Everything To Know About The Birth of Mahatma Gandhi

Mar/21/2022 / by Richa Sharma
Gandhi Jayanti
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Gandhi Jayanti is observed and celebrated annually on 2 October to honour Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birth anniversary. He was affectionately referred to as Mahatma Gandhi and the Father of the Nation. Typically, the country enjoys a national holiday on this day. Meanwhile, the whole globe marks Gandhi Jayanti on this day.

Gandhi is regarded as among the most notable individuals among the several politicians that battled for India’s freedom for his ideals, philosophies, battles, and dedication that propelled India to independence. Additionally, he was the architect of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Gandhi was a pivotal figure in India’s independence struggle. His nonviolent approach supported and inspired various civil rights movements across the globe, where he campaigned for significant social change.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the nation will commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 153rdd birthday this year. Along with India, the United Nations (UN) commemorates Gandhi Jayanti each year as the ‘International Day of Non-Violence.’

Who Was Mahatma Gandhi?

On October 2, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat. He is widely viewed as the nation’s most prominent freedom leader. As a kid, he was always expressing his patriotism and uniting India via his beliefs and ideals in order to fight for independence.

He led India’s nonviolent struggle against the colonial British empire effectively. He studied law in South Africa and organised statewide campaigns for farmers and labourers, as well as against caste discrimination and for the expansion of women’s rights.

In 1930, he organised the Dandi Salt March, a campaign that drew support from a large number of Indians seeking to circumvent the salt prohibition. He was also a leader of the 1942 Quit India Movement, which drove the British to leave India. Gandhi was a staunch defender of truth and nonviolence, and he left vital lessons that are still remembered and appreciated by people of all ages.

When Is Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated?

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday observed across India to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, a renowned Indian liberation fighter who is revered by many Indians as the “Father of the Nation.”

It is observed annually on October 2nd. It is one of India’s three officially recognised national holidays and is commemorated in all of the country’s states and territories.

Gandhi Jayanti
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What Are The Ways In Which Gandhi Jayanti Is Commemorated?

The day is commemorated with prayer services held across India, most notably at Raj Ghat, Gandhi’s monument in New Delhi, where he was cremated.

On this day, universities, local government institutions, and socio-political institutions hold prayer sessions and commemoration programmes in different cities.

Competitions for paintings and essays are organised, and prizes are awarded for initiatives in schools and the community that promote peace, nonviolence, and Gandhi’s contribution to the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Gandhi’s favourite devotional hymn, Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram, is often performed in his remembrance.

Gandhi Jayanti
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This is a dry day in India when the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Gandhi’s influence and reputation extend beyond India, as seen by the International Day of Nonviolence, which is observed globally on the anniversary of his birth.

FAQs About Gandhi Jayanti

Why is Gandhi Jayanti observed?

Gandhi Jayanti is observed annually on October 2 to commemorate the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi and widely recognised as the Father of the Nation. This year marks Gandhi’s 153rd birthday, having been born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat.

What significance does October 2 have?

The International Day of Non-Violence is observed on October 2, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Gandhi was the leader of India’s freedom struggle and a pioneer of the idea and tactic of non-violence.

Is it Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on Gandhi Jayanti?

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday observed in India to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. It is observed annually on October 2nd and is one of India’s three national holidays.

How can we commemorate Gandhi’s birthday at home?

Gandhi Jayanti Special: 7 Activities to Assist Children Discover Additional Information About Mahatma Gandhi:
Dress in Gandhi’s attire.
Pay a visit to a museum.
They should be introduced to the charkha.
Play a truth-telling game.
Discuss the ‘Three Wise Monkeys.’
Indulge in artistic endeavors.
Take a lesson on hygiene.


Now that you know everything about Gandhi Jayanti, it’s time to get ready to celebrate this festival with a lot of pomp and love! For more blogs about popular Indian festivals, keep reading Seema!