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Freshen Up

Mar/02/2024 / by Team Seema

5 natural deodorants that smell as good as spring

As the weather starts heating up, so do our sweat glands. So it can be the perfect time to swap out your old antiperspirant or deodorant and try something new and natural. While natural deodorants have long had a bad reputation, formulas have gotten better and better in recent years — and we put them to the test. Here are the ones that keep us feeling fresh all day long. 

Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant in Black Rose & Oud

This luxurious stick deodorant is well worth its higher price tag. The sophisticated scents (including this romantic rosy wood) leave a lovely linger, and last all day, making it one of the most effective natural picks we’ve tried. $20,

Athena All Day Deo in Grapefruit Spritz 

If you’re looking to leave behind the annoying white streaks that other deos can leave behind, this clear formula rolls on smoothly and invisibly. We love all the fresh scents, but especially this citrusy grapefruit blend. $13.00,

Kosa Ayurveda Probiotic Deodorant

Make in both Vata and Pitta formulations, this natural spray deoderant contains balancing herbs depending on your dosha (geranium and rosemary for Vata and lime and bergamot for Pitta), but has gentle ingredients fit for all skin types. $15,

Ayurvedic Wellness Center Ayurvedic Pit Butter

Blending the drying properties of bentonite clay and arrowroot powder, this easy-to-apply cream keeps skin soft and smelling great with hints of cedarwood. $11,

Native Whole Body Deodorant

If you’re looking for freshness outside of your armpits, this new full body deodorant is safe anywhere that might need freshening (hello stinky feet!). While it comes in different scents, we also appreciate the neutral unscented option. $12,


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