Hania Aamir: Popular Actress’s Biography

Jun/23/2023 / by Team Seema

Hania Amir, the Pakistani dimple girl, has come a long way in a relatively brief period. This young, beautiful actress came to prominence in 2016 with the release of the film Janaan. This opened the door for numerous drama serials and television advertisements, including Sunsilk, Nestle Fruita Vital, Bonanza, and Mobilink Jazz. Hania appeared alongside Mohsin Abbas Haider in Nabeel Qureshi’s film Na Maloom Afaad 2. In addition, she has had significant roles in television series such as Titli and Phir Woh Mohabbat. Hania also starred in the drama series Mujhay Jeenay Doh, which addresses the topic of child marriage. And this was just the beginning; she starred in her third film, Parwaaz Hai Junoon, in which she played the leading role. The consecutive years have seen her rise in stardom and population, becoming one of the biggest household names in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

This article dives deeply into all aspects of this young actress. Read on.

Hania Amir Bibliography

Hania Amir is a pinnacle of Beauty, elegance, and talent who has quickly established herself in the entertainment industry. She is one of the most coveted and prominent leading artists of the current generation. She rose to the top based only on her talent and attractiveness without artistic training. Her dub smash videos, which she used to create for pleasure, were the primary reason she joined the entertainment profession.

She was born in Rawalpindi on February 12, 1997. She still resides with her family but frequently travels to Karachi for filming.

She comes from a highly respectable and well-mannered Punjabi family. Her father is of Murree descent and wholeheartedly supports his daughter’s career, but her mother is a housewife. She has only one sister, Eesha, who is five years younger and still in school. She was alleged to be dating Ali Zafar’s brother Daniyal Zafar and Asim Azhar, with whom she maintained a strong bond and was frequently seen.

About Hania Amir Film Career

She entered the industry solely through the power of social media, where she posted dub smash videos for fun, unaware that they would one day make her a celebrity. She had no contacts in the entertainment industry. As time passed, her dubs mash became a social media sensation. Imran Kazmi, the creator of Jannan, sensed her potential at that point and contacted her. Initially, Hania did not value the offer and viewed it as a minor position. However, she realized that it was a supporting role in which she would play the role of the heroine’s cousin. Her position as Palwasha in Janaan was universally admired.

Aamir was a student at the Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST-NUCES) when she auditioned for Imran Kazmi’s debut feature film, the romantic comedy Janaan (2016). The film earned favorable reviews and was a smash hit upon its premiere. Her performance as a cheeky Pashtun woman earned her a nomination for the Lux Style Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In the 2017 romantic television serial Titli, Aamir subsequently portrayed a beauty-obsessed, unfaithful wife. The Urdu 1 series was a contemporary adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast tale. The series’ popularity was a turning point in her career, garnering her widespread public exposure. Her performance in the 2017 love drama Phir Wohi Mohabbat on Hum TV garnered her the Hum Award for Best Female Television Sensation. Aamir played a rebellious bride-to-be in the highest-grossing film of the year, the heist comedy Na Maloom Afaad 2. The following year, Aamir starred alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahad Raza Mir, and Kubra Khan in the aerial combat-war drama Parwaaz Hai Junoon, directed by Haseeb Hassan. As with her previous picture, it was a critical and financial triumph, and both films are among the top Pakistani films. Next, Aamir portrayed a girl next door in the ARY Digital melodrama Visaal (2018), alongside Zahid Ahmed and Saboor Aly. After playing a comedic part in the telefilm Band Toh Baje Ga (2018), she portrayed the free-spirited heiress of the imaginary city Shergarh in the love television series Anaa (2019), one of the year’s most popular television series.

Comments on Hania’s Best Movies

Ishqiya Was About Not Giving Up on Your Dreams

Ishqiya was fascinating to watch owing to the contrasting personalities of the two sisters, although Feroze Khan’s portrayal of the classic bad boy was so conventional. However, the drama sparkled through Hania Amir’s character and performance. She was not a damsel in distress; rather, she stood up for herself and turned down the person she loved most.

Ishqiya may have stretched on, and the viewer’s suffering could have ended sooner. Still, Hania carried the burden of providing viewers with laughter, amusement, and defining moments of Ishqiya on her shoulders.

Mujay Jeenay Du Addressed Child Weddings Resources

Mujay Jeenay Du was one of many shows that dealt with a severe and pervasive social issue, child weddings while remaining focused on the plot. With Udaari, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, and Merkya Qasoor Tha having established a precedent for this taboo and become vociferous about it, Mujay Jeenay Du paved the way for how to address child weddings (if a situation arises).

Mujay Jeene Du, set against a Punjabi theme of verdant countryside, illuminates romance and educates the audience by making them aware of where to seek assistance in such a crisis.

Visal Is Ideal for Its Persuasive Performances

Visal is about envy, revenge, and egos between two females and a con guy who becomes entangled in a narrative of lies and love in a story that was masterfully shown on film with the moral that Aashiqui sabar talab, aur tamanna betaab, dil ka kya rang karoon, khoon-e-jigar honay tak (which suggests that love requires endurance while a want is devouring. What should my condition be until my obsession consumes my patience?).

Singing Career

Hania Amir has a passion for singing. She sang the theme song for the drama series Anaa that aired on Hum tv, which received millions of views and enthusiastic audience response. She is also depicted on social media platforms, rocking out with her buddies. She is pursuing professional vocal instruction and honing her talent.


Hania is constantly willing to try new things. She also created a YouTube channel where her innovative stuff received millions of views. She provides a fantastic source of amusement for the public by sharing humorous scenes from the sets of her series and movies, cutting her hair, and imitating TikTok trends.

Modeling Career

Hania has done a great deal of modeling work and is the brand ambassador for numerous well-known companies. She appeared in various advertisements for companies like Sunsilk and Nestle. She has also modeled for many designers during the bridal week through the years.

Personal Life

Asim Azhar chose to speak up about a topic that has been swirling in the minds of Hania Aamir’s admirers since he conquered their hearts at Fashion Pakistan Week 2019. During a chat with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, the 22-year-old singer addressed rumors of a connection with Hania, as the two had been spotted together numerous times and garnered considerable attention.

When questioned if the two were dating, Asim responded that his heart was beating rapidly. He mentioned that he did not believe he was in a position to respond casually and that Hania was the type of person who brought a great deal of positivity into his life. Further, he said that he enjoyed being with her and was always smiling and constantly joking around.

The Jo Tu Na Mila singer added that he could not confirm their relationship status without her permission: Any comment, whether yes or no, I would want her consent. Not because of any social pressure. Eventually, they were not a couple, even though his statements had left supporters with misgivings.

Asim Azhar announced his engagement to Merub Ali, a family friend, in 2022.

The two released similar Instagram announcements. “Shukar Alhamdulillah [Thank you God]. With the grace of Allah Almighty and our parent’s duas, we announce our Imam Zamin – engagement. May Allah SWT and Ahlebait keep us protected and this happy forever, Aameen. Keep us in your prayers, read their posts.”

There were several rumors about the couple, and nobody knew about their relationship. Some assumed they were cousins, others claimed they were acquaintances, and others believed they had a sexual relationship. In a December interview, Ali specified that they were unquestionably unrelated.

Estranged Relationship with her Dad

In one of Hania’s Instagram posts about her dad, she mentioned that she didn’t have a good relationship with him. She wrote,

I’m sharing something very personal. My father is alive. Well and healthy, but we don’t stay connected due to personal reasons. I don’t feel the best on Father’s Day because we don’t speak with each other. I do love him, and I can’t imagine him not being in this world anymore.

Although Hania didn’t mention why she’s no longer in contact or on good terms with her dad, we can assume that it relates to family issues.

Social Media Trolls

Hania was trolled by online fans in 2021 for a video in which she was seen lying over the famous Pakistani actor Aashir Wajahat alongside Nayel Wajahar. Amid the attacks, a video of a man ejaculating to her image on video on the internet leaked on social media. This video was retweeted and went viral according to Hania, who posted an Instagram response to the online hatred.

The Dil Ruba actress posted a video of herself in tears with the caption, Just another day surviving in a misogynist world where double standards have power over innocence and where coexisting with difference of opinion is not a thing. Where a man trying to belittle a woman is applauded but if a woman does the same she is hated.

The actor then clarified that her video, which was misconstrued, merely demonstrated her affection for her loved ones, but it was evident that the opposite was acceptable in her society. Where a woman showing affection to her loved ones is wrong but a man ejaculating on a woman’s picture on video on the internet is retweeted and made viral content. Just another day surviving, hope you all are doing well in this disgusting world and keeping your goodness intact. Someone else’s evil shouldn’t ruin your goodness, she concluded.

However, fellow performers and social media celebrities supported Hania in the comment area of her answer post. Ali Rehman Khan wrote that small men with small ideas and delicate egos would forever stay small, irrelevant, and insignificant. He further commended her for being more courageous and courageous than all her haters and that she had a golden heart to boot. She urged her to continue radiating optimism and kindness wherever she goes and that she constantly reminds him that she’s extraordinary.

Dananeer, who has been closest friends with Hania for over a few months, joined in as well, stating that although she had only known Hania for a couple of months, that was long enough for her to be convinced that she had a wonderful, caring, and warm heart. She called Hania a lioness and said that the internet wouldn’t triumph over her reputation.


  •  arde Mein Rehne Do (2022)- Nazish ‘Nazo’
  • Sang-e-Mah (TV Series) (2022)- Gul Meena
  • Mere Humsafar (2021) (TV Series)- Hala
  • Meray Dost Meray Yaar 2 (2020) (TV Series)- Zoya
  • Asim Azhar: Tum Tum (2020) (Music Video)- Hania Aamir
  • Dil Ruba (2020) (TV Series)- Sanam
  • Ishqiya (2020) (TV Series)- Rumaisa
  • Superstar (2019)
  • Anaa (2019) (TV Series)- Daneen
  • Visaal (2018) (TV Series)- Pari
  • Load Wedding (2018)- Cameo
  • Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018)- Sania
  • Go To Hell (2018) (TV Movie)
  • Phir Wohi Mohabbat (2017) (TV Series)- Alishba
  • Na Maloom Afraad 2 (2017)- Pari
  • Janaan (2016)- Palwasha Asad Khan / Palwasha Samir
  • Hasna Mana Hai (TV Series) (2022)

Awards & Achievements

  • In 2017, the Lux Style Awards nominated her for best-supporting actress in the film Janaan.
  • She got the 2018 Hum Award for best television phenomenon lady for her role in Phir Wohi Muhabbat
  • In 2018, she won the Hum Style Award for the best elegant actress.
  • She was nominated for best actress for the film Na Maloom scared 2 in 2018 by International Pakistan Prestige Awa.
  • The Pakistan International Screen Awards nominated her as the best television actress in 2020 for her role in the show Anaa.
  • In 2020, the Hum Style Awards named her the most elegant actress in her film Parde Mein Rehne do.

Unknown Truths About Hania Amir

  • Hania Amir is an accomplished professional actress and a stunning model.
  • She made her film debut in Janaan, for which Hania was shortlisted for the Lux Style Award for Best Supporting Actress.
  • She has signed a deal for the film Mujhe Jeeney Do, which is now under production.
  • Hania Amir is the queen of dubsmash.
  • Hania had a constant craving for Chinese cuisine.
  • In 2018, Hania Amir appeared as the female lead in the films Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Parwaaz Hai Junoon.
  • Hania Amir portrayed a young woman in the 2018 drama, Visaal, which aired on ARY Digital.
  • She was involved in a bicycle accident with Hamza Ali Abbasi while filming Parwaaz Hai Junoon.
  • Hania Amir entered the business world solely through the influence of social media. She utilized social media to upload her dubsmash videos.
  • Hania Amir’s performance as Palwasha in Janaan was universally praised.
  • When Hania Amir was about 18 years old, she desired to become a major celebrity. Her preferred actresses include Ayeza Khan, Maya Ali, Mahira Khan, Iqra Aziz, and others.
  • She admires several attractive Pakistani celebs, including Fahad Khan, Feroz Khan, Humayun Saeed, Ahad Raza Mir, etc.
  • She has a pet dog called Bobo.
  • She has been featured on different magazine covers, including Hello, Good Times and Grazia.
  • Hania loves painting and reading books during her leisure time.

Hania Amir Facts and Body Measurements

  • Hania Amir’s aliases include Neenu, Neeya, and Honey.
  • Her birthday is April 3, 1997.
  • Her birthplace is Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Hania Amir age is 24 years (2022).
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she is a Muslim.
  • She’s not married.
  • Hania Amir has a 32-inch bust, a 26-inch waist, and a 34-inch hip.
  • Height around 1.65 m and weight 50 kg approximately 100 lb. She has a thin build.
  • Her bodily dimensions are 32-26-34 inches.
  • Her Shoe Size 5 (US) and Dress Size 9 (US).
  • Her hair is black, and her eyes are dark brown.

In an interview, she revealed that she had always desired different hair color, such as light brown or ash brown, but that her mother never allowed it. However, she eventually had her hair dyed Burgundy. In addition, she stated in one of her appearances that she is attempting to shed an additional 5 kg to reach 45 kilograms in the future.

  • Her Net Worth is $1,000,000
  • Hania Amir’s Best Friend: Most pals are not public figures, but she is frequently spotted with celebrities such as Aima Baig. However, she is often spotted with other celebrities, including Sajal Ali, Saba Kamar, and many others.
  • She wears jeans and white t-shirts daily; her favorite international labels are H&M and Forever21.
  • She’s a positive person and dislikes egotistical people.
  • Hania isn’t a materialistic person; she cherishes the relationships and emotional bonds she has with the most important people in her life.
  • She is sometimes a shopaholic.
  • Her friends know her as the Guru since she gives good advice.
  • She was a bright student while growing up. Her teachers said she was capable and intelligent, although she didn’t pay much attention.
  • Her favorite hangout depends on the mood. Sometimes she prefers sitting at home, eating pizza and watching films. Other times she likes going to the beach.
  • She’s afraid of microwaves.
  • Acting is more than a hobby or way of living; it’s her passion.
  • She likes boys who are down-to-earth, not clingy or creepy and smell nice.
  • The best gift she ever received was an anklet.
  • People assume she’s a diva and has an attitude problem while down to earth.
  • The most excellent advice she would give someone who wants to join the showbiz industry is to pay minimal attention to what people say. Also, to do their thing and be happy about it.
  • If she weren’t acting, she would be working at McDonald’s.


Is Hania Aamir married?

She’s still single

How many films did Hania Aamir do?

Seven movies. But she has been in 17 movies and television series in total.

When did Aamir started her career?

She started her career in 2016.


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