For Our Father, Who Art at Home

My father is an inspiration. To express my gratitude to him for all the sacrifices he has made is not something I will pass. For all the times he did not go to sleep so he could console me when I cried, the times he woke up early in the morning to get me ready for school despite working late nights, being always ready with a scrumptious cake and loving wishes on my birthdays… For every other thing he did for me and my family. 

For me, Father’s Day is aside to express my gratitude to my dad in the fullest manner. It is the time for me to put my feelings for him at the forefront of my mind and heart.

To my father, that is a day filled with the feeling of accomplishment and happiness. It is a day he is reminded of all he has done for his family. His children are his pride and joy, and getting a day to embrace the feeling of being a father thrills him.

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