Finding Business Solutions Through the Pandemic with Aneri Shah

Feb/28/2022 / by Nancy Amon
aneri shah
Image credits: Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash

Freelancers and small business owners are always hustling and working extra hard to make their business work. When the covid pandemic happened, many folks were uncertain about their income and work. Many folks lost their jobs too. Aneri Shah is an innovative thinker and go-getter who created a system that connects freelancer video creators to top brands.

Who is Aneri Shah?

Her biography helping us learn more about the thriving businesswoman and founder of Sightworthy.

She was born in America. Her parents were immigrants who relocated to Illinois. Shah later moved again, this time to Indiana. Like most Indus careers, Aneri began hers with med school, pursuing a medical degree. Still, halfway through her studies, she realised her love for arts like film and comedy. In fact, Aneri was also doing stand up comedy in her spare time.

Her age is unknown, but she pursued her passion and got her bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Aneri Shah Profession

She had various work experiences under the belt, having worked for acclaimed companies like Shutterstock, Boston Children’s Hospital and Bonobos.

She also went on to establish her business in 2016 called Sightworthy. The company is focused on helping people connect to the proper channels. For example, freelance video professionals can find clients that need them and vice versa. Her platform is tailored to video creators since she also shares a passion for the film industry.

She and her company have also managed to create the Thirty Day Fit app, available on iOS. She and her business partner also started Skillfeed, the highly acclaimed online marketplace for learning.

All Aneri’s ideas and content building have helped hundreds and more people.


Who is Aneri Shah married to?

Her husband is unknown.

Where is Aneri Shah born?

Aneri was born in America to Indus immigrant parents.

What is Aneri Shah net worth?

Her net worth is not revealed.

When did Aneri start her career?

She started working as soon as she was completed with her studies. While she might have worked various jobs like being a copywriter, data scientist and advisor, she soon realized that she wanted to help others through technology.

Conclusion to Aneri Shah Business Expertise

Aneri Shah is a wonderful woman that shares her love for filmmaking and innovative technology platforms with the world. If Aneri can reach her goals, so can you.

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