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Aug/05/2022 / by Bharti Pankaj
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Thanks to the day-to-day miracles of the internet, Netflix has become inseparable from modern lives. For all, Netflix and chill top the chart of all quality time plans. So, if you are searching for the one-go list of the ultimate Netflix series, then look no further because you are at the right destination. Just pull up your socks, tighten your seat belt to attend a memorable ride based on your forever love for Netflix. Be ready to binge-watch because here you leave to stream the best Netflix series.

Cobra Kai

If you want to binge-watch a show that is fun and light, you should add this to your wish list. Cobra Kai is a series that takes inspiration from the film Karate Kid. From the character development to the story writing, everything is fantastic about this series.

The story revolves around Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, the two greatest rivals in the history of Karate. As the story unfolds, the two of them meet again after 30 years when Johnny decides to restart Cobra Kai Dojo. With four seasons streaming on Netflix, this is a lively show for your leisure time.

Never Have I Ever

This Netflix hit is all over the place for its classic storyline. Devi is a high school goer who excels in her studies and everything else she does. All she wants is to have a boyfriend and be cool like other teenagers, but things go downhill after her dad dies.

See how this Indian girl and her mom move on with their lives in California. The friendship of Devi, her friends, and her soon to be boyfriend is hilarious, incredible and sometimes heart-warming. Also, the narrator of this Netflix show is The John McEnroe!

Money Heist

Breaking all the records of 2021, everyone knows who the Professor is. Money Heist is a thrilling story, full of surprises at every turn, and is now one of the most popular Netflix entertainments in the world.

This story is about thieves who receive top-notch training from the professor, the mastermind behind the plans. A group of thieves receive stardom and sympathy while making the history of robbery. With a five-part show, the story will hook you in front of your streaming device till the very end. Be ready for an adventure like never before! 

Orange is the New Black

Up next on the list here is a comedy-drama set in a women’s prison. Piper was a drug dealer who tried to leave this life behind, but it eventually caught up with her because of several incidents.

When Piper has to spend 18 months in prison, she makes a lot of new friends there and gets famous. From celebrating birthdays to talking with the mailman, she is the life of the prison. Things turn a little tricky when she finds herself in the same cell as her sister and what happens next will blow your mind off.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a widely popular Netflix series that focuses on a high school and their journey of exploring their sexuality. A teenage boy, Otis, teams up with a classmate to run a hidden sex clinic on the school campus. Otis gets this expertise from his mom, who is a sex therapist. As this clinic turns popular, more students turn to Otis for advice.

The series currently has three seasons streaming on Netflix and is excellent for teens as well as adults. Sex Education is full of facts, comedy, life lessons, and emotions and gives a fulfilling experience.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is perfect for a weekend where you want to relax and watch a light-hearted show. Emily, an American who comes to Paris for work, grabs the opportunity to work on her dream projects. She gradually adjusts to the new and unique traditions of Paris.

With the mix of two cultures, Emily roams on the gorgeous streets of Paris, trying to keep her life together. Soon after, she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. The series is calming, full of fun and leaves a smile on your face.

Crash Landing On You

If you are up to watching an epic love story, there is nothing better than this Korean drama. The story is about a thriving South Korean businesswoman, an heiress who goes paragliding one day and her life changes forever. She gets in the middle of the jungle only to find that she is in North Korea. An army captain, the leader of this show, finds her and hides the girl in his house.

Curl up in your blanket and wait no further for the nourishment of your soul with this beautiful Netflix blockbuster.


Initially recognised as Dan from Gossip Girl, ‘You’ has now found a brand new identity. Joe Goldberg, the main character of this show, does not understand boundaries. His obsession makes him a sociopath, which he hides from the world. Joe finds love obsesses over it until things go out of hand for worse.

With three seasons currently streaming on Netflix, the show already has approval for a fourth season. The audience will surely get tired of keeping Joe’s body count. See what goes on in a sociopath’s mind, how creepy yet compelling his thoughts can be and how quickly he finds his new romantic partner.


The Lord of Hell, Lucifer, retires and abandons his throne to open a nightclub. While he enjoys the finest wine, women and the nightlife, a murder takes place in front of his club. After around 10 billion years, he feels terrible for the woman and cannot understand why. Lucifer starts to work with a homicide detective Chloe who initially dislikes him.

However, the lord of hell feels a top attraction towards Chloe because of her goodness. Lucifer always dealt with the worst of the worst, but things start to change when he comes to know Chloe.

The Chair

Jin Yoon is the first female Chair of the English department of Pembroke College. College enrolment is already declining, and the old professors promote racism and sexism. Bill Dobson, whose wife left him a year ago and his daughter went for higher studies, falls in trouble for making inappropriate jokes.

Whereas Joan, a professor in the English department, is trying to work her way out of that small and untidy office. Jin Yoon has the responsibility of managing a plummeting department. This Netflix hit is a comedy with a thought-provoking story. Make sure to check it out.

The Crown

This show focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth 2 as a newlywed. It throws light on the early reign of the Queen, from the 1940s to modern times. After her father’s death, she sits on the throne at the young age of 25. As political rivalries surfaced in the twentieth century, things in the most famous monarchy began to change.

The Crown features the Queen’s private life, be it her romance or her other personal relationships. Acquire a deeper insight into the life of royalty and see the power plus privileges behind the doors of the palace in The Crown.


The Byrdes and their kids are a typical family in every sense. However, Marty has an exceptional job as a financial advisor. He also is one of the top money launderers for the second largest drug dealer in Mexico. Soon, things go downhill for Marty, and he needs to safeguard his family from the city’s skyscrapers. The Byrdes move to Missouri Ozarks when a series of events full of twists and turns occur.

Ozark is one of the most popular seriesbecause of the cliff-hangers and the thrill of the show that leave the viewers wanting for more.

The Good Place

Mix-ups are not always bad and can be blessings in disguise at times. Eleanor notices that she is in a good place with a beautiful neighbourhood after dying. It is surprising because Eleanor was a selfish person who kept herself first. To survive in a good place and retain her hidden identity, she needs to be a good person to blend with the other good people. Thisseries has an intriguing setting and a unique plot.

Being a comedy series, the show is binge-worthy, light-hearted, and made with love. See how she prevents herself from going to the wrong place.

Schitt’s Creek

The Rose family, once super-wealthy, bought a town as a joke. Little did they know that they would live in this town when the family went bankrupt. When circumstances force them to live here, they try every method to run out of the town.

The show has it all from comedy, emotions, and excellent character development. Unlike other netflix shows, this one moves better with every season, and the final episode is simply amazing. The unique characters and how they adjust or react when they drive to this little town were what viewers loved about this show.

Downtown Abbey

The story revolves around an aristocratic family in the 1920s set in the Downtown Abbey. A visit from the king and queen of England change the course of routine in the Crawleys family. After World War I, there were questions about who will inherit Downtown Abbey. Alongside, Lady Mary is in search of her perfect husband.

Become a part of royalty and see the struggles that come with privileges for the upper class. Betrayal, a twist of events, endless surprises and a captivating story are some common things that you will find in this Netflix series, Downtown Abbey.

Breaking Bad

A high school chemistry teacher finds out that he has a short time to live because of his cancer diagnosis. To provide for his family and take care of the medical bills, he starts cooking and selling meth.

Walt, the teacher, gathers Jess, his former student, on his team to explore and dominate the drug trade world. As he starts making money by selling meth, his DEA brother in law notices this fact and finds something unsettling. The series currently has five seasons, and the story revolves around Walt covering his tracks to save himself.

Peaky Blinders

The next top-rated show is set in England in the 1900s. Thomas Shelby and his family are gangsters with razor blades in their caps. After World War I, Thomas Shelby returns to his home after serving in the army.

Moreover, the primary goal of the Shelbys is to expand their business and maintain power using fear and violence. Peaky Blinders has crime, drama, romance and above all, thrill in every season. Catch up with the vintage crime drama and be convinced enough to call yourself a fan of Thomas Shelby. Started in 2013, the show continues to release seasons on Netflix.

Archive 81

If you want to watch a masterpiece on Netflix, Archive 81 is just for you. The story is about a man who finds videotapes of a mysterious woman in an even mysterious apartment. Dan, the archivist, had a simple job of restoring damaged videotapes. A strange creature took the woman’s life has a connection to Dan 25 years in the future.

As this show unfolds in two timelines, Dan finds out that he can save the tragic end of that woman’s life. This show will give you goosebumps and will mess up your mind.

Lost in Space

This series is set 30 years forward in the future when colonisation is the truth in space. Robinson family is on their way to leading a new life in a new world. Things change when they crash on an alien planet full of dangers.

Robinson family is light years from their destination and has to develop new plans for their survival. Along with this family, two strangers are stuck here as well. While one of them is a master manipulator, the other one is a blue-collar contractor. See how this family faces hidden dangers on an alien planet.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a reboot show featuring the Fab five and is a fun, light and joyous show. Having won several Emmy awards, the show has won the audience’s hearts. This show will make you believe that there is still some part of the world that is good.

From laughing, crying, to introspection, you will feel quite a few emotions at once. All five committee members transform heroes of the show making their lives easy. Also, there is an entry of a furry friend in season 3 who will make you a fan instantly.


Manifest is one of thebest TV shows on Netflix, full of twists, turns and surprises. Tighten your seat belts to board plane 828 that goes missing for five years. When the passengers of Flight 828 experience turbulence, they landed safely but little did they know that the world was ahead of five years.

However, the passengers did not age even a bit and see that they were long gone for all these years. All the flight members hear guiding voices of the experiences that will occur. See how the mystery unfolds deeply in the further seasons of the show.


Daphne Bridgerton is the eldest daughter of the highly influential Bridgerton family. As she makes her way into the marriage market of London, she wishes to find true love. From lust, wealth, gossip to sexual activities, the show is a fun ride set in the vintage era.

Not only is this the most viewed show on Netflix, but it is extremely popular worldwide for all good reasons. The family has close-knit eight siblings, and the show is witty, funny, and daring. Experience romance, royalty, power, and competition with no steady ground for anything.

Stranger Things

The mysterious and sudden disappearance of a young boy leads to unravelling the hidden secrets of that town. His mother, friends and a police officer find themselves confronting supernatural forces to save the boy.

Things in the town are already upside down when a girl with a shaved head becomes a vital part of the story. This little girl has telekinetic powers and is currently hiding from someone. As everyone gets involved in the strange mysteries, some top-secret government experiments begin to come to the surface. Binge-watch the seasons of this show to know the dark truth.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman was the star of a sitcom in the 90s. The former star makes a comeback while still dealing with depression and addiction. Bojack wishes to become a better person with his upcoming movie but his past self does not seem to leave him.

This story about a depressed horse who wears colourful sweaters is indeed one of the best Netflix shows. Also, it focuses on the fact how celebrities protect their addiction and toxicity. As the seasons unfold, know more about Bojack’s tragic incident, which is hilarious in some ways but also highlights important aspects of life.

Master of None

The story revolves around Dev, a thirty-year-old actor who lives in New York. His character development is noticeable as he transforms from an apathetic to an emotionally invested person. Throughout the episodes, the focus is on the humorous events that involve his three friends, parents, and girlfriends. 

The actor struggles to decide what he wants to do in his life, both professionally and personally. Master of None is one of the hilarious Netflix products. Also, the story takes inspiration from Aziz Ansari’s real life, and his birth parents play the role of his on-screen parents.

Russian Doll

This incredible series will blow your mind off with its plot. Start watching it already because the less you read about it, the more exciting the story will be. Nadia, a woman in the middle of some unusual experiences, is finding a way out of the chaos.

One day, Nadia crossed the street when she got hit by a car. She finds herself in her best friend’s house, but this is a loop that Nadia gets stuck in. See how she comes back to life and relieves the same day in a loop.


Ruth is a struggling actress in Los Angeles who participates in a show known as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Being traditional and ideological, Ruth faces some problems with the director of GLOW.

On top of this, she comes to know that her former best friend, Debbie, also an actress, is a part of the show too. They stopped being best friends when Ruth had an affair with Debbie’s husband. With the tension developing on the show sets, it depends on Debbie and Ruth whether the show will take off or stop altogether because of their differences.

Grace and Frankie

This is one of the top netflix series which is the longest-running show on the platform, with a total of 94 episodes. Grace, a retired cosmetic mogul and Frankie, an art teacher, discover that their husbands love each other. Robert and Sol, their respective husbands, divorce Grave and Frankie.

Things lead to be interesting when the two women who never really liked each other much have to stay under one roof now. The show is a comedy that follows the following extensive chapters of the lives of these two women. It is perfect if you are looking for a light and heart-warming show.

13 Reasons Why

Watch this show only if you are ready for a sad and heartbreaking story. The show that was meant to have only 13 episodes now has four seasons on Netflix. A high school boy returns home to find a box of cassettes on his doorstep from his dead friend.

This box was from Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Clay was not close to Hannah, but he understands why his role was significant in her life after hearing the cassettes. Also, the thirteen cassettes are the thirteen reasons why Hannah took her life, and the followed truth is totally worth your time.


After a child vanishes from the German town of Widen, Dark follows the story of different characters that want to seek the truth. After the disappearance of children, the disturbing secrets of four families come to the surface.

The story has everything from double lives traumatic relationships to supernatural twists. While watching this show, you have to be alert and try to remember things because it all connects with each other. The exciting and thrilling story involves the concepts of multiple universes, time travel and how history repeats after an exact amount of time every few years.


Sam is an 18-year-old boy who has a condition known as autism. His mother, Jennifer, tried to protect him from the world all these years, but Sam demands more independence now. Alongside, he also wishes to make a girlfriend and discover himself. Atypical is a heart-filling story, hilarious yet emotional, and will become better every season.

His journey has just begun from broken friendships, graduation, going to college, and ultimately finding love for himself. The show enlightens the viewers about Autism and the events that come with it. With four seasons streaming on Netflix, this show is a must-watch.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a cartoon that focuses on Nick Kroll and his friends. They all want to have some fun, so they jump into an animated time machine to play with their younger selves. The story follows the lives of these best friends who constantly search for answers about puberty and sexuality.

See how a bunch of kids handle the horrors and excitement of puberty. Since 2017, the show has continued to make new netflix series and currently, six seasons are streaming on Netflix. Here is a cartoon for adults finally that you all can relate to!

One Day At A Time

One day at a time is undoubtedly one of the best Netflix hits of all time. The show depicts the average American life where every member struggles to make it on their own. A newly divorced mother retired from the army, her two children and her old school mother live under the same roof.

With three generations living together, the show will make you laugh, cry and even introspect about your life. We warn you that you may instantly turn addicted to this sitcom because that’s how great and fun the show is.

Dear White People

At Winchester University, an Ivy League, a war breaks out over a very offensive Halloween party thrown by the white students. When Samantha begins her radio program, she announces that white people must have two black friends not to seem racist. This aspect comes to notice to the all-black residential hall, which is being shut down to promote diversification.

Dear White People throws light on social issues and shows the local rebels’ perspectives, college newspapers, and class leaders. With its season 4 coming, this is the best Netflix seriesthat you have to binge-watch this weekend.

Dead to me

Dead to me is a dark comedy that features two women’s fun, deep, occasionally toxic, and dramatic friendship. Jen, a recently widowed real estate agent, is grieving the loss of her husband and coming to terms with it with the help of therapy sessions. Judy, who is also grieving her loss becomes instant friends with Jen. Although their chemistry is great that you wish to have in your life, they hide something from each other. With plot twists and turns in every episode, there is not a single dull moment in the entire show.

The Queen’s Gambit

Beth Harmon is an eight-year-old orphan whose mother died in a car crash. When she moves to the Methuen home, she discovers that the janitor, Mr. Shaibel plays against himself in the basement. By simply observing the janitor, she teaches herself a lot of things.

Later, Mr. Shaibel tells her about some tricks and rules of the games. When a couple adopts her, she starts stealing her mother’s tranquillizers. However, she also starts participating in championships where mostly men play and then beats every one of them. Learn about the world-famous Beth, her additions, tragic events and the need of winning at every cost.


Alexandra is a young mother who lives with her daughter Maddy and Sean, her husband. Sean is an alcoholic who abuses and throws things at Maddy and Alexandra. After a tragic event, Alexandra takes off with her daughter and spends the night in a car. She somehow finds a job as a maid and leaves Maddy with her mom in the daytime.

With new beginnings come new struggles, and her past haunts her constantly. With Sean tracing her, Alex finds herself at a challenging cross point. She has to feed her family and protect Maddy at all costs. Without any doubt, this is one of the best netflix shows, which you will surely like to watch.

Call My Agent

Have you ever been through a remarkable comedy coming straight from French? Yes, Call My Agent will simply redefine all the expectations related to comedy. Starring from French superstars to legendary Americans, Call My Agent totally hits the remark of binge-watching.

However, four seasons have been released in a row so far, and the fifth one is also on the loop. Thus, this Netflix original seriescould be the most entertaining escape from the world of chaos. All in all, the characters of Andréa Martel, Camille Cottin’s and many more will make your heart laugh out loud.


Yet another gem coming from the treasure of hilarious dark comedy, Maniac is capable enough to shake your subconscious entirely. Annie and Owen sign a pact for a pharmaceutical trial and what follows is unpredictable in an absolute sense.

Blinding visuals blended with a heart-wrenching plot is what makes Maniac a bit more insane for the dark-humour admirers. But, at the endnote, this show puts a lot of value on the international entertainment expertise of Netflix.

When They See Us

Breaking out every possible wall of injustice, racism, humanity, or what not? The plot of DuVernay’s When They See Us will simply blow your mind off. The best part of this series is that it is based on the real tragedy of the 1989 Central Park jogger case.

The happening involves five males who take the stand for falsely accused rape cases and assault. Inclined to the angle of boy’s court, When They See Us always remains one of the bestshows to watch on Netflix.

The Sinner

Are you all set to dive in a sea of a tremendous trill? Look, no further because The Sinner is the answer for you. Classically filming four different murder mysteries in each season, the Sinner could probably reconcile the edge of the fictional crime world. Among all of these reasons, the take of Jessica Biel’s Cora’s crime on the beach stays the indeed jaw-dropper for everyone.

Although, there is no scope of doubt that the makers have done the proper justification with the series title by putting it as The Sinner. Precisely, you can genuinely count upon this show for the sake of coming across a brilliant yet horrifying storytelling therapy.

American Vandal

So, what were the best days of your life? You would probably say your high school days. Right? But, the voyage of American Vandal is all set to leave you speechless on the predetermined image of the not-so-good high school era.

Keenly pointing out the minimalistic and max satires at turns, American Vandal is a full-proof roller coaster ride for the lovers who put their heart into unconventional drama. If you wish to get your eyes on an outstanding series that is filled with every necessary element of good cinema, then this show is made exclusively for you.


Guess what? The drug chasing game of Pablo Escobar will give you a hidden insight into the present drug world through Narcos. Yes, incredibly faithful to its title, you can feel free to call it one of the top tv shows on Netflix. However, all the table turns when the director of the series portrays a softer side for Escobar.

Well, what happens next is on you to discover. As a warning, keep in your mind that this series is addictive enough. Not just that, but when you finish being in the court of this one, do not miss to follow Narcos: Mexico, after that. Precisely, Narcos will set the new legit record of being an extraordinary thrill of all times, and you will surely recommend it to others.

Mid Hunter

Released in 2017, Mid Hunter is an unavoidable name on the list. No one could deny the fact that this series is one of the most impressive works of David Fincher. The storyline revolves around Holden Ford, who is a special FBI agent.

The real twist of the series starts when he goes to interview serial killers in prison just for the sake of building his profile rightly. There he meets Ed Kemper, a serial killer for real, and what follows next is the primary subject of suspense. The only hint that you can pick for Mid Hunter from the article is that this series will renovate your mindset for fair crime-based creations.

Feel Good

It’s time for wordplay, if you wish to feel good then watch Feel Good. Well, undoubtedly the punch was pathetic but the amazement of Feel Good will cover it all for you. Feel Good seems to arrive from another planet by showcasing the unmatchable range of Mae Martin’s comedy.

Basically, it’s a love story filled with a never-ending crux of laughter, emotions, complexities, and a lot more. The London filmed romance of the couple will feed new butterflies in your belly. All in all, the storyline of Feel Good is wholesome enough to keep you at a bay from your device’s remote control.

The End of the F**king World

Is anyone up to watch a power pact series filled with endless dark British humour? Well, if your answer is yes, then here is a one-go pick for you. Based on a Psychopath, James moves up with a wicked plan to kill Alyssa. But, soon after, when these two commit a few crimes together, they surprisingly fall in love.

Launched with only a couple of seasons so far, the End of the F**king World is what the stream of classic dark comedy deserves. That’s how it drops straight in the team of top netflix series so far in history.

The Haunting of Hill House

Up next, here is one to please all of the horror fans out there. You were probably missing the name of this Netflix original so far, but it was worth the wait. Inspired from Shirley Jackson’s novel of the exact title, crafts its horror into a deeply disturbing story about an entirely ruined family.

The story emerges to a new height when the Crains can’t bid the cost to ignore their past. Breaking the records of all of the Halloweens on the earth, The Haunting Of Hill House will push you into a hard to real-world of Crains, and you won’t regret watching it at all.


What if you get a chance to see demons in real? Well, you would probably say a big no, but that’s what excites the audience most in Crazyhead. Yes, bonding over the same issue, the twisted life of Cara Theobold and Susan Wokoma will not leave any milestone of horror comedy behind.

The solo mind product of Howard Overman’s Crazyhead first made its recognition in UK (2016) and later in the whole world. Thus, the horrifying fictional setting of Crazyhead is just a swipe away from you, and you must watch it with high hopes of not being broken at the end.


In order to crunch the deep-rooted orthodox mindsets of the society, Unorthodox is not just a series but a cinema that teaches the happy-essence of life. Made on the wedding struggle of a 19-year-old, Esty Shapiro, Unorthodox always goes up on a happy note when she runs off from her marriage. Later she builds her new life in Berlin and re-shapes the perfect picture of the thing called life.

In other words, if you are done with ruining the peace of mind with immense dark series or movies, then Unorthodox could be your lavish escape forever.


Lupin is a new Netflix seriesthat holds enough room for interesting audience exploration. Attacking straight on the Money Heist fan base, Lupin is yet another non-English fiction that will serve the session of constant goosebumps.

Presenting the persona of a professional thief Assane Diop, this series is a supernatural tale of revenge. If you wish to treat your spare time with a noble-crime base, you can tick mark Lupin without a second of doubt.


Arriving from the ultra legend minds behind Game of Thrones, Bodyguard shook up the whole entertainment right on the first day of its release in 2018. Jed Mercurio knows how to impress the audience with his brilliant creation every time; Bodyguard will make you fall in love with Richard Madden a bit more.

Suffering from PTSD as the after-effects of the Afghanistan war, he gathers the responsibility to protect the Home Secretary. The bleak picture behind the politics turns out the real excitement of Bodyguard, and you should not miss this mega drama at any chance.

Final Words about Netflix Series

You must have picked your favourite shows so far, right? Now, you can surely think of dropping all the other plans for sticking to these shows. Simply, turn on your home theatre, make the needed setting and sit back to watch all of these good shows on Netflixin a single take.

FAQs about Netflix Series

What is the best series on Netflix currently?

Ozark is the best series on Netflix currently.

What is the number 1 Netflix series?

It’s tough to choose, but Breaking Bad is still the number 1 Netflix series.

Which is the top Netflix series?

All of us are dead is the top Netflix series.

What is the best Netflix series to be watched now?

Money Heist is the best Netflix series to be watched now.

Which is the best series on Netflix in 2021?

Squid Games were the best series on Netflix in 2021.