Hannah Simone Age, Personal Life, and Career

Dec/21/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Hannah Simone
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Hannah Simone Age, Personal Life, and Career

Hanna Simone is a Canadian actress, TV host, and former model who has thrilled the world with her excellent roles in different films. Here is a biography of Hanna Simone.

Early Life and Education

Hanna Simone was born on 3rd August 1980 in London, meaning the age of Hanna Simone in 2022 is 41. Her father is Indian, while her mother is English, of Italian, German, and Greek descent. She has a brother, Zach Simone.

She grew up in Calgary, Alberta, but between seven and ten years, she and her family moved to three continents. When she was 13, Hanna lived in Cyprus, where she worked as a fashion model, featuring on several local magazine covers.

When she was 16, they moved to New Delhi, India, where Hannah went to the American Embassy School but returned to Canada after a year. First, she stayed in British Colombia but later relocated to Vancouver.

She enrolled in the University of British Colombia and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International relations and Political Science. She then worked as a researcher for a book for two years, after which she moved to the UK and worked with the United Nations.

She later enrolled in Ryerson University, where she worked at the campus-based CKLN-FM as a radio host. She graduated with her Bachelor of Radio and Television Arts.


Shortly after graduating from Ryerson University, actress Hannah Simone hosted ‘Space for living,’ a TV show on HGTV Canada. In May 2006, she joined the MuchMusic channel, where she worked as a video jockey, ‘The NewMusic host, and ‘Much News Weekly’ presenter till November 2008.

After leaving MuchMusic, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she hosted ‘WCG Ultimate gamer,’ a reality show on Syfy alongside Joel Gourdin.

In 2011, she started appearing on ‘New Girl’ as Cecelia Parekh. This role won her the Choice TV Breakout Performance Teen choice Award- Female in 2012. She later appeared in movies like ‘The Carrie Diaries,’ ‘Kojak,’ ‘Hot Package,’ and ‘So you think You Can Dance.’

In 2013, she was in the ‘What Women Want’ Gillette campaign with Genesis Rodriguez and Kate Upton. In 2014, she appeared in Train’s ‘Angle in Blue Jeans’ music video. In 2017, she appeared in ‘Kicking and Screaming’ in the first season.

Net Worth of Hannah Simone

Through her acting, hosting, and modeling careers, Hanna Simone has an approximate net worth of $3 million.


Who Is Hannah Simone Married To?

Hannah dated Jesse Giddings, a famous British Colombian musician, and after four years, they had a private wedding in 2016. In April 2017, she announced her pregnancy and gave birth to their son in August.

What Nationality Is Hannah Simone?

Actress Hannah Simone is Canadian but has Indian, English, Italian, Greek, and German descent.

Where Did Hannah Simone Grow Up?

Hanna spent a lot of her early years in Calgary, but they moved across three continents when she was7-10 years.