Geeta Phogat The Indian Wrestler who Took the Show

Geeta Phogat
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Who is Geeta Phogat?

Geeta Phogat is a freestyle wrestler who gained fame as the first gold medalist from India to win the Commonwealth Games. She is also the first Indian woman wrestler to qualify for the Olympic games. She comes from a family of wrestlers. She followed in her father’s steps, and she took up wrestling as a sport. Phogat came from simple means; she was raised in a small village in Bilali. When she was a young girl, her father used to wake her up at 3:30 in the morning to practice wrestling for three hours before going to school. She gained international fame due to her work ethic and her determined spirit. Even though she was the first in her family to compete at the Olympic games, she was not the last, her sister and her cousin followed her four years later at the Olympics in Brazil. She is a true inspiration to young female athletes in India. The highest grossing Bollywood film is called “Dangal Girl,” and it is the story of how Geeta Phogat and her sister became famous wrestlers. 

A Biography on Geeta Phogat

She was born in the Balali village in Haryana 1n 1988. Traditional Indian women were raised to be domestic workers. They did not receive much education, and they were married young. Her father wanted something different for his daughters. Since he was a professional wrestler, he taught his daughters to do the same. She has amassed awards and medals because of the hard work that she has put into the sport since she was a young girl. Her father coached her for years, and after the movie about Phogat’s childhood came out, tons of mothers and young women have asked him to coach their daughters in wrestling.

FAQ about Geeta Phogat

Q: When did she Start her Career?

A: She started training for wrestling with her father when she was a young girl. She won her first gold medal in the commonwealth wrestling Championship in 2009.

Q: Who is she married to?

A: She is married to Pawan Kumar. He is a fellow wrestler. They were married in 2019, and they have one son.

Q:What is her Net Worth?

A: Geeta Phogat has a net worth of around $ 3 million Dollars.

Q: How old is she?

A: Geeta Phogat was born in 1988. She is 33 years old.

Q: Where was she born?

A: Geeta Phogat was born in Balali, Haryana, India.

Q: What is some News on Geeta Phogat?

A: It has been reported that she has the goal of competing in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.