Founder & CEO Jasmine Maietta at Round21

Jun/16/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Jasmine Maietta
Image credits: Markus Spieske via Unsplash

Jasmine Maietta is no stranger to sports as she played basketball professionally in another chapter of her life. She is focused on bringing art to sports and stepping the game up from monochrome footballs and orange basketballs to something more interesting. Continue reading to learn more.

Jasmine Maietta About

Jasmine Maietta comes from a large family, and she is a second generation Indus-American. Her family has always been supportive and encouraged her to learn from others and her own experiences. She credits her family’s support for her success as well.

In Jasmine Maietta biography we learn that she is a lover of sports and personally played basketball too. Not only is she physically active, she is also fascinated by art which plays another huge role in her company. Jasmine has her own artistic style, as does every artist, but she makes her work communicable with a larger audience in the form of sporting gear.

Jasmine Maietta profession includes running her business Round21. She founded her company in 2018 after spending most of her years amongst athletes and the sporting industry. She also spent decades with artists and entertainers who all share their common love for all things sports. This concept birthed the company we all know and love today, Round21.

Discover Jasmine Maietta’s World Of Sport and Art

Jasmine Maetta profession took her artistic and creative expertise to greater depths. Coming from a sporting background and having previously worked with sports designers and labels, she has also become the brainchild behind her company Round 21.

The name Round 21 is as significant as is it symbolic of the following aspects: 

Round 21 – Is symbolic of the togetherness and community amongst sports personnel. It also describes the unity of team players and the audience in support of their teams.

“2” – The numeral two in the number “21” is representative of two persons collaborating with each other. For example, table tennis doubles.

“1” – The numeral one is symbolic of the individual and who they are.

Throughout her career, she helped companies market their brands which were always targeted at sports. Whether it was apparel or gear, branding and marketing for these companies were an essential responsibility.

In Jasmine Maietta news, the pandemic’s early stages made business even more challenging, having come from a large corporate background. Jasmine decided to focus on smaller start-ups and help their brands shine.

At the same time, she encouraged her artist partners and members of her Round21 team to be positive and not discouraged during a difficult time. Together they also zoned in on the company’s existing potential.

Education and Learning

Jasmine Maietta studied at Trinity College Hartford, obtaining her Master’s degree in economics. She also obtained her BA in Anthropology at Bowdoin College.

Her incredible enthusiasm, will to work and focus are what make her unique artistic statements in sports have come with great rewards.

Jasmine has worked with brands like Reebok, Peloton, DC Comics, Marvel, Samsung, EA Sports, McDonald’s, Hasbro and Reebok, to name a few.

Awards and Achievements

Round21 was on the list of Forbes Next 1000 for the year 2021.

Round21 was also featured on Shark Tank.

Fun facts

Jasmine Maitta basketball player formerly for her college. Still, her love for sports carries on in her new role as CEO and founder of her company Round21.


Who is Jasmine Maietta married to?

It isn’t clear whether or not Jasmine is married or involved with someone at this time.

Where is Jasmine Maietta born?

Jasmine Maietta was born in the United States of America.

What is Jasmine Maietta’s net worth?

Jasmine’s company has an estimated net worth of over $2.5M.

When did Jasmine Maietta start her career?

Jasmine’s career began after completing tertiary education. She began taking on the workplace shortly during 2004.

What piece of advice would Jasmine Maietta give a young entrepreneur?

When asked in an interview for advice to other female entrepreneurs as they pursue growing their business, Maietta replied: “…Co-creation is the heart of modern brands. Being open to how others may be able to help your brand remain relevant and bring joy to your community is required…”


Jasmine is a creative whizz and influential artist. She combines thought leadership along with marketing practices and further fusing sport with art for her all-time showstopper. Have you seen Jasmine’s collections and her artwork at present?

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