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Winter Outfits
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Winter Fashion

Fashion is one of the ways we express our sense of style, and dressing for the winter can provide you with a fun, creative challenge. If you’re looking for quick and easy winter outfits, you may be thinking of wearing a heavy coat with tights and furry boots. However, there are winter styles you can wear to work and other occasions where you need to look your best. The good news is that many of the trendy winter outfits you see on the runway can be emulating at home.

The key to winter fashion is to put pieces together from a season or two ago and pair these items with updated pieces. For instance, winter fashion 2022 consists of wearing your favorite turtleneck with an oversized blazer or wearing your classic white button-down with tailored slacks. You can also pair denim with cardigans or tailored blazers for a casual but polished look. To achieve the best winter style, pull out some of your old pieces and decide whether you want to update the pieces or replace them with clothing items that are more on-trend for the season.

If you’re having a hard time finding cute winter outfits that suit your lifestyle, here are some style suggestions that will help you put your look together.

The Preppy Cool Look

Winter outfits that fall into the “cool and preppy” category feature pieces that add proportion to the body. You can also experiment with color when you want to update your winter style. For instance, a brightly colored V-neck sweater with a classic Oxford or argyle tights with a pencil skirt add character to your outfit while still providing a professional look.

Experimenting with Texture

If you have go-to outfits or looks for work, such as wearing all-black or wearing dress pants with a nice top, you can make this look more interesting by adding texture to your outfit. Vests in faux fur or leather are a stylish addition to a patterned shirt, and patent leather black pumps look great with anything from denim to tweed. Briefcases and handbags in faux snakeskin are also stylish additions to your winter work outfits.

Wearing a Nonconventional Suit

Suits are always appropriate for the office even if you work in a casual setting. If you want to be on-trend this winter, choose patterned blazers and pants or skirts that are tailored for a professional fit. You can also layer with sweaters and button-downs in solid colors to add more texture to your outfit and stay warm in the cold weather.

Play With Color

People are often drawn to neutral colors in the winter, but this season calls for color as well. A tailored peacoat in a bright color brings your professional outfit together. Or, you can wear shoes in jewel tones to coordinate with neutral-colored clothing. You can also add a pop of color with a button-down or blouse paired with a tan or black skirt or dress pants.

Neutral Hues

Just because you want to add more color to your winter wardrobe doesn’t mean you should include some neutral staples. Brown is ideal for the winter months and you can easily pair brown with metallic tones such as bronze or gold. For instance, a goldenrod shirt with a brown skirt or pantsuit creates a sophisticated monochromatic look that will make you feel your best at work.

Wear Leather In the Daytime

While you may think of leather as a material to be worn in the evenings, you can also style your work outfits with a hint of leather. Instead of skin-tight leggings, opt for a leather pencil skirt that falls below the knees. Leather dress pants are on-trend for the winter as well. Pair these leather pieces with chunky sweaters or cardigans for more texture and a look that is both conservative and a bit edgy.

Denim on Denim

Jeans paired with a denim top, also known as a Canadian Tuxedo, is totally on trend for winter. Whether you’re heading to the office or out to brunch with friends, choose a denim you like and create an outfit. If you choose both of your denim pieces from the same brand, your outfit will appear more consistent. Add an oversized suede coat for more texture and to stay warm.

Puffer Jackets

You’ll got to combat the cold, so why not stay cozy in a puffer jacket? This 90s-inspired outerwear is back in style, and you can opt for black or navy jackets since these coats match virtually any outfit you have. This type of jacket is often paired with a printed boot for a textured look.

Classic Style

If you’re getting ready to run errands, need something to wear on Casual Fridays, or you’re planning a get-together with friends, don’t neglect these classic pieces for winter. A tailored jacket, cropped cardigan in your favorite color, and jeans that fit your silhouette perfectly will fashionably prepare you for winter. For 2022, cowboy boots in various colors can easily be paired with these cold-weather fashion pieces.

Winter Outfits to Try

Now that you know which pieces can make your winter look more noticeable, here are some outfit ideas that will help you bring everything together in a way that shows off your style.

Pleather with Athleisure Wear

If you hate being cold, you can stylishly dress in layers for winter. Try a pair of faux leather pants instead of jeans so the thicker fabric will keep your legs warm. You can pair the pants with an athleisure piece like a sweatshirt for a carefree winter look.

Clothing Inspired by the Early 00’s

The early 2000s were a time of lots of colors, textures, and interesting hems and inseams for clothing. You can still wear your favorite crop top in the cold weather by pairing it with a leather duster to display your outgoing personality. Bootcut jeans are also back in style and look great with your favorite 2000s-inspired top.


While matching exact patterns was “out of style” for a while, the trend is back and will help you look your best this winter. Pants and skirt suits in stripes, floral print, or houndstooth will likely be popular this winter and these suits are perfect for work or a night on the town.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

This look is a nod to 1980s fashion. Sweaters and sweatshirts that show one or both shoulders look great with anything from pencil skirts to distressed jeans. Cable-knit sweaters or sweatshirts made from warm materials will still keep you cozy while you add a little more visual interest to your outfit.

Latex Fashions

Latex leggings are on-trend this year, and you can pair the leggings with an oversized blazer or duster that makes your outfit both sophisticated and relaxed.

Sporting Long Lines

High-rise dress pans and jeans, as well as trench coats that graze the floor are perfect for the winter season. Long lines give the illusion of long legs and a taller silhouette which can make you feel your best this winter.

Festive Holiday Wear

Winter is the ideal time to wear a sequined top or skirt. You can save these sparkly pieces for a holiday party and pair them with white button-downs or flowing dress pants for a refined party-ready look.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best!


What are the best colors for winter outfits?

Neutral colors such as black and navy blue are ideal for winter clothing. However, warm neutrals like brown and tan are ideal for the season as well. These neutrals can be paired with a pop of color to make your outfits unique.

What prints are in trend for winter fashion?

Gingham and plaid are on-trend for the winter season. You can also find winter pieces in classic patterns such as pinstripe and houndstooth.

Which fabric is the best for winter outfits?

Cotton and wool are ideal for winter clothing since these materials can help keep the heat close to your body. Polyester and faux leather are ideal fabrics for the winter season as well.