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Gifts and Gratitude for Mother’s Day

May/10/2022 / by SEEMA staff
Its gifting season this may
Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash

Of course mothers should be given their due everyday, but if we give them some extra attention and spoil them with certain indulgences one day—who is really complaining?

This Mother’s Day, the SEEMA team handpicks a wide range of gifts for moms.

Overnight Oil Elixir by Khalm Skincare

Gifts and Gratitude for Mother's Day
Indulge your mothers, this Mother’s Day!

This soothing serum works as a collagen booster, hydrates skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and scars. It’s also power packed with oud essential oil, vitamin C and avocado oil making it a truly indulgent all-in-one skin care product for mom.

Earring by LOVA by VL

These multipurpose gold-and-pearl earrings are great for lunches, brunches and formal dinners. They are a perfect way to add a subtle elegance to an outfit and would look great with a blouse, jacket or gown.

Tovala Steam Oven

It’s time to upgrade your mom’s oven! Steam ovens use steam instead of hot air to cook food, which cuts down on cook time and preserves nutrients.

Personalized Framed Wall Art for Mom

A perfect and personalized Mother’s Day gift from daughters with customizable print options.

Buy it here!

Handwriting Bracelet

Talk about a truly “personalized” Mother’s Day gift from her very thoughtful daughter. This bracelet features your actual handwriting, and you can customize it to say just about whatever you please.

Gifts and Gratitude for Mother's Day
Customised personal gifts make gifting extra thoughtful!

Buy it here!

One Minute Saree

For a busy young mother, One Minute Saree gives convenience and takes the mystery out of how to wear a sari. Wrap and wear sarees make the tradition, the elegance, and the sheer joy of wearing a sari accessible to all multitasking mothers!

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