Here’s Your SEEMA Father’s Day Gift Guide

Jun/12/2021 / by Team SEEMA

Among many other things, June is the signifier of Father’s Day! You celebrated your mother for birthing and caring for you in May; now’s the time to celebrate the other person who raised you and gave you the stability you needed to become a healthy, functioning human being.

But the question remains: how do you do that? The easiest solution, besides a show of affection, is a present. Finding the right balance between meaningful and utilitarian just gets harder and harder these days, however, especially given the sheer variety that’s available on any online marketplace. 

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. The editors here at SEEMA have brainstormed and come up with some of our favorite recommendations for gifts your father would love to get. And if you’re a father reading this, and your kid doesn’t show up with something, who’s stopping you from buying one of these fun and useful knick-knacks for yourself?

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Lite Kites for Adults

This recommendation comes straight from our editor-in-chief, who says, “for the outdoorsy dad who wants to enjoy the freedom post vaccination, feel the fresh air and wind on his face — and experience the nostalgia of days as a kid himself, get him this kite so he can play with his son/daughter on Father’s Day outdoors.” Check out some of your local craft vendors or Amazon for some good options.

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A Nice Sherry Oak

If your dad’s the kind who likes to spend a relaxing evening with a good drink, this Scottish scotch whisky is a great pick. You can usually enjoy notes of vanilla, dried fruit, and spice on the porch with snacks and some stories to tell. Online retailers like Drizly, or your local distillery or spirits retailer, stock some of the best malts.

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A Shave Travel Kit

Most dads appreciate a good close shave (no shame if you don’t), so a reliable shaving kit that you can keep in your backpack is a must-have. Blade? Shave gel? A handy travel bag? All check and ready! You can find some of the best choices on Harry’s, Manscaped, or all over the internet.

Phone Sanitizing Boxes

If you’re an oft-travelling dad (or an oft-travelling anybody), one of these handy-dandy sanitizer boxes are optimal for your travel bags. Through the power of UV, you can completely sanitize your phone, your watch, earpods, any tiny object of your choice, which is good especially in the times of COVID-19.

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A Fitness Watch

Does your dad enjoy keeping fit and staying ripped? Then what better companion to have than a fitness watch, the smartwatch that’ll track your calorie burn, keep the playlist going, and still look good on your wrist, like a Fitbit. But speaking of…

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A Home Putting Green

If your dad’s idea of fitness is on the greens, then you should definitely go for a pandemic-proof home golfing mat. Plus, there’s none of the sands or lakes that he can drive his balls into, so it’s a win-win for the player and the golf clubs.

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A Backyard Grill

Luckily, Father’s Day comes around the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, so sweep up the backyard and break out the grills. Weber and Grommet, for example, have some reliable options for all kinds of barbecues, whether it’s meat, corn, or maybe just for show.

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Mesh Grill Bags

Barbecues are fun, but what of those who can’t help but see their juicy vegetables and kabobs fall to the bottom of the barbecue, singed and beyond reach? These grill bags can help, easy to zip up your food into and keep intact so they’re cooked and ready to eat! A company like Uncommon Goods would be a good place to find one.

Image courtesy of Jaypore

A Fancy Kurta

Maybe what Dad needs is a slight wardrobe upgrade. You could get him some silver cufflinks, or some handcrafted footwear. But nothing beats a good kurta, block printed, handmade, great for days like these. Check out a place like Jaypore for some of the most stylish picks.

An iPhone Operated Paper Plane

And we’re back in the outside world with another product that’ll make your dad feels like he rules the skies. Pick up one of these big model planes and allow him to assume some control, maybe even relive his paper plane-throwing days. Amazon would be your best friend, with some options in the $60-$70 range.

This story appears in the June issue of SEEMA Magazine, check it out here


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