Ginni Saraswati has found her voice and it belongs to many!

Ginni Saraswati likes to go for walks along the East River, and marvel at the Empire State building, not because she’s new to the city but because it’s a reminder of the beautiful unpredictability of life. 

The daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, who grew up in Australia, Ginni never thought she would be living in New York City. Now, as a popular podcaster, founder of Ginni Media and co-founder of two other businesses, she has a lot on her plate but she makes time for these little moments. It’s important for her to keep the gratitude she has for how her life turned out.

Ginni was born in Sri Lanka, but when she was two, her family moved to Australia. Her new home opened up a whole world of opportunities but her mother made sure Ginni never forgot her family’s values – to be kind, thoughtful and grateful for everything that comes your way. 

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