BigBasket’s Hari Menon

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Hari Menon

About Hari Menon

He is the CEO and founder of BigBasket, the largest online grocery chain in India. Before that, he was an entrepreneur who had a position as CEO of Serus Corporation, Symphoni Industrial AI, Timeli and Tumri in India.

Hari Menon Biography

Born in 1964 in Bandra West, Mumbai, India, his family had consideration as middle-class. Hari soon had an interest, growing up, in cricket and music. He advanced his athletic ability by becoming a member of the Karnataka Cricket Association.

He attended school in Lovedale and then studied mechanical engineering. In 1983, he attended the University of Kerala. A few years later, he received an MBA from a university, located in Pittsburgh in the United States, Carnegie Mellon University. He later graduated from Oklahoma State University where he majored in Operations Research, earning an M.S. Degree.

His career has a theme of much experience for various companies, where he learned in abundance. Hari began his career working for Consilium Software. Becoming a manager at Accenture, he soon left and became a marketing director of Aspect Development. The years from 2003 to 2004 saw Hari as Vise President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing at Bristlecone Inc, a company which he founded.

In 2011, he co-founded BigBasket. By 2014, he was the CEO and board director of Serus. He later became the founder of the companies, Tumri and Converge.

Hari Menon
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News on Hari Menon

In 2020 he was the president and COO of

BigBasket’s Hari Menon has been busy in recent years. According to the Times of India, the company earned $1.1 billion in gross sales during the pandemic, which was very good for online grocery shopping.

BigBasket has received many awards, including the following:

  • 2017 -Best Retail and E-commerce App of the Year, AWS Mobility Awards
  • 2016 -Best Online Grocer, Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards
  • 2016 -Consumer Internet Company of the Year, VC Circle


Who is Hari Menon married to?

He is in a marriage to Shanti Menon.

Where is Hari Menon born?

He is born in Mumbai, Indis. Hari Menon’s age in 2021 is 58 years.

What is his net worth?

In 2021 his net worth was approximately $507.5 M.

When did he start his career?

He began his career in 1990, as a software engineer.