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Flower Power in the Home

Jul/14/2022 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
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Colorful, fragrant, vibrant and lively, flowers infuse cheerful vibes wherever they are. Given that homes are a space where tranquility and positivity are a must, it is a good idea to include flowers and floral patterns. Florals are versatile and seamlessly blend into any space, irrespective of the décor aesthetic. So, whether it is the living room, the dining area, the bedroom or even the kitchen, whether your interior decoration is modern, minimalistic, cottagecore, bohemian, traditional or rustic chic, florals are always an asset. Here are some ways you can incorporate flowers and flower patterns in home décor.

Fresh and Dried Flowers

One of the most obvious ways to use florals in interiors is by using actual flowers, either in the fresh or dried form. There is nothing more pleasing than walking into a sweet-smelling home where the corners are adorned with a bunch of roses or lilies. Summer is also a perfect time to introduce color with tulips, chrysanthemums and even daffodils. Place them in a big vase either in the hallway or on your center table and you have a natural, statement piece in a jiffy.

If you have a garden, picking up assorted flowers and greens, whether it is a bunch of garlic vine flowers, the ubiquitous bougainvillea or even hydrangea and bundling it together as a bouquet for your bedside table or kitchen window, is an easy way to make your space look charming. Floating flowers in traditional urlis, or glass bowls, coupled with floating candles works well if you want to create a festive ambience. Little vases filled with fresh blooms are a wonderful way to style shelves.

If you do not have fresh flowers, dried flowers in the form of wreaths and bouquets are good options to add a farm house chic or country vibe. Lavender, calla lilies, anthurium and even roses look utterly beautiful when dried well. Preserved dried flowers can also be framed and hung on the wall for an elegant and organic look.

Floral-Themed Walls

One can always enjoy the beauty of nature by opting for floral wall treatments. Highlight an accent wall using floral wall paper, in the bedroom or even in the dining area. If you like bold prints and your space is large, go for big botanical prints interspersed with tropical flowers. Use soft pastels and smaller prints if you prefer the mellow look. This works well for smaller rooms. Florals work well in the nursery and children room too. Dining rooms and foyers are also suitable spaces for flower-themed wallpaper. From traditional motifs to contemporary prints, there are plenty of patterns and designs for floral wallpapers. Apart from wallpaper, you can also hand-paint walls with floral murals to naturally elevate the surrounding ambience.

Florals on Soft Furnishings

Bedding, cushion covers and drapes are another way to introduce florals in home décor. They add a sprightly look and feel to the space while serving to accentuate the room. Whether on wing chairs, couches or ottomans, florals give furniture a pleasant appearance. Use them on drapes, bed covers and even throws to create a serene and calming atmosphere. There are plenty of patterns and designs to choose from, including bold prints, intricate designs and small motifs that flow almost seamlessly.

Apart from all of this, flower motifs are extremely popular and can be found on artifacts, cutlery and even wall art. Tiles with floral prints are ideal for the kitchen backsplash and even as wall cladding.


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