Forecast with Farzana: April Showers Edition

Apr/06/2021 / by Farzana Suri


March 21 – April 19

It is the time for tact and diplomacy in professional dealings. Use your intuition, not just your eyes, for  added advantage. Compassion and putting others first will help personal and work relationships. If you have a heavy heart, heal that first! Expect good news or a resolution in a situation through intervention. Your energy is inspiring, so weave creativity into your life. Make sure to add a dollop of fun in your social circle and connect with people that light up your (Zoom) room. Financial dealings and issues related to money may require your attention.


April 20 – May 20

Patience is the motto to live by this month. It is a powerful time to listen to your initial instincts about people and situations in your life. So step into a new level of yourself. Feel, rather than think. Collaborate instead of competing. Set aside mistruths and speak out, especially if someone is pushing you to do something that feels wrong. Open conversations will bind relationships. Tighten your belt where finances are concerned. It may feel like the dead of winter, yet the sun will shine.


May 21 – June 20

You may throw caution to the wind to embrace new beginnings, experiences and personal growth, relying on newfound daredevilry, spontaneity, naïveté and optimism. This may reflect in your choices at work or in a relationship. As you step into the unknown, go with your intuition and trust that the universe has your back. Unleash your creativity to tap into your fullest potential. Do not let any negativity make you believe things you should not. Money may seem scarce, however you have enough to get by. The need for adventure may have you packing your travel bag.


June 21 – July 22

It is hard to say how things are stacking up. You may be unclear or anxious about your career direction, and allowing that to overwhelm you. It may affect your outlook negatively. Be patient. There is power in remaining calm. You’ll be better off following your instincts about people and situations. Put a lid on that overactive imagination and invest your energy seeking ways to expand your knowledge. There are no coincidences, so focus on integrating and learning the lesson at hand. Be discerning about financial dealings. Do not rush into anything without vetting.


July 23 – August 22

The energy this month is for reinvention. Use it as an opportunity for self-growth and learning in the area that disturbs you the most: relationships, the job, business, or finance. A sudden decision may transform your life in a fundamental way. See this as an opportunity to make a breakthrough. You are more capable and talented than you realize. Lift the cloud of ego and operate from the space of humility and kindness – to others as much as yourself. Make way for new beliefs, values and processes and keep swimming towards your goal.


August 23 – September 22

It is time to roll with life’s punches. Remember, to win the war we sometimes have to lose battles. Release negative emotions involving guilt or playing the victim. Look at the situation as the glass being half full, so you can move on to create positive change. Hold on to your purse strings, for now is not the time to be frivolous with money. If you are still harboring strong feelings about an ex, focus on resolving those before committing to your current relationship. Do not let the tough stuff drag you down! Everything is functioning as a catalyst for change.


September 23 – October 22

Good news is on the horizon! You are at a special moment when future plans are ripe and ready to be explored. Bask in the luxury and contentment that your accomplishments bring you. Your financial worries could well be sorted for a while. If you are single, a meaningful, deep, love, could be headed your way. If in a committed relationship, it is time to stop and smell the roses. You are at a point in your career or business where you can savor your victory. There is a possibility of searching for property – as in buying a house or land.


October 23 – November 21

Get out there and meet new people since a new romance could well be on its way. Steer clear of getting caught up in complicated financial deals or investments. Keep an eye on your finances though. Expect support and guidance in your career from an emotionally, mature woman at work. Conversely, you may feel as though you are Yoda, with everyone turning towards you for advice. Compassion, conversation and commitment are your strengths. While, you are playing bleeding heart, show more compassion to yourself and your body, too. 


November 22 – December 21

Success, growth, family and stability are major themes as you move into the new month. You may find yourself banking on family values, conventional and old school traditions in your decision-making. If you are seeking to resolve a messy issue; in business or relationships, reach out to your family for support. If you have been hoping for a deeper commitment, now is the time to strengthen the bond. Conversations regarding inheritance, property and familial gatherings will keep you occupied. That said, if the bonds get too overwhelming, reclaim your power; it is not your responsibility to make everyone happy.


December 22 – January 19

You do not need to limit yourself by what you have done, or what others expect of you. Take action now; there’s no more time for procrastination. Open yourself to new opportunities, however vet them well. You may find yourself burning the candle at both ends, however the effort you put in will pay off. Expand your skill to bolster your net worth. Stay in pursuit of that job, business idea or project, crunch time is now. While your career is priority, ignoring the love of your life may not be a great idea. Be an active and equal partner.


January 20 – February 20

You are “in the flow” of creativity and life, sit back and enjoy it. Focus on providing the right conditions for your dreams to flourish. Do not push too hard and come in the way of your own goals. Any creative activity will yield good results. Financially speaking, your cash flow is likely to be healthy however restrain yourself from breaking the bank. A good time to attract “the one” or to recommit and “grow” your current relationship. Watch your energy levels, if you find them see-sawing, take time out for yourself to relax and unwind.


February 21 – March 20

Ignite your dreams into reality because the force is with you. Whatever you turn your hand to may just take off at great speed and gain momentum. Be prepared to follow through and initiate action. It is a busy time for work and love. A business opportunity or a new venture could take off, sooner than expected. Financially speaking, you may have your finger in a lot of pies, so vet and evaluate to avoid high risk investments and overspending. Set long term goals and stop letting present issues hold you back.

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