Fall Trends: Fashion Lookbook With South Asian Brands

Sep/01/2021 / by LAYA NEELAKANDAN
Ruffles on pre-stitched sarees bring about a fresh change this fall. Outfit by Sanya Gulati from
Ruffles on pre-stitched sarees bring about a fresh change this fall. Outfit by Sanya Gulati from

As fashion trends change and we enter the fall season, you may be wondering what the latest fall trends are, so that you can hop on the bandwagon while showing off your cultural heritage. Lucky for you, some South Asian fashion brands have provided their input on what styles, colors and fabrics are in this season.

Here’s a Fall 2021 Fashion Lookbook, with input and pieces from South Asian brands to spice up your wardrobe.


IKA’s gold dust saree is a classy look for an evening event
IKA’s gold dust saree is a classy look for an evening event

IKA is a U.S.-based business that showcases brands from India, bringing attention to handlooms and handmade products, especially made from natural dyes and fibers. They also emphasize sustainable and conscious fashion, promoting small businesses.

“To put it in simple words, [it’s] Indian brands under one roof; from luxury to everyday wear, we showcase them all,” said founder Radhika Saripella.

At IKA, Saripella knows that earthy tones, like beiges and blushes, monochromes and stripes are going to be all the rage in the fall. But, to add a little extra something, IKA also has lots of sequins and metallics in their fall fashion.

Gold Dust Saree | $125

IKA’s Gold Dust Saree is a perfect example of using sequins to add dimension, a piece Saripella said is perfect for a timeless, classy look at a night event. Sequins are popular for Fall 2021 fashion, and this stunning saree fits right in.

Embroidered Silk Kurta Set | $215

This monochrome silk pink kurta set encapsulates IKA’s monochrome yet elegant looks for fall fashion. The simplicity of the kurta is juxtaposed with the intricate heavy embroidery. Blush is a color that is in this fall, so this kurta falls in perfectly with the trend.

Meera Separates | $70

IKA is focusing on monochromatic stripes for this fall. This ivory with gold set brings a simple elegance with a little extra character through the stripes. Pulling in the beige and ivory is another fall fashion trend for IKA.

IKA Popup Studio’s fall fashion fits right in with the trends of earthy tones, monochromaticity, stripes and sequins, providing classy and elegant pieces for your fall wardrobe.


bisouNYC focuses its energies on fusion fashion for this fall.

Founder and designer Puja Sagir says that bisouNYC is “a multi-designer store, and we also produce our own exclusive collections under the bisouNYC brand.”

Sagir said that their inspiration for fall fashion trends was embracing “our multifaceted identities to create a blended wardrobe.” Fusion fashion has been gaining popularity in recent years, and bisouNYC has the perfect pieces for this trend.

Asha and Moorni | $300 and $500

These two pieces are perfect for festival season with their pops of color and elegant styles. They also prioritize comfort, so you can have a “fuss-free and stylish Diwali.”

Soha | $285

This dress is the definition of chic and classy. Perfect for “dinner in NYC or brunch in Tulum,” this dress is the epitome of fusion fashion and could be perfect for a fall event.

Mira | $450

September being fashion month, new experimental styles are bound to emerge. This set is the perfect Indo-Western combination and can be paired with “boots and stockings to make it truly streetwear style.” The option of skirt or shorts provides two different but equally chic looks.

With the rising popularity of fusion fashion, bisouNYC brings all the class and elegance with these pieces. Try one of them out, and you’re bound to get lots of compliments!


WESTxEAST creates custom-designed South Asian pieces to fulfill your vision and needs. Each customer is paired with a design consultant, who works through the process of designing and choosing fabrics. The final product ultimately is shipped to your door.

“WESTxEAST specializes in bringing to life the vision of our clients,” co-founder Liya Thachil said. “They come to us with their dreams and Pinterest boards, and we create a digital design book, complete with sketches and fabric swatches, where they select what it is that they would love to see their bridal party in.”

WESTxEAST is following the trends of deeper colors, less embellishments and jewel tones in monotone looks for this fall.

Jewel Tones

Reflecting on WESTxEAST’s fall brides, Thachil said they have opted for deeper colors “from jewel tones to earth tones.” Specifically, deep purple and teal have been particularly popular colors, reflecting the trend of deeper colors for Fall 2021 fashion.


Another trend WESTxEAST’s fall brides have been interested in is lehengas with ruffles on the skirt. This detail adds a little extra dimension without being too much.

Satin and Monotone Sarees

Between South Asian fashion and western fashion, one color seems to be undeniably in: lavender. Also classified as a jewel tone, this lavender saree shows the simple yet elegant feel of the color in a monotone look.

In all, Thachil said WESTxEAST’s brides are going for more minimal, upscale looks, reflecting an overall trend in this fall’s South Asian fashion, and WESTxEAST has “been loving seeing that shift.”


Mirror work with hues of pink– a trend to explore this season. Pink mirror embellished lehenga set by Abhinav Mishra from, founded by Archana Yenna, is a global platform for South Asian fashion. The brand focuses on luxury wear and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

According to a description on the website, “The platform features inclusive, embracive, and conscious curation.” According to the team, “ has a reputed presence in the industry for sourcing authentic luxury wear from India.”

Looking at trends for this fall, identified ruffled sarees, mirror work and lampi fabric.

Sanya Gulati Rose Gold Embroidered Pre-Stitched Saree Set | $625

A common trend for Fall 2021 fashion seems to be ruffles on sarees. These ruffles add a dimension and flair to an otherwise simple look, a touch says “brings about a fresh change in an otherwise typical draping style.”

Abhinav Mishra Pink Mirror Embellished Lehenga Set | $2,489

Another trend is seeing is mirror work, a traditional aspect of South Asian fabric that they say is coming back in style. But specifically, they pinpoint the combination of mirror work and shades of pink as something that “has always been a top contender in the trendsetter charts.”

ITRH Gold Sharara Set
ITRH Gold Sharara Set

ITRH Gold Sharara Set | $1,458

The last trend is seeing for Fall 2021 is the traditional lampi fabric. This fabric features unique weaving and originates in India. According to, Lampi fabric is “most certainly a festive favorite” for holidays this fall.

These pieces are just some of the many trends for fall fashion this season. Try out one of these pieces – or trends – and you’ll be just as stylish as the world’s top designers!