Fashion Trends 2022

Jan/24/2022 / by BINDU GOPAL RAO
Sequin embellishments take an outfit from drab to glam
Sequin embellishments take an outfit from drab to glam

Fashion experts weigh in on what they believe will be the fashion trends of the year, so you can be stylish and put your best foot forward.

Sparkling Clothes

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Life is a party, dress like it.” The last two years however have been anything but a party. Now that parties are filling our diaries again, it’s time to dress like it.

Malika Mehta, co-founder and CEO, Style Island, says, “there is nothing quite linking sequin embellishments to take an outfit from drab to glam in an instant. This trend features sequin accents and shiny embellishments for that extra punch of bling, sparkle, and razzmatazz to dazzle the crowd.”

Cut-Out Dresses

The cut-out trend looks amazing on a range of outfits
The cut-out trend looks amazing on a range of outfits

Cut out trends is one of the most sought after and popular trends this season. It’s a silhouette which flatters and accentuates all body types if placed appropriately.

“The peek-a-boo style gives an oomph factor even to the most basic outfit,” says Anjali Bhaskar, Founder, Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar. “The cut-out trend looks amazing on outfits, dresses, bodysuits, swimwear and pants. It is all set to flatter your collar bones, raise a spotlight on the toned midriff or hip cutout, and adds a flirtatious factor to it. The style can be subtle yet dramatic, sexy yet modest, bold yet delicate. A major shift is seen from wearing tracksuits, loungewear in the pandemic induced era to a more daring, risqué outfit.”


Fringes can add fluidity and drama to the simplest of outfits and give it an instant uplift.

Fringe adds a dash of boho chic to any outfit.
Fringe adds a dash of boho chic to any outfit.

According to Anisha Kapoor and Reema Singhania, founders, Maison Blu, you can either go the boho chic way, or you can go full-on Gatsby. Adding fringes is a great way to add character to any outfit and elevate the look. The duo says this should be the focus of any outfit and look best when worn weaved into a cape or as a standout dress. They are in trend now since there are multiple ways you can add them to an outfit and take it from 0 to 100. They add an element of fun, all while keeping it chic. Whether they’re on the sleeves of a jacket or on the hem of the dress, their versatility makes any outfit look fun which is why it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are trending this year
Oversized shirts are trending this year

From boxy tees, well-tailored baggy shirts to roomy dresses and baggy trousers, oversized has always been a statement-making trend, and lately, it’s one that a large part of the fashion world has taken a liking to.

“It is a fabulous trend because of how versatile and liberating it is coupled with the plus factor that there are tons of ways one can style a boxy ensemble,” says designer Pallavi Swadi. “Oversized dressing has become everyone’s go-to since it prioritizes comfort over everything else. It has given people the taste of being at ease yet looking chic. You can enjoy wearing an easy-breezy and comfy silhouette but still, look polished and be more productive while in your comfort zone. This size-inclusive trend of a well-tailored yet baggy ensemble teaches you to embrace your body so you can enjoy looking fabulous at every size.”

Tie and Dye

Tie and dye has been around since the eighth century AD and has found place in contemporary fashion trends even today.

“You can wear tie-dye in easy-breezy casuals to sophisticated and chic evening dresses. One can pair up a tie-dye t-shirt or a sweatshirt to give a trendy athleisure look, apt for casual hangouts or travel. During weddings, tie-dye kaftans or kurta can be worn for Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies,” says a spokesperson from MannMaya.

The tie-dye trend is perfect for easy-breezy casuals
The tie-dye trend is perfect for easy-breezy casuals

Prabhkiran Singh, founder & CEO,, adds, “The uptake in this trend has become quite big and will continue to [grow]. From T-shirts, sweatshirts to shorts and joggers, tie-dye becomes a must-have for the wardrobe. Minds are becoming more creative and expressive, and there seems to be nothing more fun and vibrant than owning a few pieces of this eclectic trend as a part of your wardrobe.”

Bright Bags

Bright and bejeweled bags is a trend that needs to be embraced for its eye-catching appeal and the way they lend an eloquent update to any ensemble. Striking colors on bags add some visual interest to timeless basics, rendering them statement-making. Time to spice up an outfit with a bright and exquisitely embellished Geometric Heart Tote Bag from Pallavi Swadi to your wardrobe. This utility-friendly carry all, crafted from cotton canvas, will fit your whole world in – whether you use it for your farmers’ market runs, for running errands, as well as for your vacays at the beach.

Striking bags make a style statement this year.
Striking bags make a style statement this year

Graphic Prints

Prints on clothes are getting bolder, more eccentric, and creative.

“It’s definitely moving away from the ordinary and making room for the marvelous,” says Pooja Kapur, founder and director, Shaye. “To escape all the pandemic related feels, you will find fun and artsy prints that sometimes borrow from the fantasy world. Wearing bold prints can get a little tricky so here’s a tip: find a print that fits your vibe, so you don’t feel pushed out of your comfort zone. If you’re not into bold prints, then you can try some fun florals or stripes and keep it edgy. You can also start small like accessorizing your outfit with a printed scarf. An all-print look from head to toe in the same color palette will ease you into a trendier maximalist look. And clashing prints is really a statement look that’s unmissable.”

Gladiator Sandals and Boots

The 2000s trends are coming back, including a resurgence of flared jeans and juicy couture sweats.

“Adding to the re-growing of the trend, gladiator sandals and boots are a classic in the early 20s trend game that never goes out of style, says Rubaina Adhikari, fashion expert and influencer. “These sandals have a bit of a kick to them! Gladiators add a twist, they can transform a summer dress into a night out look by adding heavy silver accessories and a fantastic bag. Gladiator Boots made a return in vogue this year, they are one of the biggest footwear trends people will follow in 2022.”

Head scarves

Scarves have been an enduring fashion embellishment for centuries. The versatile ways of tying a scarf are an art, this needs to be mastered. Scarves add a spark of sophistication and a refined look to all stylish sleek suit jackets. Here are a few simple scarf styling tips to adorn.“Rather than strolling with a similar scarf over and again, look out for striking blends and contrast,” says Ravi Gupta, creative director at Gargee Designer’s. “Layering is important. Bulkier scarves go with sturdier coats; silk and cotton scarves are for lighter renditions. A weighty winter scarf over your T-shirt is a big no. Always pick a scarf that doesn’t make you look messy. Go for a medium-sized or little measured, right size scarf avoiding the huge. Scarves are accessories, not a necessity. One should avoid overdoing it. If one chooses a perfectly fitting turtleneck and button-up jacket, give the scarf a miss.”