Hooded Eyes? We’ve Got You Covered

hooded eye makeup
Image courtesy of Unsplash

The term “hooded eyes” may not be a well-known term, but it is actually a very common occurrence. Among South Asians, there is a particularly high frequency of hooded eyes. This type of eyes are defined as having an excess flap of skin below the eyebrow that covers the crease and sometimes part of the eyelid. It can be difficult for people to figure out the best way to navigate hooded eye makeup, as the flap can cause a makeup look to become practically invisible when the eye is open. But there is beauty in embracing these eyes and learning the best way to apply hooded eye makeup.

Here, we’ve got you covered with these two hooded eye makeup tutorials.

Step by Step Hooded Eye Makeup inspired by IPSY

  1. Prime and set the eyelids: For any successful eye makeup look, it is imperative to prime the eyelid with a reliable concealer, preferably liquid, and then set with a powder of your choice. This will ensure that your makeup does not slide off throughout the day or night.
  2. “Fake” crease: Using a crease eyeshadow brush, apply a neutral color, close to your skin tone, to your brow bone right below your eyebrow. This will create a sort of “fake” crease since your crease is enveloped by your eyelid.
  3. Darker shade: Using circular motions on the outer two thirds of your eye, apply a darker and deeper shade of your choice. Avoid going in too far on your eyelid, as it can create a “closed” look for your eyes, and our goal is to elongate and enlarge the eyes.
  4. Lower lash line: Pull your dark shade into the outer corner of your lower lash line to add more depth and dimension to your eyes. To make your eye angle more upward as opposed to hooded and downward, look up and bring the lower lash line eyeshadow up to draw it upward.
  5. Lighter shade: To finish off the colors, add in a lighter shade, or even a sparkly shade, to the inner half of the eye and blend it together with the darker shade to make the transition seamless. You should now have blended and beautiful eyeshadow for hooded eyes.
  6. Eyeliner and mascara: To finish it off, add eyeliner, sticking close to your lash line in a thin line. For an extra touch, line your waterline with an eye pencil. Add mascara, or even false eyelashes, and your look is finished!

Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eye Makeup inspired by Mamamia

Winged eyeliner can be especially difficult to accomplish for hooded eyes due to the droopy, downward angle of the eyes. But don’t worry — this tutorial will show you the best way to accentuate your eyes and hop on the winged eyeliner trend.

  • Creating the wing: Draw a line from the corner of your eye outward to your desired length, making sure to angle the line in an upward direction to lift the eyes.
hooded eye makeup
  • Connecting it in: Draw a smaller line from the edge of the wing down to the tip of the hood, filling it in with small strokes. Then connect that triangle down to the lash line, which will likely stop around halfway into the eyelid. The key to this step is to look downward while you draw the connecting line. It might come out wobbly because of your hood, but it will come together in the end.
hooded eye makeup
  • Filling it in: Now that you have created the outline, fill in the triangle to create your sleek wing. You can choose to leave it like this, which is a popular trend of halfway-eyeliner, or you can pull in a tight, thin line into the rest of the lash line.
hooded eye makeup

This technique creates a beautiful winged eyeliner that lifts up and enlarges hooded eyes.


  • The best way to find your crease if you have hooded eyes is to keep your eyes open and focus on the brow bone. Closing your eyes can cause the look to “disappear” when you open them.
  • To help with the upward angle used to lift up hooded eyes, use a handkerchief or piece of tape to guide you when you create an angle with eyeshadow.
  • Long lashes are a great way to open up hooded eyes, so invest in a good mascara or pair of fake eyelashes that fit your eye shape!
  • Contouring your cheeks can actually also help with elongating your eyes.
  • When applying eyeliner on hooded eyes, keep it thin — you don’t want to take up the space on your lid with thick black eyeliner.


What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are when someone has a flap of skin that folds down over from the brow bone to the lash line. It can create a droopy or downward-angled impression, but there are simple tricks to create the perfect look for hooded eye makeup.

How do you do eye makeup with hooded eyes?

The best tips are to create upward motions, angling wings or eyeshadow up to the brow bone, creating a fake crease in the brow bone, using thin eyeliner and keeping your brows relatively thin to create more space.

How can I hide my hooded eyelids?

The best way to “hide” hooded eyelids is to create upward and angled motions with eyeshadow and use the brow bone as your crease. It is a good idea to learn methods for how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes and use these tutorials as your go-to makeup looks. Practice makes perfect!

How can I fix my hooded eyes?

If you really don’t like your hooded eyes, you can get botox or filler to lift the brow tail and tighten the eyelid flap to reduce the appearance of hooded eyes. But if you’re not comfortable doing that, embrace your hooded eyes! Even famous and popular celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have hooded eyes, so think of it as your unique specialty instead of something to fix.