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Podcasts to Keep You Informed

Jan/08/2023 / by Melanie Fourie

5 news podcasts can keep you up with current affairs and encourage independent thinking

For several years, the smartphone display has been at the core of developments in digital news. Thanks to inventions like headphones and ear pods, mobile screens may now have a rival in podcasts. In fact, across the 20 nations surveyed for the Digital News Report 2022, 34% of listeners had listened to a podcast in the previous month, with 12% of those listeners tuning in for news, news analysis, or commentary.

So, why tune into a podcast covering the news? These debates often help expand coverage of timely and complicated topics. It may also inspire critical thinking about current events . News networks often utilize them to boost content dissemination as well. Here’s a run-down of 2023’s best news podcasts to subscribe to if you want to keep up with current affairs.

All Things Policy

Have you ever pondered how robotics would affect society? Perhaps you wonder what India should do to alleviate traffic congestion or how China’s aircraft would alter geopolitics in the Indian Ocean. The Takshashila Institution’s daily podcast, All Things Policy, provides a lot of solutions to current issues.

Every day, Indian analysts dissect intricate geopolitical and economic concepts through the prism of news affairs. All Things Policy is all you’ll require to comprehend the world, whether you’re a busy CEO or an inquisitive scholar.

Grand Tamasha

Milan Vaishnav is joined weekly by different international guests to discuss the week’s news in Indian politics, economy, foreign policy, lifestyle, and the arts. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Hindustan Times created Grand Tamasha together.

The podcast currently has over 800 subscribers and engages often with issues relating to female empowerment. It also includes discussions of female reporters like Joanna Slater, who covered news regarding India for the White House. Many of the podcasts pertain to topics stemming from India’s relations with other countries.

News Wrap in English – Times of India

“The Times of India” is one of the biggest sources for current events coverage in India and globally. You may catch up on the day’s breaking news in sports, business, nutrition and exercise, Bollywood, and the entertainment world, as well as blogs and perspectives from prominent columnists, right here.

The podcast has just under 5,000 subscribers and is put out daily. They also showcase podcasts in the morning and evening.


Those interested in learning more about global finance news and aspects of foreign currency markets would like this podcast. Journalists from CNBC-TV18 provide content five days a week. MarketBuzz sorts through all the noise and brings you the full rundown on what matters in the market and why. Tune in as their reporters break down the markets and give you the scoop you can use to improve your investing.

Podcasts are hosted by Indian reporters, such as Ekta Batra and Vivek Iyer.

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

The Breaking Points podcast and You Tube channel are a courageous and thought provoking multi-week resource for holding the elite to responsibility. Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball present the show.

This dynamic duo’s podcast offers analysis and commentary on current events across the world, including the Keystone Pipeline debacle, the unrest in Iran, the bribery of European Union officials by Qatar, and many more. Other commentary delves on issues like the 2024 GOP battle, Elon Musk and Twitter, windfall profits tax, and Putin Missiles.


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