Homemade Natural Skincare Solutions You Simply Have to Try!

Jan/26/2020 / by Seema Staff
3 Homemade, Natural Skincare Solutions

Pic courtesy: Christin Hume, unsplash.

Got dry and dull skin? Try these homemade natural skin solutions to help your face glow. Across the world, people are turning to homemade natural solutions. From food and medicine to skincare and makeup, the popular push is a return to natural and simple ingredients and practices that minimize processing and the artificial.

Organic and homemade skin solutions and products are on faces everywhere. Tips and “do it yourself” (DIY) routines are all over YouTube, in the pages of popular magazines, and across social media.

For many women in South Asia, this global back-to-basics movement has special significance– it rekindles our connection with our history. The emphasis on homemade natural skin solutions with kitchen ingredients and DIY can transport you back to childhood and a grandmother’s recipes for beauty regimens.

It’s easy to see why. Not only do certain techniques look great and make your skin glow, but it allows women to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in store-bought brands, animal testing fears, and other common concerns with highly processed products. Plus, it can be a whole lot cheaper!

Anyone who wants to find out the benefits of DIY beauty should start by trying the following three homemade natural skin solutions. They are easy — stuff you may already have at home — so you don’t even have to worry about messing it up on your first try.

Oatmeal Face Mask

Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Sure, it will always be a delicious morning staple, but you also should consider using it at night in a new way.

Rather than in your bowl, try oatmeal on your face. Oats make a great natural skincare base for a mask that can reduce inflammation and help some people avoid acne. At the very least, a good mask blend will help restore moisture and can relax your pores for better cleaning.

One popular method is to add a little milk or yogurt to oats that you grind up finely in a blender. The lactic acid in the dairy is said to bring some exfoliation benefits, and you can add other ingredients like almond oil or honey to get the most out of your oatmeal face mask.

Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Coconut oil is admittedly not the most affordable product, especially if you go with the highest-quality options. Still, you will immediately know where that money went when you wake up with the smoothest skin of your life.

Use coconut oil as a moisturizer for your face or hair. This benefit also is enhanced by the oil’s natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which allow you to clean off makeup while protecting and nourishing your skin naturally. These effects even make it great for dental hygiene and many in the Western World are learning about the practice of “oil pulling.”

Coffee Ground Scrub

Most people know skin exfoliation is important. It helps rid the skin of dead cells that accumulate and can harm new skin growing beneath. Such buildup also can lead to bacterial growth and breakouts or create a dull appearance. Unfortunately, many processed products that promise to exfoliate actually damage skin. Industrial plastics or even sand in such products can potentially rip up your face. You need to be careful.

This is where coffee comes in. You are probably drinking it anyway, so this beauty tip is literally free for no extra cost. Just save the grounds after your morning joe and make turn them into coffee scrub to wash away your dead cells.

Mixing coffee grounds with coconut oil or olive oil is a popular choice for a smooth all-natural application. Adding cinnamon is believed to strengthen antibacterial qualities. Remember, too, that, exfoliants work just as well on your scalp or feet, so get creative and don’t let those grounds go to waste!

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