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Family Fun Before Summer Ends

10 months ago / by Syna Mehra
Image credits: Shutterstock

Yes, it’s almost coming to an end but there is still time to indulge in recreational activities with friends and family. The schools may have opened again but let that not get into the way of enjoying what’s left of summer. As a family you could still work out some spare time to bond on an emotional level whilst forming unforgettable memories. The activities suggested below will do that.

Dog and the Bone

Dog and the Bone is a very famous and family friendly game. Here everyone is split into two teams. Each team must be assigned a number from 1 to the number of people in the team. A neutral party calls out a number, and the two people on opposite teams with that number must try to get the bone before the other. When one gets the bone, the other can try and tag them before returning to their team line, thus winning the point. The bone doesn’t have to actually be a bone; it can be a shoe, socks or a stick. This game will have you panting by the end.

Capture the Flag

All of the players must be evenly divided into two teams. A line separates the two teams, thereby dividing the ground into their respective “home bases.” Each team has its own flag in their respective home base. The goal is to seize the flag from the opposing team and take it to their own base without getting captured. If players enter enemy territory, they can tag or capture them. There is no coming back once you enter enemy territory. Either you get tagged or you return home with the enemy’s flag.


Swimming is one of the best activities to do during summer. Swimming for fitness is an exercise that provides long-term health advantages and is well worth the effort required to enter the pool. It improves cardiac pumping and boosts lung capacity. It allows you to spend time with your family while frolicking in the water. It also provides relief from the heat. Swimming on a regular basis improves endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It may be used to supplement your normal workouts as a form of cross-training. You can also have swimming races with your family.

The Water Balloon Game

In the scorching heat of the summer, games involving water are super fun to play. This is an amazing game and will for sure leave you drenched with water after it ends. Fill buckets with a large number of water balloons, one for each squad. Players divide into teams and attempt to hit their opponents with water balloons. You are out if you are hit and the balloon bursts. The game continues until a winner is determined (the last person standing).

Lawn Dart

Four huge darts and two rings or targets make up the equipment for lawn darts. Weighted metal tips used to be on the ends of darts, but they have subsequently been replaced with thick, rounded plastic ends to prevent harm during play. The rings are made out of thin hollow tubes that are lightweight and portable. The first step is to lay the rings on the ground. Everyone takes a turn to hurl the dart into the ring, which should be 35 feet apart. They must also compute their points based on where their dart lands. They will not receive any points if the dart is outside of the ring. At the end of the game, the one with the most points wins. This is a highly entertaining and competitive game that will also help you improve your attention and aim.

These are some of my favorite activities at home or on family vacations. They’ll make your summer much more enjoyable.