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Fit and Fabulous

Jan/06/2024 / by abhijit-masih

An award-winning bodybuilder weighs in on how to reach your health goals

The landscape of fitness is constantly evolving, and 2024 is proving to be no different. To stay on top of the latest trends, we spoke to Rupsikha Borah Deori, a fitness expert who won the Master’s Bikini Class Bodybuilding at the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship. Here’s her advice on how to stay moving for the year ahead. 

Fitness Fundamentals

Whatever the life stage, the basic fundamentals of fitness should not change and always be attempted to ensure optimal fitness. The type and form of exercise can change but the objectives should not, which should include: 

  • Building or Maintaining Muscle Mass. Strength training is paramount to maintain or build muscle mass, which enhances one’s quality of life and improves the ability to do everyday activities.. As one ages, choose strength training exercises which you can perform, be it with free weights or bodyweight. 
  • Flexibility/Mobility. As we age, mobility and flexibility will tend to decrease.  Incorporating mobility, stretching etc. can improve or maintain the range of motion and provide balance. 
  • Endurance. Steady state cardio works to improve cardiovascular health, and should be chosen over HIIT workouts if you’re on the older side. Both young and old should incorporate endurance building workouts in their fitness regime

Prioritizing Recovery

Recovery and regeneration can help one recover from intense workouts and start fresh for the next workout. Most people think growth happens during the workouts. It is not. The muscle fibers are damaged during the workouts due to intense load and the regeneration happens during the resting period where muscle grows bigger to adapt to similar loads in the future. 

Resting should not be mistaken for recovery. Proper hydration, nutrition and sleep is needed for the body to recover completely. Regeneration techniques such as foam rolling, massages and cold showers should be equally considered. 

Staying Motivated All Year Long

I see lots of people set goals/objectives, especially as New Year resolutions, but withdraw or give up in no time. If you are not setting small measurable goals, you will quickly get demotivated. I personally follow the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound) principle while setting goals.  I do different things to stay motivated towards my goal. The three important things that I have found to be the most effective to beat the slack are discipline, setting deadlines and monitoring progress. Once you see progress, it will be addictive.


The Hottest Fitness Trends for 2024

Rupsikha Borah Deor says these are the fitness trends that will have staying power all year long. 

1. Holistic Wellbeing. Focus on mental well being and stress management will continue to impress and remain a significant trend. Only a strong mind can build a strong body. The body follows the mind. Try to include 15 minutes of meditation before going to bed every night. This will go a long way in keeping your mind calm and a sound sleep. 

2. Virtual Fitness. This trend will rise as technology continues to advance and offer more personalized and accessible fitness solutions. With online coaching, you can access the best coaches anywhere in the world. Do not limit yourself to local. Go global.

3. Group and Outdoor Fitness. The sense of community and shared motivation pushes individuals to adhere to fitness while outdoor settings provide refreshing alternatives to indoor environments. Lots of boot camps happen in your community. Sign up for the weekend ones to keep your fitness regimes on track. 


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