience for a patient, regardless of age, and the essential oil from oranges can help to calm the body and make the experience more bearable.

An additional study in 2015 revealed that women who were in labor reports reduced anxiety after inhaling the essential oil. The women who inhaled the oil experienced less stress than those who were given distilled water to inhale.

A research study in 2019 involving mice explored inhaling orange essential and how the oil affects depression levels. Researchers discovered that the mice who inhaled the oil had fewer behavior symptoms of depression.

Orange Essential Oil Is a Pain Reliever

According to a 2017 study involving individuals with bone fractures, it was revealed that essential oil from oranges can reduce plain. When compared to the control group, people who inhaled the oil were better able to manage their pain.

The following year (2018), researchers explored whether a combination of this essential oil and ginger can help relieve knee pain when the solution is applied topically. The group who received the oil and ginger were compared to the control group and experienced short-term relief from pain. However, the oil doesn’t seem to help with long-term discomfort.

The Antioxidant and Anticancer Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil contains limonene, which is a component of the oil that has been researched as a potential treatment for cancer. Research from 2012 asserts that oil that is rich in limonene slowed the growth and encouraged the death of colon cancer cells.

A study from 2017 found that this essential oil could also slow and destroy the growth of prostate and lung cancer cells. Signfiicant cell death was noted in lung cancer cells. The oil is also reported to have antioxidant activity.

Enhanced Exercise Performance

A small study conducted in 2016 evaluated how orange flower essential oil affected student athletes. Researchers found that people who inhaled the oil had a reduction in running times and enhanced lung function. Since this was a small study, more research is needed to determine whether this oil is generally beneficial for all athletes.

Weight Loss Benefits

A 2019 study conducted on rats explored whether this essential oil promotes weight loss. The researchers found that rats that were obese were fed essential oil capsules and experienced weight loss and lower cholesterol levels.

How to Use Orange Essential Oil

If you want to add this oil to your healthcare routine, you can diffuse the oil. Diffusion will help to boost your mood when you inhale the scent of the oil and gives the room a refreshing fragrance.

You can find a diffuser online or at specialty stores. Be sure to follow the directions on the diffuser for best results.

You can also use the oil for a relaxing massage. If you’re experiencing pain or inflammation, this essential oil can soothe your muscles and joints. Be sure to mix this essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil. Using around 20 drops of orange flower essential oil per ounce of carrier oil makes a safe and fragrant moisturizer for your skin.

Whether you’re looking to infuse your home with a calming fragrance, are looking to lose weight, protect your body against cancer, or reduce feelings of anxiety, this essential oil can help you reach your health goals.


What is orange oil used for?

This essential oil is used to invigorate the senses and is a natural mood booster. This oil also has antibacterial properties which is why the oil is often used as a natural cleaning agent. Uses of this oil also include inhalation to treat anxiety and depression, and this natural ingredient also has anti-cancer properties.

What is in this oil?

If you’re wondering about this essential oil uses, it’s important to know what is in the oil. This essential oil is made from the rind of the sweet orange which accounts for the oil’s color and flavor.

Is this oil a good cleaner?

If you’ve smelled the pleasant aroma of this essential oil in your home, you may want to know “what does this essential oil do?” The oil can break down grease which makes it ideal for cleaning the kitchen sinks and counters. this oil is antibacterial as well so it can get rid of germs in the kitchen and bathroom. You can use this essential oil to safely polish wood and leather as well and give it a pleasant aroma.

Which oil should we use as a carrier oil with orange oil?

Fractionated coconut oil goes well with orange essential oil because the carrier oil has a light scent and combines well with this oil. Regular coconut oil, as well as avocado oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil combine nicely with this essential oil as well.