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Have you ever been to a yoga session and they mentioned opening the chakras? Or, perhaps during a deep stretch a yogi or yogini said that one of your chakras might be blocked? They’re describing the 7 chakras and unblocking your energy centers. Here are helpful details on each chakra meaning, what is chakra healing and chakra cleansing through breathing techniques, meditation and chanting. Let’s also look at chakra therapy or maintaining your energy center and what to do if a chakra is blocked or you have a weak chakra.

What Are Chakras?

According to Ayurveda, chakras are like the energy center in your body. Hence, you can consciously improve your wellbeing with specific strategies. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means disk or wheel and comes from the root word Cakra. These energy wheels are filled with light and can help you maintain your focus at the maximum level.

Opening and maintaining the chakras has been practiced for centuries, and yet it’s still new in Western societies. As a metaphysical practice, chakras date back to ancient scriptures about how to maintain the body, mind and spirit connection or makeup. While some see the 7 chakras as a roadmap to mental, spiritual and physical wellness, they’re powerful tools essential for self-development.

In the body, there are both major and minor chakras. When they’re fully functioning, you’re vibrant and full of energy. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed or having depressing thoughts, for example, a chakra can become blocked. you might become sick or more prone to different illnesses. Hence, your well-being can affect your chakras and vice versa.

Based on Ayurvedic medicine that helps optimize the mind-body connection, nourishing your mind and body through a proper diet (nutrients, food), regular exercise, yoga, meditation and consistent routines that reduce stress can help. Blocking feelings can suppress your energy and impede on the healthy flow of energy that your body needs to maintain this homeostasis.

Strengthening the Chakras

To maintain a consistent chakra energy flow, it’s important to look for ways to optimize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. As an example, yoga or mindfulness meditation are ways to clear out the clutter in our minds.

With yoga, as you stretch and release tension and toxins from the body, you are also enhancing the flow of your chakra system. Mindfulness meditation can also help as you send out positive thoughts to others and forgive them. By letting go of that negativity and toxicity, you can bring your mind back to a healthy mind-body balance.

Reiki or laying on of hands is another resourceful tool that can help to increase your life force energy. These all can work together to promote better health, deeper sleep and a more focused mindset. Reiki has even been known to help treat cancer, anxiety, heart disease, depression, infertility and autism. Other areas it’s been known to help with include alleviating chronic pain, fatigue, Crohn’s disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

The 7 Chakras

Are you looking for the chakras for beginners guide? Or are you interested in learning about chakras? This helpful area will give you the basics. There are 7 different chakras that once open and optimized can help improve your mental, emotional and physical outlook. Chakra symbols are also different colors and have different meanings (see the image). Chakras run from the base of your spine up to the top of your head. Each has a specific meaning, color and characteristic. Let’s take a look at each chakra and explore its various properties.

They include: 

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Muladhara: The Root or Base Chakra (Physiological Needs)

  • Mantra Word: Lam
  • Color: Red
  • Location: Base of your spine (tailbone)
  • Meaning: Stability, grounding

This Bija (seed) mantra uses the word “lam”. These are one-syllable sounds that once spoken aloud can activate your chakra and restore balance and purity. Bija mantras target what the body needs and allow you to focus on this instinctive awareness.

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Root Chakra Characteristics

This chakra is related to the earth element or root. Hence, it rests near the base of your spine. Connected to your security, physical belonging, groundedness and survival, it’s a reminder that you exist and matter. Red in color, it’s a reminder that we are rooted to the earth and need to feel safe and secure.

Because this chakra is rooted, it also provides a counterbalance to the higher chakras or transcendent ones. Exercises with this chakra include taking time out for jogging, dancing or doing jumping exercises.

To Open the Root Chakra/Unblock It

A few ways to open this chakra include taking a walk barefoot in the grass. Or, hug a tree and connect with nature. Getting out in the natural world and spending time exploring the universe can help you reconnect intimately with the earth.

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Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra (Safety)

  • Mantra Word: Vam
  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Water
  • Location: Above your pubic bone but under the belly button
  • Meaning: Creativity, sexuality, pleasure

This Bija mantra uses the word “vam”. It’s located in the lower part of your stomach and is orange in color. This Sacral chakra has a water element and is connected to desire, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

Sacral Chakra Characteristics

When you have proper chakra alignment, you can experience harmony and a positive life flow. What blocks this chakra is fear, guilt and fear of dying. It’s connected to your unconscious emotions and how you feel about yourself, i.e., your self-worth and sexual needs.

Exercises and activities that can help open this chakra include yoga, loving relationships and belly dancing. This chakra is about you being desirable and having your desires or needs met. Hence, it’s essential to live passionately and work to achieve your dreams. 

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To Open the Sacral Chakra/Unblock It

Given its water element, you can open this chakra by getting around water, and it doesn’t have to be outside. If you have time to go to the beach or a lake, that can increase your energy flow. However, you can also unblock this chakra by soaking in a hot bath, relaxing in a jacuzzi or taking a swim. Other ideas include a massage, sexual intimacy and enjoying delicious food.

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Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra (Belonging, Destiny)

  • Mantra Word: Ram
  • Color: Yellow, Element: Fire
  • Location: Upper belly
  • Meaning: Confidence, Self-esteem

This Bija mantra uses the word “ram”. It’s located in the belly and is often considered the fire of your belly/abdomen.

Solar Plexus Chakra Characteristics

While it’s not in alignment with the other 6 chakras, this solar plexus chakra has a fire element and serves as the energy generator in your body. It’s connected to metabolism, digestion, purpose and identity.

When blocked, its traits might be controlling, overpowering or overbearing. Once opened and activated, it leads to autonomy and self-empowerment. This chakra is characteristic of you reaching your destiny and finding the power to reach your goals. It helps you to take control and find happiness.

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To Open the Solar Plexus Chakra/Unblock It

Given its association to fire and energy, to open this chakra, get in a good workout. Exercise can heat up the body so look for weight training exercises, a cardio class or a yoga session. Get your body moving to unlock extra energy.

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Anahata: The Heart Chakra (Self-Esteem)

  • Mantra Word: Yam
  • Color: Green
  • Element: Air
  • Location: Center of the chest, above your heart
  • Meaning: Compassion, love

The Bija mantra word for this chakra is “yam”. Located in the heart center, it has a green color and is associated with the air element.

Heart Chakra Characteristics

This chakra is characterized by relationships and partnerships. It’s about how you love, feel love and find a sense of belonging. It’s centered between compassion, forgiveness and unrequited love alongside spiritual truths and wisdom. Hence, it can include your family, friends, people you work and do business with and even your pets.

When unblocked, this chakra reminds you to be open to receiving and giving love. It also reminds you to stay connected with others. This is important if you go for a Reiki session as they lay hands and send positive energy to open this chakra. Listen to this heart chakra healing music.

To Open the Heart Chakra/Unblock It

The heart chakra is so easy to open as you shine a bright light into the cosmos. Simply mirror the Buddhist loving-kindness principle (Metta Bhavana) of doing something nice for others.

Another way to unblock this chakra is by visualizing a positive self-image. Say a few affirmations to yourself and to other people. Your positive reaffirming words might include be at peace, be well and be happy. Here are some affirmations to attract love and feel love.

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Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra (Self-Actualization)

  • Mantra Word: Ham
  • Color: Blue 
  • Location: The throat
  • Meaning: Communication

With “ham” as its Bija mantra word, the throat chakra has a blue color. It focuses on communication, speech, expression and speaking your truth.

Throat Chakra Characteristics

Opening this chakra is essential as it links speech, creativity, emotions, the body and the mind. When it’s optimized you’re able to express yourself freely and have your needs met. Hence, it’s located in the gateway between the upper ethereal or higher chakras and the grounded or earthly chakras beneath it.

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Exercises that open this chakra include breathing techniques, singing and chanting. It helps you to express what you need clearly and not feel suppressed as you have a voice and can emanate love and communication with words.

To Open the Throat Chakra/Unblock It

One of the best ways to open this chakra is through singing, chanting or even screaming. However, the latter might be best reserved for a secluded space. Sign up for vocal lessons, take a speech class or try these opening mantras to boost your mood.

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Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra (Self-Transcendence)

  • Mantra Words: Om, Aum
  • Color Indigo
  • Location: Between the eyebrows
  • Meaning: Visualization, intuition, your imagination

“Om” and “aum” are Bija mantra words used with the throat chakra. With an indigo blue as its color, the third eye chakra is located in the center of the head between your eyebrows.

Third Eye Chakra Characteristics

It connects to other intelligence sources and is a point of consciousness and perception. As this chakra helps you focus on guidance, awareness and intuition, be open to your inner voice by activating your pineal gland. Let it lead you to the right decision and help with your journey.

Exercises and techniques that can open this chakra include visualization exercises and meditation. Check out the 11 things you might experience with your third eye open.

To Open the Third Eye Chakra/Unblock It

Meditation is one of the best ways to open this chakra. As you meditate, picture a purple or white light bringing a charge of energy to the pineal gland (epiphysis cerebri) in your brain. You can even try focusing on a spot that’s right between your eyebrows. Or, gently tap this area to draw attention to this chakra.

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Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra

  • Mantra Words: Soham, Ah, Om
  • Colors: Violet, White
  • Location: Top of your head
  • Meaning: Intelligence, Awareness

With Bija mantra words “soham,” “ah” and “om”, the crown chakra is a violet color. With a location that’s just above the top of your head, this is a peaceful chakra and among the strongest. It targets your cosmic consciousness, self-realization and your purpose in life. It links to your nervous system, pituitary gland and brain.

Crown Chakra Characteristics

The focus of this chakra is defining yourself. Meaning, this chakra transcends any limiting beliefs or ego and taps into your higher self/atman. Hence, use breathing exercises and meditate on improving the health of your chakras (your body’s energy system). In Reiki healing, practitioners will focus on this chakra (or you can do it yourself) and use it with other meditative techniques like this healing music.

Other approaches include meditating on each chakra, starting from the base/root. Focus on the color, receiving energy and skiing if there are any messages for you. Align your thoughts by focusing on wellness and optimizing each level.  

To Open the Crown Chakra/Unblock It

Of all the chakras, the crown is said to have the most powerful spiritual connection. Hence, meditation is a preferred method for opening this chakra. Simply shut your eyes and focus on your inner-self. You can visualize a bright violet vortex that’s spinning over your head and growing in size. However, the visualization isn’t always necessary as this chakra can open on its own.


What do the 7 chakras mean?

The 7 chakras (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root) represent the energy in the body. Hence, opening the chakras can keep your mind, spirit and body in alignment.

How do I know if my chakra is blocked?

If the root chakra is blocked you might feel stuck or stressed. If sacral chakra is blocked, you might have depressive thoughts or be unable to communicate emotionally or intimately. When your solar plexus is blocked, you feel powerless and might have digestive problems or low self-esteem. Signs heart chakra is blocked include holding grudges and fear or physical symptoms like upper body tightness, asthma or allergies. Throat chakra blockage signs include mouth or throat pain and feeling like you’re not heard. If your third eye chakra isn’t open you might have headaches, brain fog, or find it difficult to make decisions. Crown chakra blockage signs include feeling lonely or insignificant. You might also have trouble identifying with others or you suffer from headaches.

Why do chakras get blocked/ How do I unblock my chakras?

Anxiety and stress are the top causes for blocking chakras (energy flow is cut off). Hence, meditation and mindfulness meditation music are recommended. They can release the tightness, bring peace back to your mind and help to open your chakras.

What is my weakest chakra?

The root chakra is the weakest. This is the first chakra that’s at the base of your spine. It’s connected to the earth, food and your security or shelter. If it’s imbalanced, you might feel unstable, anxious or depressed. To open it, get outdoors in nature and kick your shoes off. Feeling the earth under your feet and smelling fresh air can open this chakra again!