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Fun Spring Activities

Apr/14/2024 / by Nancy Amon

Celebrate the season by enjoying the outdoors

Canvas bell tents in the woods on a spring day
Photo via Shutterstock

It’s time to experience warm, balmy air, sunshine, flowers, and springtime happiness. Make the most of the season by stepping out with the family for some exciting outdoor activities. SEEMA recommends some great destinations and things you can do in your backyard or beyond.

Benefits of Being Outdoors in Spring

Being outside has multiple benefits, including improved sleep. The sun also helps the body develop vitamin D. Young children can learn socializing skills while playing with other children outside. Plus, being outdoors is also a good way to promote an active lifestyle for the whole family.

Other benefits of being outdoors include:

Decreased feelings of stress and anxiety

Improved physical wellness

Sensory stimulation

Top Picks for Springtime Destinations and Outdoor Activities

Build an Outdoor Fort

Enjoy a memorable outdoor fort-building activity with the kids. It is fun, and you can use sticks, branches, shrubs, and other natural outdoor materials to build your fort. You may also add a material roof, as one would when constructing a tent or outdoor shelter.

At the same time, the fort-building time may turn into a character-filled adventure with heroes, princes, and princesses, warriors, and knights.

Visit the Local Parks

Springtime brings out the best in many cities, with brighter colors and sunny days for weeks. You can bring the children out to enjoy some sights and scenery at the local parks. You’ll find ducks, birds, and more creatures going about their day in their natural habitat. Feed some ducks and watch how the little ones express their delight.

While some people tend to feed bread to the ducks, you could also feed them corn, bits of non-citrus fruit, and peas, instead. Check the local park rules and information for more insight before you start feeding the local ducks.

Have a Sunny Picnic

Picnics are a wonderful way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh outdoor air. You can prepare the picnic basket by packing fruit, water, cheese, sandwiches, juice boxes, sweets, savories like samosas or rotis, and more. Don’t forget to pack a blanket and a camp shade or sun umbrella if the temperatures are very high on the day.

Fairmount Park in Philadelphia is a beautiful and scenic outdoor venue with picnic spots, Japanese gardens, walking trails, and cycling paths. There’s also Central Park, Isle Royale National Park Michigan, and Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas.

Take a Fishing Trip

Spring is the ideal time to catch some river fish or practice your fly-fishing skills. San Diego is known for family-friendly sport fishing and deep-sea fishing. Go fish at Bear Creek where trout, walleye, small-mouth bass and yellow perch are commonly seen. On the Kenai River in Alaska, you can catch plenty of fish, and there are many basecamps to choose from if you and your family want to stay over.

Enjoy Camping Adventures

Camping can be loads of fun, and with it comes lots of outdoor family activities, including fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, and more. Camping areas include, but are not limited to, Big Lake Recreation, Bear Creek Lake Park, and River’s End Camping Ground and RV Park in Tybee Island.

Try Glamping (Glamorous Camping)

Take the liberty of experiencing glamping. Perhaps you’re not big on traditional camping but want to experience the outdoors while enjoying all the creature comforts, maybe a glamping trip will help.

From treehouses and yurts to safari tents, you are spoilt for choice with glamping destinations in the U.S., like Westgate River Ranch, Florida, and Huttopia Adirondacks, to name just a few.

See Flowers in Bloom

Appreciate the gorgeous color displays that nature offers with blooming flowers throughout spring.

Visit Dumbarton Oaks Gardens in Washington for a breathtaking display of trees, flowers, plants, and carefully landscaped spaces that have been around since 1920. Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is a must-see with its abundant display of horticulture genius, various plants, and garden scape designs by famous landscapers.


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