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Holiday Hosting Made Simple

Dec/18/2022 / by Nancy Amon
A holiday party
A holiday party. Shutterstock

Tips and tricks to keep your parties hopping

It’s festive times, and the season for giving is already in full swing. With Christmas just a few days away, get ready for those guests. Perhaps you don’t usually host and just put it off because you aren’t sure how. Don’t worry. Once you’ve read this, you’ll have the know-how to host like a pro.

The Benefits of Hosting

Whether you’re organizing dinner, lunch, or having live music at your place, you can do so in style and add your signature touches. Functions are always remembered when the host does memorable things, like spoiling the guests with gifts to thank them. So, remember that one when hosting your end-of-year party.

You get to meet more people: If you’re an extrovert and a fun-loving people person, then you’re probably looking to host this year’s event. Hosting a year-end function has its perks, and it allows you to enjoy things like meeting new people and even seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time.

Extra food and drinks: Hosting the party will also provide some excess food and drinks you could use during the week. This is better still if you were catering a family-friendly function. As a busy South Asian mum, juggling family, working and being a super mom is never easy. Still, finding simple hacks like prepacked and ready-made food for the week is welcomed anytime.

It’s a great time to be happy: We can’t help but feel extra joyous around the holidays. Celebrating this festival with family and friends can put smiles on everyone’s faces and remove some stress for a while.

Tips for a Wonderful End-of-Year Party

Be a great host: Being the host might have a lot of pressure, but it is always memorable, especially when the host is fantastic. You should be able to cater for families and possible stayovers if the evening calls for one. Stock coffee for the following day if some folk have been drinking a lot.

Give out welcome kits: Everybody loves a present and your guests will be delighted you thought about them. Welcoming them with a personalized gift is a lovely gesture.

Typical party favors include but are not limited to:

  • Candles
  • A crate of treats or savory, munchy snacks
  • Personalized fridge magnets
  • A bottle of bubbly
  • Chocolates
  • Bath sets
  • Fun kit items

Prep the Kitchen. You’ll Need the Space

Around the holidays, many people gather in the kitchen, and since it is the heart of every home, you can take the step of cleaning out and organizing it. Kitchens are a great place, especially when having a party. It’s also where you’ll have the food, drink and snacks ready and prepared.

Prepare drink and snack stations: If you can manage and you have a larger space, you can set up one or two drink and snack stations in your living space. In this way, your guests will have access to food and beverage even while meeting and greeting throughout the time without having to feel peckish through the time.

Know what you’ll have to eat and drink: Meal courses are also important, depending on the type of party and what you will have. If it is a lunch, there’s no need for a series of food items. Either way, knowing what your menu looks like is essential.

For instance, draw up your menu beforehand – for example, cocktails, mocktails, finger snacks, main course, and something sweet.

Music to Their Ears

Music is one of the main features of every event. If you’re hosting this time, make sure you have a playlist to play in the background. Relaxing music is always great. Some people also have a live DJ to work the music while the guests enjoy themselves and chat with each other.

Pre-Wrap Presents

You’re probably having lots of family and friends over, so it’s a good idea to wrap the gifts you’re presenting before the time. You can set them in a designated area of the house, which will wait until it’s time to open those pressies.

Fun Holiday Games for the Family

If you want to involve kids and family members, you could get out those fun holiday games and trivia. It’s always more exciting when you can play in groups, and everyone enjoys the atmosphere and fun.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these tips and that they will help you host a memorable and fun party this Christmas.


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