Forecast with Farzana from the July 2021 Issue

2 years ago / by Farzana Suri


March 21 – April 19

Embrace changes at work. In fact use it as a stepping stone to initiate the changes you may like to see in your career. No matter what appears before you, play fair and be a better team player. Know when to set boundaries, use tact and stand up to claim what belongs to you. Love life may seem a tad chaotic so keep emotions in check. Mend fences if you have offended (knowingly or unknowingly) someone in the past. Hold on to those purse strings and avoid lending to people you don’t entirely trust.


April 20 – May 20

Your self-belief, confidence, passion, hard work and enthusiasm will put you in the spotlight. It is time to wear your networking cape if you are vying for a leadership role or increased responsibilities. Be bold in your plans and move forward with courage. You are capable of initiating beneficial change. A financial windfall, or an investment that’s about to pay off or a new project and even a job opportunity, is likely. Take the lead in the area of love and remember, relationships grow through communication.


May 21 – June 20

You may have recently walked away from a disappointing situation that was no longer meeting your needs. It may manifest as a career change, a new relationship, or the end of an old friendship. You may distance yourself from what takes away your peace and may feel more heart centered, and connected to the divine. Shift your perspective to what you are becoming rather than what has held you back. Focus on budgeting and steer clear of any over ambitious investment plans. 


June 21 – July 22

You have everything you need to get by and feel good about the future. Stability and serenity of your home and loved ones takes precedence. However, what bothers you, is having to do it all by yourself. Tune in to your feeling of self-worth and nurture yourself. Yes, the caregivers need care, too. Do what inspires your soul.  Commit to a relationship, use your talents to spur financial abundance or invest in sprucing up the home décor. Step by step, things are coming together. Go for it, wisely.


July 23 – August 22

You are possibly at a major crossroad in life. The struggle of making a choice between things that are opposing and mutually exclusive may seem to put you in a spot. Decisions can be tough, but when you need to choose, re-examine your values and be sure that you listen to your heart. If you have been short on money lately, assistance is on its way. Mixing business with romance may not be the wisest decision, now. Partnerships, marriage and collaboration may pan out for the better.


August 23 – September 22

You are on top of your game so stand up for what you believe in. Given your strength and determination, you have the vision to push through any adversity at work and come out a winner. Make a commitment, and refuse to accept less than what is essentially right. For those who are single, change the paradigm and do things differently. You can withstand any challenge in an existing relationship as long as you’re willing to work things out. Sound and calculated investments will create that comfortable nest egg.


September 23 – October 22

Look at your attachments and dependencies that are not serving your highest good – feeling trapped in a job or relationship or a compulsive behavior or addiction, caused by fear or need for power. You may feel as if something or someone has a hold over you and that you have no choice. However you do. Shake yourself out of complacency, speak up or simply, walk away and choose peace. Keep your cool and process your emotions before you speak. A health check would be a good idea.


October 23 – November 21

It is time for change, freedom, personal growth and spontaneity in the way you operate in the workplace or even in your relationship. This is a good time to create your online dating profile and put yourself out there. It also portends that important, challenging choices lie ahead. Take calculated risks. Vet your financial options, well. The need for adventure may have you packing your travel bag. Pay close attention to your inner nudges. Wherever you are on your path, remember to live in humor and gratitude.


November 22 – December 21

It’s not the time to jump into action but to lay still. Life is teaching you how to balance relationships and elevate your self-worth. For your dreams to take shape and change to happen, it is essential for you to process old wounds. You may feel trapped in indecision, place your hand on your heart and breathe into that space. Reassess your relationships, workplace situations and your financial status. Let go of your need to please others at your own expense. You are on a journey. Inward and positive change is imminent.


December 22 – January 19

You are about to embark either on a new relationship or a fresh chapter in an existing partnership. When moving through a new phase, it is natural to long for the familiarity of your past. Focus on revisiting your financial goals. Allow yourself the opportunity to express what you feel and understand what lights you up. Choose loving, supportive circumstances and relationships. Focus on strengthening your spirit as well as your body. Be compassionate and forgiving; for the art of living is in giving.


Jan 20 – Feb 20

Everything you’ve done now has been training you for the transformation. It is time to release the brakes. If you have been hoping for a deeper commitment in your relationship, the time is opportune.  An unexpected windfall may be coming your way. Lean in on family values and good old traditions to resolve any sticky issues regarding finance. You are on the verge of a major breakthrough at work or in the field of education. It is likely that everything may come around the way you have wanted it to. Do not be hasty or impulsive.


Feb 21 – Mar 20

It is a favorable time to plant the seeds of success. Open the doors for new beginnings, recognition, emotional stability and improvement in health. The month brings with it unexpected surprise gifts – a scholarship, money or the possibility of an inheritance. Use your resourcefulness to get things done. Strike a balance between being a social butterfly and some alone time. In the area of love, infuse freshness in an existing relationship and if you are solo, embark on a new one.

Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology and forecasts.

This is a generalized forecast and would differ based on your personal details. For a personalized forecast, you may contact Farzana at or visit her website,