Summer reminds us all of two things – the unforgiving heat and mangoes! How can we ever forget those? The summer break, for all those in school, is the most anticipated time of the year for them. It is when you develop new interest in trendy summer outfits, the different dessert recipes with preferably mangoes in them, the cool drinks that you can relish… All of which makes summer such a special season.

While we all love summer, the heat is unbearable. ere are some refreshing drinks to get you through that.

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Trying to quit caffeine? Here are 7 floral replacements

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Smoothie Picks for a Smooth Summer

10 of the best smoothie picks – just to hydrate and energize you, you’ll be sipping on these and finding a porch to relax on in no time


Wine Picks for Your Memorial Day Barbecue

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For those warmer months, for when the days call for a bit of flavor, as the temperatures rise, so does the need for chaas


Food and Wine Pairings for Spring

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Three Drinks to Make for Holi

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Women in Wine

The wine industry has long been dominated by men. But the past few decades have seen a great deal of change. From early trailblazers in the U.S., France, Italy, and beyond, with each decade that passes, a growing number of talented women winemakers are sweeping up awards and earning well-deserved accolades for their exceptional wines. This International Women’s Day, we’re raising a glass to women winemakers and highlighting producers whose wines need to be on your radar (or preferably in your wine glass).

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Wines by Women Winemakers

Find the right kind of wine to quaff this International Women’s Day by supporting these female winemakers killing the game


Beverages to Make at Home

Why go to a fancy restaurant for a drink, when you can make refreshing and replenishing ones at home! Here are some beverages you should not miss. Despite being effortless to make,…