Fitness For The New Year

We know how hard it can be to maintain your health. Amidst all the demands of work, family and children, it can be all too easy to forget about your health goals. Postpone this long enough and you find yourself at your doctor’s with some bizarre numbers on your medical tests. 

And then there’s the awfully limiting and completely frustrating idea South Asian families can sometimes have: that a woman after a certain age or life milestone (marriage, children, the age 30, etc) is doomed to “gain some weight here and there!” or accept an unacceptable amount of daily fatigue. This can lead to us ignoring our own health indicators, and taking ourselves and our needs for granted. Also, these notions are completely untrue. Good health leads to happiness and increased productivity. Combine with good rest and you’ve changed your life.

So, start now, start this year. Decide to reserve this year for YOU and smash all your goals! We’ll help you out.

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