Explore The List of Best Shows on Amazon Prime to Watch Now

Jul/27/2022 / by Bharti Pankaj
Best Shows on Amazon Prime
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You search for hours for a show, watch a few episodes only to see that the series is not interesting enough. Does this sound familiar? If yes, you are at the right place because we have made a list of the best prime shows for you. The options on this platform can be quite overwhelming but this list will help you in fighting out the shows of your interest. Without wasting time, grab a bunch of snacks and start your binge-watching session! So, without any second of delay let’s jump into the list of the

best shows on amazon prime.

Animal Kingdom

Beaches, violence, weed, robberies, and mommy issues are vital in this crime drama. The show starts with the scene of a dying woman due to a drug overdose while his son watches her die. “J”, the 17-year-old boy, then moves to Southern California to live with their relatives. His grandmother, Janine Smurf Cody and the other boys in the house earn their bread through robberies and several other criminal activities. One of Smurf’s three sons is mentally ill; one is a drug addict, while the other is highly suspicious. J needs to prove his loyalty to survive.


Billions is a drama that involves high finance and tracking of two giant figures. One of them is Chuck Rhodes, a politically savvy attorney and the other one is Bobby Axe, a hedge fund king. This fictional drama tells the world that it is okay to be bad sometimes. In New York City, the US attorney constantly runs after Chuck trying to take him down. It is about law versus money, authority and sex until they all choose between evolution and extinction. Billions have drama, betrayals, the quest for revenge and survival.


Harry Bosch is a homicide detective who is too good at solving cases. Living in Los Angeles, he is not quite happy with the authorities and the justice system. Harry has the best case-solving rate in California and does not hesitate to break a few rules to reach the truth. His entertaining capabilities keep everyone joyous no matter which case he is solving. Bosch takes inspiration from Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels. In the race of police, victims and criminals, see how Harry chases justice. With seven seasons airing on the streaming platform, this show is absolutely binge-worthy.

With Love

Lily and Jorge, the Diaz siblings, are on their journey to find love and the purpose of their lives. With Love is a rom-com and quite a breezy show that will make your weekend. The two siblings explore the world during the most popular holidays when the pressure of finding your better half is very high. Be it Halloween or Christmas, Lily and Jorge are always looking for their respective romantic relationships. Over the five episodes of the show, the focus is on couples who fall in and out and back in love. This show is sweet, simple and fulfilling.

The Pursuit Of Love

This sweet romantic drama is set in Europe before World War Two. Through the three episodes, Linda lives life’s adventures and is fearless. On the other hand, her cousin and best friend, Fanny Logan, pilot through the restrictions of married life. Both of them are searching for the perfect husband, but their friendship is put to the test when they go separate ways. While Fanny settles for a smooth life, Linda still goes on with her adventure and listens to her heart. This short series has love, pain, tears and questions about freedom.

Tales from the loop

The show is not your ordinary drama about a small town where weird things take place. Tales from the loop is about people who live above the loop. With a machine that unlocks and explores the mysteries of the Universe, impossible things that once were known as Science fiction are now starting to happen. Rather than explaining the loop, the show focuses on human tales, making the story more appealing. This series will invoke feelings in you as you explore the individuals’ loneliness, aging, and fears. Add this sci-fi drama to your watchlist asap!

The Wilds

A group of wild teenage girls finds themselves on a deserted island after a plane crash. This is a rare female-centric show and focuses on how life gets difficult for these girls. From bad beats to Native Americans, the group contains every type. However, the girls have to keep their differences aside for the time being and fight together to survive the extreme conditions. This is a thrilling show with twists and turns all along with the show. See how the drama gets dark with the entrance of the new head secretive of Dawn of the Eve program.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

This mystery thriller takes inspiration from Joan Lindsay’s novel in 1967. A group of school-going girls disappeared 118 years ago when they were on a picnic at Hanging Rock in Victoria. Moreover, the series is full of thrilling events, twists, turns and surprises. With great performances by the characters, you can understand their psychologies and see why they indulge in doing certain things. Since it is a short series of six hours, you can binge-watch it over the weekend. After the mysterious disappearance of the girls, the story focuses on their issues and keeps you hanging till the end.

The Collection

The Collection is the perfect blend of all things dramatic. It is such a gripping show that you will not be able to leave it in the middle. After World War Two, set in the scenario, see the dark side of glamor and rising fashion business. The drama successfully delivers secrets and surprises at every turn of the show. Plus, you will have to brace yourselves before watching this show because it does not slow down or give you time to process the betrayals. We all are furious about why there is just one season to this show.

Good Omens

If you are looking for a fantasy show to see while curling up in your bed then this one is simply perfect for you. Arizaphale, a nagging angel and Crowley, the demon seem to work as a team as the series unfolds. When both of them start loving life on Earth, they have to stop the arrival of Armageddon. Also, they try to find an 11-year-old boy who will bring an end to humanity and is not even aware of it. Get ready for a roller coaster of a ride between Heaven and Hell!


If you love ‘The Good Place’, you’ll probably fall in love with this series. Oscar and June, a married couple, die and reunite in their afterlife. This series will gradually get into your mind and make you introspect about your life. Forever is an eight-episode series that is unexpectedly beautiful unexpected, and throws light on relationships as well as our choices. June is not quite happy to see Oscar with him in this new world because their marriage was not the best before their death. See how they grow together and find the meaning of life.

A Very English Scandal

The story revolves around two lovers, Jeremy Thorpe and Norman Scott. Set up in 1979 in Britain, such affairs were strictly illegal. Jeremy is put on trial for the conspiracy to murder Norman in order to clear his way and become Britain’s Prime Minister. A Very English Scandal is the story of the imbalance between Jeremy and Norman. While Jeremy is older and has a proper English background, Norman comes from a not so privileged class. Norman simply wants his work permit and advantages back, which he lost while protecting Jeremy.


If you are in the mood for some comedy, Community should definitely be on your watch list. Students of Greendale are in a community college where ridiculous events are happening each passing day. A study group starts to bond with each other and see how things get silly, weird and most of all, funny. Along with being a sitcom, it is one of the most heartfelt shows that you will remember for a long time. This is the perfect time to start binge-watching the show with six seasons of streaming. Community is emotional, funny, and soul-touching all at the same time.


A young woman, known as Fleabag, is trying to cope with a tragic loss and attempts to move on in her life in London. After a hardship, she refuses to support anyone who tries to help her. Phoebe or Fleabag runs a cafe and her life revolves around sex just to hide her true emotions from everyone. The show is funny, ridiculous and Phoebe will surprise and devastate you at the same moment. Every season is beautiful but has a crushing ending at times that will make you feel your emotions to their fullest.


This American comedy-drama follows a Los Angeles family and their lives when they learn that their parents are transitioning to a woman. Mort calls his three children for dinner but the conversation, as usual, turns out to be about them. When Mort finds a secret about his daughter, he shares his secret with her. After this, one after another, secrets come out in the open throughout the series. Mort, who later transitions to Maura, makes some new friends who help him with the entire process. It is a hilarious yet awakening take on real issues in society.

Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson, a journalist, broadcaster and a traveler but certainly not a farmer, buys a 1000 acre farm in the English countryside. Despite no knowledge of farming, he decides to run this farm alone. This series is about that one year of farming in Clarkson’s life where the animals are disobedient, the weather is the worst in decades, the crops are unresponsive and above it all, a pandemic knocks on the door. He then realizes that a farmer has to be a scientist, engineer, shopkeeper, tractor driver and many more things at the same time to survive and let the crops survive.


Catastrophe proves that the era of rom-com is still alive and can never get cliche. Rob, an American businessman and Sharon, an Irish school teacher, meet in England when Rob is on a business trip. They hook up for a week only to find out that Sharon is pregnant. Love, drama, intense scenes, hardships of life and comedy are some key aspects of this series. Watching this show will make you wonder how characters can make jokes about the roughest patches of their lives. With four seasons airing on Prime video, this show is a great watch.


DeAnne and Mark, the co-founders of the women’s apparel company LuLaRoe take the short road to success rather than building a scalable business. The company sold colorful garments that became popular because of the way they were sold. Accused of being a pyramid scheme, this business made the co-founders extremely rich but also affected relationships along the way. Mark says in an interview that they are storytellers and that is exactly how they built their business. This statement itself shows how bad things are in the business. See whether the co-founders will fall down or rise again together.


Alma discovers a new relationship with time when she has a near-death experience. Before this incident, life was not going too well for Alma. When she sees her dead father just before the car accident, she realizes that her consciousness can travel through time. Along with a sci-fi drama, the show throws light on various aspects of a woman’s life and all the trauma they go through. This story is about a family that was broken by tragedies as well as sorrow. Using her newfound talent, she searches for the real cause of her father’s death.

One Mississippi

This dark comedy by Amazon originals is one of the best shows you should add to your watchlist. Tig Notaro, a radio host, suffers from some health issues while still recovering from a double mastectomy. She has to return to her hometown Mississippi when Tig’s mother becomes seriously ill. While spending time with her mother, she discovers truths about the family and herself. After her mother’s death, she has to heal herself from the loss of the most important person in her life. However, Tig needs to connect with her roots first before overcoming this loss.

The Tick

An accountant with no superpowers finds himself stuck between the battle of good and evil. Superheroes and villains are very real in this world and are prevailing for decades now. Arthur, the accountant, struggles to uncover the mysteries of his city. He realizes that a global supervillain who was thought to be dead long ago owns the city currently. As the story unfolds, Arthur becomes obsessed with the mystery and the people around him think that he has gone crazy. Find out whether The Tick is a real superhero or just a scrap of Arthur’s imagination.

The Expanse

Set two hundred years in the future, Mars is now an independent military power after humans colonized the solar system. The Earth and Mars are on the verge of starting a war due to the rising tensions between the two planets. Among all of this, a young woman gets lost and this case brings together a detective as well as a rogue’s ship captain. When the two of them start to investigate the case, they are about to uncover the biggest mysteries of humankind. With six seasons airing on Prime, you have a lot to catch up on!

Red Oaks

Red Oaks is set in 1985, where an NYU student, David, is enjoying his last summer job at the Red Oaks Country Club as an assistant tennis pro. His fellow employees and his clients often offer him advice on what he should do in the future. While his father is constantly telling him to improve his grades so he can get into the CPA program, David does not want to be a CPA. Although David is dating an aerobic instructor, his eyes are set on one of the daughters of his clients who do not like to shake hands with the staff.

Vanity Fair

Becky Sharp, a strong-willed poverty-stricken young woman, is searching for a ladder to climb up the social status. Set in the years that follow the Napolean wars, the story revolves around Becky and her wealthy friend Amelia. While Becky is manipulative, witty and ill-mannered, Amelia or Emmy is the opposite as she is good-natured, sweet and likable. Becky marries a rich man by circumstances and Amelia marries a man who has no right over his father’s property. From failed relationships, marriages, and losing fortunes to breaking hearts, the story has it all.


This comedy series is set in 2033, where humans can upload their consciousness and choose an afterlife for themselves. However, this service is expensive and only the rich can afford it. Nathan, a young man who does prematurely, gets the most luxury afterlife service in Lakeview. Nathan was not rich but his girlfriend was who uploaded Nathan’s consciousness. Since she pays for Lakeview and the services, she can control Nathan’s afterlife. He falls in love with his afterlife assistant Nora but cannot break up with her because she pays for it all. Nathan also realizes how a piece of his memory is missing something about his death.


Robyn is an American publicist who is working for a London PR company that publishes about troubled celebrities. While she manages to keep her clients out of all messes, her own life is falling apart. If you ever wonder what the real story is behind celebrity gossip and glamour, you should add this show to your watchlist. Her ability to get high profile clients out of awkward situations is truly amazing. However, this does not mean that she is not juggling with her job and her own life. Know the things that go behind the scenes in every ravishing event.

Alex Rider

Alex Rider, an ordinary teenager, becomes a young age for MI6, the British International Intelligence Service. The MI6 practically forced Alex into becoming a spy after noticing his several talents. Alex’s paternal uncle, Ian raised him after the demise of his parents. Moreover, Alex never knew he had it in him to become an extraordinary guy, let alone work for intelligence services. After MI6, Alex works for several other renowned agencies as the series unfolds. With two seasons airing on Amazon Prime Video, this series is perfect to watch over the long weekend and indulge in some mysteries.


Beautifully portraying the character of Jack Reacher, Alan Ritchson has done a phenomenal job. So, according to the plot Reacher is not so social human but still manages to fall in love with a girl or two. Not just that but he phenomenally takes care of a dog too. All in all, the story of Reacher will keep you up with its eternal entertaining charm. Furthermore, if you are thinking of watching an action hero while standing outside from the crowd, Reacher is your one-go pick.


Recreating the actual magic of the original Hanna (The Movie), this series deserves to be there in the list of best amazon prime shows.  The only thing that will trouble you while watching Hanna is that it is live only with the three limited seasons. However, the unimaginable relationship between Hanna and Marissa along with all enmities, ups and downs, is definitely worth staying at the high place in your preference. So, turning back to the time of 10 years with the mentioned spectacular could be the perfect fit for your weekend.


Calling out all horror fans out there, Creepshow is a mysterious full fledged package. Yes, coming straight from the original film with the same title, Creepshow is one series that you can never forget. There is no sign of doubt that Greg Nicotero, took the whole stage with his distinctive direction. Above everything, the tiny technicality of the specified series never disappoints you on the side of premium horror-entertainment. Thus, you can count upon Creepshow with not even a minor confusion.

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Here is yet another gem from the horror-cult none other than Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Loaded with a much-needed dose of horrifying scenes, sensible back plot, incredible character and more, this series is finally live on Amazon Prime. But the most amazing part of Garth is that it never leaves even a minute of the gap to take a rest from continuous laughter. Hence, if you want to juggle between horror and comedy at the same time, then Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is waiting there for your switch.

The Underground Railroad

Highlighting the indeed art of camera, The Underground Railroad is truly larger than life. Based on the life struggle of a young woman named Cora, every sequence of this series feels like a miracle. Navigating the new concepts of freedom, The Underground Railroad focuses on the deep cuts caused by the American institution of slavery. Unlike the good part, this cult will take you to the drive of a bleak world. But, you won’t regret giving your wholesome time to the Underground Railroad and carrying it in your heart for the rest of your life.


Putting the crux of Prime style in the teenage-oriented drama, Panic is yet another watchable series that holds 10 out of 9.5 points. Starting the unexpected trail of bad games from a town in Texas, Panic is subjected to push every teen (of course in the series) to its limit. But somewhere in between vicious past and wicked game rules, this series manages to win your heart right from the start of the first episode. So, if you are into teenage fictional material, then Panic is a giant source of entertainment for you.

Burn Notice

Be ready to attend a full-noon binge with Burn Notice as it drops enough goodness in the label of spy career. So, it all begins when Michael (the lead) gets fired from his spying jobs and moves ahead to perform a series of spies being uncovered. Additionally, the ex-girlfriend zone kind of love with Gabrielle Anwar maintains the real fun of the series. Not just that, but a lot more wonderful wonders and spectacular scope of spy career are in the loop of Burn Notice and you should watch it for your eternal Prime love.


Wait a while; the spy fever is not over because now Counterpart is here at your scope. Following the perfection of a sci-fi spy thriller, Counterpart is everything that you could ask for in the name of top-notch American talent. Focussed on an old-hidden secret of a Berlin-based spy agency, this series is a treat for your brain and heart. Also, to amplify your expectations Season 2 is way brilliant compared to the first one.

House MD

Taking ahead the craft of cinema, House MD is beyond the ordinary human subset. As the name hints, it is based on a medical mystery that convinces the audience rightly for its every dark truth. The role of Dr. Gregory House is the in-depth life of this series and the dynamic that he shares with other doctors in the house takes it to a larger level. Precisely, you can keep House MD on the track of best series on amazon primefor all of the upcoming ages.

Judy Justice

If you are a fan of the long-running show Judge Judy, you will probably love this one. The concept of Judy Justice is pretty much the same, but there are a few tweaks in the show. With new episodes, the robe of Judy Maroon now and the charge is double, up to $10,000. Sarah Rose, Judy’s granddaughter, joins the courtroom as the clerk; Whitney Kumar, the court reporter, and Kevin Rasco, the new bailiff, are the show’s main characters. Whether you are a lover of the original show or not, you will simply enjoy this show a lot.


Emory’s family decides to move from North Carolina after a tragic experience they will not forget ever. In hopes of a better life and a fresh start, they move to Los Angeles. Little did they know that this all-white neighbourhood was threatening and horrifying for a black family. Not only is the family troubled by the neighbourhood, but they also reveal some supernatural secrets of their house. The story is sometimes too much to take in; however, you will fall in love with the Cinematography, acting standards and character positioning of Them.

Modern Love

Modern Love shows that love is unique and different for everyone. This show features stand-alone episodes to watch the episodes in random order. Every episode will offer you a fulfilling experience of how cupid brings people together in the most unimaginable ways. If you wish to watch something light-hearted, this show is perfect for you. Each episode has a great story that will make you experience love all over again. Modern Love is undoubtedly one of the best shows on Amazon Prime that you should add to your watch list. This series is great for times when you want to take a break from the drama.

The Last Post

The story revolves around a unit of Royal military police fighting the Yemen insurgencies in 1965. Honour and Joe Martin, the newlywed couple, come to this unit and adjust to the environment to start a new life. While the army fights with grenades and snipers, the relationships between couples shake slightly in this situation. The army wives are constantly contemplating what all things people expect from them. See how the hierarchies within the military work, collapse and how a revolution begins to stabilise the situation. 


A brilliant and young Jewish, Jonah deals weed to support his beloved grandmother. Set in New York, Jonah has to forget his dreams of college and then start working. After the death of his grandmother, things go downhill for the troubled man. Hunters follow the events of the Holocaust, conversations about right and wrong and some horrific events that took place in New York. The series is dark, too much at some points, brilliant at other points and sometimes silly. Hunters is a violent show, and you may not watch all the episodes at once.

Mad Dogs

Milo, who lives a high life, invites four of his friends to his mansion. Each of them has a sketchy backstory and a lot of history together. Milo has some other reasons why he gathered everyone to his house. Mad Dogs is a show that gets complex with every passing second, and the characters keep on making bad choices, one after the other. Among all the tragedies, the show manages to show humour to make the scenarios a little less serious. With twists and turns in every episode, the story does not get interesting until the end.


Lore, a successful podcast, is a six-part series that deeps dive into the history of urban myths and makes them as stimulating as they can be. Straight from the mind of Aaron Mahnke, the narrations are brilliant, and the sound effects can give you chills. This anthology series claims that every episode takes inspiration from real life, which is wild. Lore starts by being an informative show but turns to a horror series by episode two. Also, this audio storytelling made its way to Amazon Prime because of its amazing reviews, storyline and every event.

The Grand Tour

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond as the show’s hosts, “The Grand Tour”. From Lapland, Rotterdam, Johannesburg, Stuttgart Whitby, Scotland, California, Nashville to Dubai, the hosts explore different locations across the globe. They live in traveling tents while the team captures their moments of survival and experiencing new things. While on this tour, the hosts try their hands at various things like becoming a special force soldier, taking a race car on a ride and taking the classic tour of Italy. This is a fun show and even a toddler would get addicted to this series.

The Beginning of Everything

This amazon original series features the life of Zelda Fitzgerald. The story starts before she meets her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald and explores their relationship along the way. Because of the fame of Zelda, there are no questions about how real and accurate the series is. Furthermore, the story follows the early life of Zelda and what kind of family she grew up with. She was a socialite famous for ballet dancing kong before she even met F. Scott. Whether or not you have read the original book, this show is a must-watch for you.

Too Old to Die Young

This American crime drama has several mysteries in store for the viewers. A detective who leads a double life is grieving the loss of his partner. He finds himself in an underworld scenario with the man who killed the detective’s partner. Be it world-class killers, assassins, Russian mafia to teenage killers, this world has them all. Too Old to Die Young is punky, dark and has a unique storyline with interesting characters. While reviewers call the show macabre and disgusting, it is still likable to a great extent to the audience.

Good Girls Revolt

Up next in the list of amazon series,Good Girls Revolt is here for you. The story follows the lives of women working in Newsweek magazine. Good Girls Revolt takes inspiration from a true story about women fighting for equal rights at their workplace. Set around the 1970 era, it reveals the technology and journalism used at that time. At Newsweek magazine, the reporters, writers and researchers are all men. The women sued the company twice to bring these things to notice. Moreover, the series throws light on how women take charge, demand their rights and make things happen around the workplace.


Emma, a human rights lawyer, is working on the latest case of Kevin Russell, who has been in prison for 14 years for a murder of a schoolgirl. While she is trying to connect the pieces of this case, Emma also wants to adopt a child with her partner. Alongside, she is sheltering the wife and child of a doctor who is in Syria treating patients. Apart from these things, many other aspects are going on as well in Emma’s life. In Fearless, there are several things in the show happening simultaneously, which makes the show fresh and watchable.

Electric Dreams

Miles, an architect, buys himself a computer without knowing a thing about it. After spilling wine on it, cross-wiring it and dropping it, the computer becomes self-aware. With the help of speakers, a microphone and a word processor, Miles learns how to communicate with the computer and teaches it about life. When a pretty cello player becomes Miles’ neighbor Miles, he starts falling in love with her. The woman also shares music with the computer, which makes it fall for her. Miles and the computer have to decide who gets to keep the girl.

The Pale Horse

Mark Easterbrook is living his dream life and it seems like he has got everything. Being a successful antique dealer, he owns the best suits, has a gorgeous house, a beautiful wife and an incredible car. While others envy the life of Mark, it seems that appearances can be deceptive. Mark’s business is falling apart; he gets to know that the women he slept with are dying and according to the police, he is on a hit list. This list could be of a serial killer, a supernatural occurrence, or whatever it is, the show will tell.


Heidi Bergman, a therapist at the Homecoming facility, helps patients in managing post-traumatic stress and healing it completely. Bergman lives in two different timelines: one where she is working in her hometown and barely remembers her time at the Homecoming facility and the other where she is working at the facility and befriending her patient, Stephan. She finds something weird in the past timeline and wants to delve deeper into this mystery. Heidi has to find out the true intentions of the facility, medications and experiments before things go out of hand entirely.


This British mini-series is a terror thriller, but this is not an ordinary crime tale. Paddy and his new partner, Holly, team up to report anything suspicious in the neighbourhood. They are looking for some terrorist activity or any piece of information that relates to it. Undoubtedly, everything about the series, from character development to the storyline, is on point. While the opening episode may confuse you about the plot, the show’s main star is Raza. Apart from the theme, the story highlights important aspects of life like the fragility of relationships, misunderstandings, and lack of faith.

Alpha House

If you are looking for a funny and witty political show, this one is simply excellent. Alpha House is the first Prime Originals and is probably the most-watched show on Amazon Prime. John, Clark, Matt and Mark are four Republican US Senators who live in the same house in Washington. With two seasons streaming on Prime video, this show is perfect for binge-watching this weekend. Each of the officials has its bound spots and some kind of baggage. The story follows the four senators trying to achieve the Bay Area with a social networking app.

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is the perfect blend of terror and comedy. Gus invests his time in ghost hunting and Internet installation while he misses his late wife. When his boss sets him up with a new partner for work, they begin their search to unleash the truth of the supernatural. Astrid helps this team reach the truth, but she is a fake and not who she claims to be. The mystery is creepy yet exciting, and you will not have even a single dull moment while watching this show.


Fairfax is about a group of streetwear obsessives in LA who care greatly about their image. This school has a principal who arranges rallies for students verified on Instagram. Dale, a new student, is clueless about this new world and is trying hard to fit in. Basically, Fairfax is about the efforts the young people put in these days to look. The fun and the most bumming part about the show are that anything can happen here. Fairfax is funny, realistic and depressing as it portrays the harsh truth of people these days obsessed with social media.


Fortitude is one of the most incredible amazon showsthat you simply have to watch. The story is about the small town of Fortitude, which is so peaceful that crime is never heard of here. However, this harmony ceases to exist when a murder occurs in the town. Sheriff Dan, a cop who obsesses over a barmaid and Eric, a less qualified deputy, take on this case. When the investigation gets out of control and bizarre things happen, other quality characters come into the story. This scientific show is full of mystery, and you are going to love it.


If you are looking for an extraordinary series on amazon prime, Lorena is the one for you. In 1993, Lorena cut her husband’s penis off and this case became a worldwide punch. Everyone conveniently ignores the tortures and abuse that Lorena had to face and the case becomes a laughing stock. The series has it all from a male-dominated society, stereotypes, money, gender roles, fame to sensational journalism. While the trials go on for both Lorena and her husband, people say ridiculous things like Lorena is not that good-looking to be raped.

The Man in the High Castle

Based on Philip K. Dick’s historical novel, the story narrates an alternative vision where the United States lost World War 2. The country is in two parts now: Nazi Germany controls most regions while Japan runs the West Coast. Even if you have read the original books, this series on amazon prime will run a chill down your spine. It is unimaginably scary to consider this alternate narrative. The story is dark, ominous and sci-fi that will keep you hooked till the very end. With four seasons streaming on Prime Video, you have to watch this series as soon as possible.

Doctor Thorne

Doctor Thorne comes from the mind of the creator of Downtown Abbey. Set in the 1950s, Doctor Thorne raised his niece Mary after her father’s mysterious death twenty years ago. Frank, a handsome young man, is in love with her, but his mother looks down on Mary. The series is satirical, lively as well as comedy in some parts. Also, character development takes place quickly in the show. Doctor Thorne is a period story that is adorable and dramatic. Watch this light-hearted, binge-worthy show this weekend to get your dose of drama.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Midge Maisel has a perfect life where she supports the dream of her husband becoming a stand-up comic. One day, she discovers that her husband is stealing some routines from a famous comedian. Soon after, her husband decides to leave her for his secretary and Midge completely breaks down. Not able to cope with this, she decides to go back to The Gaslight in her nightgown and go on the stage. The audience loved her performance, but she ended up showing her breasts on the stage which got her into some pretty big trouble.

Ordeal by Innocence

The show starts with the murder of Rachel, an adoptive mother of four children and the wife of Leo. She was found beaten to death in her study and the prime suspect is her son Jack. Arthur, an alibi of Jack who is definitely not a detective manages to find some twists to this story. He reveals a lot about this hideous family and wants to know how this family was so intact till now. The story is mostly the same as the original novel, except there are some changes that enhance the beauty of the plot overall.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

It is an American reality competition television series. The drag race franchise produced by the world of wonder is now starting with its 9th season. The show revolves around RuPaul in the quest of America’s next drag superstar, where the character plays the role of a mentor host and a head judge for the series. The contestants are given various challenges every week, and the show employees judge panel, including Michelle Visage, RuPaul, and others. It has spanned 13 seasons, and the show has become one of the top-rated TV shows on logo TV. In addition, it is one of the best shows on prime as various challenges keep the audience hooked.

The Night Manager

Suzanne Bier directs the British television serial. The night manager star casts include Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander, Elizabeth Debicki, Tom Hiddleston, and David Harewood. The story is based on the 1993 novel of the same title written by John le Carre. Ideally, the series began back in 2016, and it has been sold internationally to more than 180 countries. The show was nominated for 36 awards, and it has won 11 awards like the primetime Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globe Awards. But unfortunately, it was not formally commissioned even though the second series was considered. Clearly, it is the best series on amazon prime.

Carnival Row

With its first season, carnival row has garnered a lot of attention. The neo-noir fantasy series combines murder mystery, a political thriller, and dark fantasy genres. The intriguing premise is indeed quite famous with the audience. Season 2 was even renewed before the first season premiered, so there’s no surprise to that. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevinge play the lead roles. Travis Beacham and Rene Echevarria have created the show based on a killing on carnival row. In terms of intrigue, high concept fantasy, and action, season 2 is undoubtedly expected to raise the bar for the series.


Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz have created the American action comedy spy drama television series. The series is about an average computer next door that receives an encoded email from an old college friend working for the CIA. The message includes the remaining copy of the software program that consists of The United States’ greatest spy secrets into Chuck’s brain that leads to the CIA and  NSA. Chuck was firstly premiered in 2007 and concluded in 2012 with a 2-hour finale. Ideally, the show is a mashup of a blend of the office part 24 and part one alias. 


Hart Hanson crafted the American crime procedural comedy-drama television series. On 13th September 2005, it premiered first and was concluded back in 2017. It has 246 episodes and more than 12 seasons. Bones are generally based on forensic anthropology and archaeology, where each episode focuses on an FBI case. The case concerns the mystery behind human remains. Very loosely, the series is also based on the life and novels of Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist. Josephson Entertainment and far-field productions have jointly produced the series. The storyline is nothing but brilliant, which keeps the audience for all the seasons, so you should watch the series without a doubt.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is an American drama television series that started in 2008 and concluded in 2015. It has more than seven seasons featuring 151 episodes. The series revolves around Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the CBI based in California. Even though he’s not in law officer, he uses his unique skills to form a career as a triumphant yet psychic medium to help the CBI agents to solve murder cases. Jane had a lucrative career as a con man before the murders. The first series received several positive reviews while critics had been divided on the procedural format praising the performance of Simon Baker. Overall the series is irresistible, so you must watch it once in a while.


The Australian American science fiction television series was initially produced for the nine networks. It was built on Sci-fi channel sci-fi Friday. Later it was conceived by Rockne S O Bannon, made by the Jim Henson company. Even though the series was planned for five seasons, it was cancelled9 after the 4th season. The series has various characters who were initially escaping from the corrupt authorities. The protagonist tends to live inside a sizeable biochemical shape known as Moya, nothing but a living entity. There are some standalone plots, but the show mainly unfolds progressive story arcs starting with the recapture by the peacekeepers.

Sneaky Pete

Wish to go into an unimaginable world of crime and never come back? If yes, you can watch Sneaky Pete with all the doses of high-hopes. Amazingly weaved by  David Shore and Bryan Cranston, Sneaky Pete revolves around “Marius, who finds a way out of prison and gets hunted by the wicked gangster he once robbed. Well, what happens next is the matter to explore. So, this show needs to be in the column of best prime series buzzed with crime for the right reason for a remarkable plot.


Just think once that what if the responsibility of saving the world comes on your shoulder as a young adult? Well, that’s what happens in Utopia with a group of friends. The only part about Utopia that upset the audience is the single season. However, there are predictions about the second season too. Still, you can consider Utopia as an excellent piece of on-screen art that will leave you in immense shock.

Mr. Robot

Sam Esmail created the American drama thriller television series for us a network. In May 2015, the pilot premiered through online and video-on-demand services. The series star cast includes Michelle Christopher Martin, Wallstrom Elliot Villar, and Christian Slater. The series has received critical acclaim, especially for the performance of Slater and Malek. Besides the essential acclamations, the director has received a lot of praise for the direction of the series.

This is us

It is an American drama television series that premiered in 2016 on NBC. The series is all about the lives and families of 2 parents and their three children in different timeframes. The star cast includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling k. Brown, Justin Hartley, and others. NBC picked up all the series of 18 episodes in 2016, and in 2017 it renewed the series for two additional seasons featuring 18 episodes each. Most of the episodes feature a storyline about the present, but there is a storyline in the past, and some episodes are set in a one-time period using flashback periods.

The Terror

It might be possible that you have gone through the main inspiration behind The Terror since it is based on a novel by Dan Simmons. This novel was published in 2007 and soon after The Terror made the mark. Unlike other series based on heart-full of drama, this show tells the story of the Tuunbaq, a monstrous spirit bear creature who comes out to destroy the world. Now, what follows is on you to explore. Precisely, if you can’t wait to watch something genuinely unique, then have no doubts and start watching The Terror for streaming the top-notch Prime series.

Parks and Recreation

Just wait, blow off all the boredom of watching one-lane shows, and just explore the fictional space of Parks and Recreation. Establishing the new standards of political satires, Parks and Recreation are one of a kind show.  The mind product of Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, Parks and Recreation first aired in 2009 as a television situational comedy series. The tale moves forward with making a city better while binding you with an aura of laughter. Hence, you will never regret choosing this show for the sake of tuning in the best entertainment stuff on Prime.


The last but surely one of the most commendable Prime series is Absentia. No one could deny that Abestina has brought a revolution in the stream of quality drama fiction. Based on the life of Emily Byrne, this show uncurtains a lot of shocking sequences that are enough to redefine the range of wise entertainment. Well, it all-stars in the FBI office, and the tale attacks high on the goals of good-script writing, thrill and endless surprises. Thus, think no further and include Abestina in your top picks on best shows on Prime.

Final Words

Add these shows to your watch list and we promise you that you will not regret watching these series. While some are binge-worthy, some are hard to take in all at once, all of them are completely worth the time. Get started with these shows and be ready to see some real TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 things on Amazon Prime?

Here are the top 10 things on Amazon Prime:
Small Axe
Star Track
Red Oak
Teen Wolf
The underground railroad
Animal kingdom
The pursuit of love
Tales from the loop

What should I watch on Amazon Prime 2021?

You can watch the following series on Amazon Prime 2021:
Animal kingdom
With love
The Pursuit of Love
Tales from the loops
The wilds
Picnic at hanging rock
The collection
Good omens

What is the most viewed show on Amazon Prime?

The Wheel of Time is the most viewed series on Amazon Prime.

What is good on prime right now?

The below-mentioned series are good on Prime right now
A Very English Scandal
Clarkson’s Farm
LuLaRich Undone
One Mississippi
The Tip
Red Oaks

What’s new on Amazon Prime originals?

The Wheel of Time, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and As We See It are new on Amazon Prime Originals.


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