From Kulfi to Cobbler: Desserts for Your Next Backyard Grill

Jul/19/2020 / by Jordana Weiss
Image credits: David Calavera/Unsplash

A backyard grill is the ideal way to cook in the summer: If you’ve got a good grill, all you’ll need to supply is the meat, as well as buns and other accompaniments. Plus, the cooking itself doesn’t take long, and doing it outside keeps the heat and mess out of your kitchen.

However, if you’re hosting and eager to provide guests with dessert after their main course, that’s where it can get difficult. Cakes, with their butter or cream-based icings, quickly wilt in the summer heat. The same goes for ice cream and other frozen treats.

Today, we’re bringing you a few ideas for delicious desserts you can serve at your next backyard grill out. Our top picks are delicious to eat, easy to make, and can be devoured quickly before they melt!


Kulfi is a frozen treat are made with milk that’s been boiled down until it’s rich and caramelized. Then, flavors like cardamom, pistachios, rosewater, cashew, lychee, or mango are added, and the mixture is frozen.

The great thing is that kulfi can be made and served individually, so you don’t have to worry about them melting in the heat. Just pop them out of their molds, and hand them around to your eager guests. You can also serve the kulfi on plates for a more elegant look, or with popsicles sticks sunk into their centers so they can be eaten on the go. Serving kulfi on sticks is a great choice for a backyard barbecue.

Try This Recipe: Malai Kulfi

Grilled Fruit Sundaes

Make full use of your hot barbecue, and use its residual heat to grill up some fruit. But be forewarned: Not every fruit is going to be ideal for this application. Some popular choices are pineapple, peach, nectarine, or pears. These options are great because they’re juicy, but have enough structure to survive the heat of a grill.

After they come off the grill, pile the sticky, delicious fruit into bowls and serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

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Sevaya Kheer

Sevaya Kheer can be served hot or chilled but is most delicious for summer when it’s been cooled down in the fridge. The dessert is made with ghee and milk, which is combined to make a rich base for additions like nuts, dried fruit, vermicelli noodles, and small pieces of chopped fruit. You can even make the dish gluten-free by using rice or moong dal noodles.

Try This Recipe: Vermicelli Kheer

Berry Cobbler

Cobblers are one of those versatile summer sweets that can be made with any fruit. With the right ratios, you can chop and dice anything that’s in season (think peaches, cherries, apples, or berries), mix in sugar, and dollop dough on top to make a sweet, bubbling cobbler that’s ready in less than an hour.

Any cobbler can be made an hour or two ahead and left on an interior countertop to cool. To serve, dollop on lots of ice cream or whipped cream.

Try This Recipe: Brown Sugar Berry Cobbler

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