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Games For Grown-Ups

Nov/19/2023 / by Nancy Amon

Have fun this weekend, minus the electronics

Closeup of a board game with counters, pieces, tokens, and cards
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Why not give your eyes a break and connect on a more personal level without needing mobile devices, TVs, or video gaming consoles? Perfect for long weekends, celebrations, or family-and-friends time, here are some exciting games you will enjoy.

Betrayal at House on Hill

If you’re into mysteries and whodunits, the Betrayal at House on Hill is a board game you and your mates will love. The game is set in a haunted mansion. Blood, gore, and terror await the players each time they venture to Betrayal at House on Hill. Working together is the aim of the game, but as fate would have it, there is a traitor in the midst. The game is estimated to be completed in 60 minutes.


Azul is a delightful game, with some people calling it relaxing to play and watch. It’s a very interactive game that has decorative Moorish-like pieces. The aim of Azul is that the players decorate Palace Dvora by using the tile supply available.

Scores are added to players who create beautiful designs as per the brief. But it takes careful planning and design creativity to get more scores than other players. Additional points are awarded to the players who have the same sets and colors. The duration of the game ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.


Blockbuster is the perfect game for movie enthusiasts, featuring quiz questions and head-to-head battles. It’s also a fun game for teens. The charades feature in this game allows you to take on 200 questions as players try to guess a movie or movie character. Four to 12 players can join in.


If you enjoy mystery and thinking out of the box or in seemingly difficult or tricky scenarios, then MindTrap is the game to play. It is full of adventure, challenges, hilarious moments and simply fun. MindTrap can accommodate two players at a time.

Squid Game (The Boardgame)

If you’ve enjoyed the popular Squid Game TV series, then you are going to enjoy the board games. The board game aims to give players the feel of the series, the deadly games to play and the big money at stake. Squid Game accommodates three to six players and starts from age 16. The timeframe is about 45 minutes to complete the game.

Exit The Abandoned Cabin

The mystery-filled game Exit the Abandoned Cabin brings twists and turns as a group of people must work together to find an exit. The game features puzzles, riddles, collectable objects and more, catering for up to 6 players. With an estimated 60 minutes of gameplay, try to get out.

Bonus Party Games 

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party, and what’s a party without some bright cheer and fun games? Here are some bonus party games for your guests.

The Sticker Stalker Game

There might not be a board involved in this game, but it is easy and fun to play. For Sticker Stalker, all you need is a purchased batch of stickers. Every player will get an even amount, and then you must stick as many stickers as possible onto your appointments. The one who has managed to stick most of their stickers on others is the ultimate winner.

Two Truths and a Lie

Guests at the party get to each tell two truths, and one lie about themselves while the others guess what the truths are and which ones are the lies. Many folks enjoy this game as the perfect icebreaker, especially to get everyone comfortable with each other if they are only meeting for the first time at your party.

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters is an ideal game for dinner parties, and it engages the guests in a fun-filled manner. You’ll need to cut out snippets of paper with conversation starters written on them for example, “If you could choose one thing to take on an island, what would it be?”

Keeping a Straight Face

This game is great at parties too. You and your guests will each write on slips of paper one funny phrase. All the paper will be gathered in a container and drawn out with each phrase read aloud, but each time a person laughs or grins, they’re out.


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