How to Create and Maintain a Daytime Makeup Look

Mar/01/2023 / by Melanie Fourie
Day Makeup
Image credits: Matheus Ferrero via Pexels

The goal of daytime makeup is to accentuate your best features, hide skin imperfections, and give you a more awake look. Makeup designs during the daytime tend to be lighter than those for the evening or night since the sun’s natural light makes heavy makeup more noticeable. 

There are a few things you may attempt next time you want to get a modest midday makeup look that is long-lasting without being overly heavy. Have a gander here for some daytime makeup inspiration, and tips on how you can maintain your look. 

Steps to Follow for a Simple Day Makeup Look


To prepare your skin for makeup, apply a very thin coating of moisturizer all over it. It is essential to ensure that your skin is well hydrated and full of volume before to applying makeup if you want it to have the appearance of genuine, natural skin.

Tending to Your Base

Stipple on a foundation or BB cream with a light to medium coverage. For best results, use a blending sponge or a flat brush to apply the product. If you use this trick for creating a foundation that lasts all day, it will be easier for your face makeup to remain intact from morning till night. To get a finish that is flawlessly blended and free of streaks or lines, you should go over your skin with a moist beauty sponge. This will guarantee that there is no product buildup.

 If you feel the urge, dab some concealer beneath your . Choose something which is a shade lighter than your normal base color if you want to hide any discolouration and dark circles around your eyes as well as lighten the under eye region. After applying concealer to your forehead, the arch of your nose, and your chin, blend the product until it is completely invisible.


After giving them a little brushing, fill in the gaps between the hairs with a brow item of your choosing. While pencils provide a more exact application, the effect that powders create is more diffused and natural. The NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil is great, since it makes it so easy to create strokes that look like hair.

Pretty Natural Looking Eyes 

After applying a warm eyeshadow hue to the crease of your eyelid, blend a shade that is more neutral over the lower lid. Blend, blend, blend! For this step, we recommend using a palette that contains a variety of matte brown shades. This will allow you to experiment with different tones and colors to find the ones that work best for you.   Apply a coat of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes, being care to move the wand in a vertical direction so that you cover each and every one of your lashes.

Natural Looking Cheeks

To add some color to your face and bring out your cheekbones, apply blush to the highest points on your cheeks. Blend this out more so that the shade is not overly intense in one particular location. You’ll want the blush to have a muted and faded appearance if you want a natural finish. Make your skin tone seem more warm by using a bronzer of your choice.

Your Daytime Lip Game

To complete the appearance, apply a lip gloss in a shade of pink or neutral that goes well with your skin tone. 

With regard to long-lasting makeup, the daytime might be challenging. Makeup disasters like melted foundation, smudged eyeliners, and stuck-on lips are no laughing matter. Waterproof makeup, hydration, and other basic daytime beauty advice have been around for a long time.

Even in the midst of heat and broad daylight, there are certain lesser-known truths regarding daytime makeup that may help you look your best. Here is some guidance on how to deal with issues like these.

How to Maintain Your Daytime Makeup Look

Here’s a guide on how to get the most from your daytime makeup. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Clean with an Ice Pack 

It’s for good reason that the phrase “hydration” often overused. In order to avoid dehydration, it’s critical that you keep your skin wet while the heat is doing its thing. Use an ice pack to cool and hydrate your skin before applying makeup. Skin is soothed and makeup looks improved with the use of an ice pack.

Concealer Can Be Used in Conjunction with Sunscreen, if Desired

Sunscreen can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the summer and even the daylight. White residue is left behind by the product’s abrasive texture and white colour. Use the correct amount of concealer and sunscreen to get rid of this. This will give it a somewhat matte finish, making it appear brighter. Sunburn and a tan will also be prevented by this.

To Get the Best Results, Apply Waterproof Mascara!

In the summer, waterproof mascara is a lifesaver. This, on the other hand, may be used year-round as part of an everyday makeup routine. It aids in the preservation of eye makeup and allows it to last longer. Waterproof mascara should be an essential makeup items for a polished daytime look.

Apply Mists Instead of Sprays 

Moisturizing mists help keep your skin soft and supple. It also helps to keep your skin supple and healthy-looking. Numerous beauty experts advocate using mists in your daily make-up process. That’s not all, however; mist also helps your skin maintain the scent for extended periods of time, no matter how humid or hot it is.

Replace Your Creamy Cosmetics with Matte or Powdered Alternatives

This will help keep your makeup in place. While cream-based cosmetics are more readily removed, matte or powder-based cosmetics remain on your skin longer and aid in cooling you down. In addition to melting down, liquid tends to create a cosmetic hotspot on the face. In other words, instead of using liquid cosmetics like fluid lipsticks and liquid eyeliners, choose matte ones.

Toss Items that Have a Glossy or Shimmery Finish

In addition to increasing the likelihood of your make-up liquefying all over your face, using glossy items during the day harms your skin. In hot weather, it’s best to avoid applying any makeup at all. Shiny items cause us to sweat more than normal in the oppressive heat. Check out the difference between shimmering lip glosses and stunning tones of nude lipstick.

Daytime Lip Tips

One of the really important components of your daily cosmetic routine is lip staining. Additionally, they assist keep the daytime makeup in place without leaving a sticky residue on your lips. Lip stains help to keep your lips plump and vibrant. Lip stain is often regarded as the greatest daytime cosmetic alternative to lipstick.

Conclusion: You may apply these midday beauty techniques to keep yourself looking beautiful even in intense heat. During the sweltering summer months, don’t forget to drink enough water to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.


How long does it take to do day makeup?

You should take about 30-45 minutes to do an easy day makeup look.