Divine Plates: High-end Restaurants Serve Temple Fare

Food served as prasad in temples may seem commonplace in India. However, across the country there is a whole new spectrum of cuisine that is as mind boggling as it is diverse.…

Chef Vanshika Bhatia

Chef Vanshika Bhatia on Reviving a Culinary Heritage

About eight years ago, when Chef Vanshika Bhatia’s parents asked her which business school she wanted to go to, they were in for a surprise. Neither did their child want to pursue…

Chef Anahita Dhondy

Chef Anahita Dhondhy’s Journey Back Home

Imagine young chef, Anahita Dhondhy, riding the wave of success, traveling across the globe, winning awards and taking the culinary world by storm. Then, the pandemic strikes. The restaurant she has so…

Fair Wage Fight for Restaurant Workers PriaVanda Chauhan at her restaurant Desi Galli

America’s Food Workers’ Champion

Saru Jayaraman Champions Restaurant Workers' Rights Saru Jayaraman is the vociferous freethinker spearheading the nationwide One Fair Wage campaign against sub-minimum wages. Prior to that, Jayaraman co-founded the NPO, ROC-United (Restaurant Opportunities…
Malai features new ice cream flavor honoring Madame Vice President Kamala Harris

Madame Vice President Ice Cream

Malai Ice cream, a Brooklyn, NY based Ice Cream shop features new flavor to honor Madame Vice President Kamala Harris Vice President Kamala Devi Harris has inspired women and girls all over…

SEEMA Cooks: Roast Vegetable Wellington

From a young age, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother which is where my love and passion of cooking stems from. I inherited a…

Green Goddess Basmati Risotto

Green Goddess Basmati Risotto

Try this non-traditional Indian version of Risotto using an Indian tadka method and finishing off with ghee, malai and Amul cheese.

The Quest to Bring Real Food to the Table

“It was 1993”, he tells me, “when I landed in New York to study art. New York, at the time, was a city in flux, wanting to be something it wasn’t yet.…

chef Natasha Celmi

Gaining an appetite for cooking

For chef and author Natasha Celmi, the eventful journey towards realizing her passion took her around the world

The Irrepressible Romy Gill

What I like about Chef Romy Gill is her neversay-die spirit. A Member of the Order of the British Empire, this award-winning chef of Indian origin, made her cookbook debut in 2019…