How to Flaunt Your Cowgirl Style!

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Cowgirl Outfit Ideas
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The Western fashion style has been popular for decades now, often evolving with society based on some consider acceptable for women’s fashion, as well as how the media, TV, and movies portray cowboys and cowgirls. Back in the mid-20th century, cowboys and cowgirls on screens wore a lot of flashy clothes with plaid patterns, fringe, and oversized hats. In actuality, historically speaking, they would not have worn such outlandish outfits, but instead would’ve worn something far more practical for harsh life out on the American prairie lands. Still, fashion continues to evolve with practicality and style into the modern day equivalent of Western fashion, which is quite popular with women in Western societies.

You can find denim pants and skirts, boots, comfy cotton tops, and any number of accessories in Western fashion, which is known for its practicality and comfort. Although the characteristic of Western style is a sense of informal ease, certain high-end fashion lines have begun to incorporate Western themed designs, such as leather belts and accessories, silver jewelry with stars and horseshoes, and many other add-ons that intend to communicate a sense of the American West. With a little bit of foresight, this Western appearance can work just as well in the city as it does in the country.

Although the Western style primarily evokes an image of cowboys on horses leading cattle drives and covered wagons, women have always been a part of the Western frontier. There’s no denying that the cowgirl look is as fashionable as ever, and ladies can pull it off with ease. Let’s take a look at the essentials for putting together a Western-inspired wardrobe.

Cowgirl Style
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Western Fashion : Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

As mentioned above, the cowgirl style, like the cowboy style, is usually made up of comfortable cotton fabrics designed to last a long time. Denim jeans and even denim shirts are made of durable cotton and meant to serve for years. Hats were also needed to guard against the cruel sun of the wide prairie, where there was no shade, which necessitated the use of hats.

Keeping in mind that the cowgirl style isn’t a thing of the past is also crucial. Many items go out of style and then make a comeback in the fashion world, especially in Western style. So, what does a cowgirl wear that makes her outfit “Western?” Genuine cowgirl activities included a lot of physical work, including herding cattle, riding horses, and caring for livestock. They spent much of their time in close proximity to wild creatures, so getting dirty and sweaty is a given. This is generally reflected in their attire.

Cowgirl Outfit Ideas
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Long sleeve shirts that keep bugs at bay while also being flowy enough to allow for a breeze, jeans, boots, and fashionable but functional belts are all good choices for the outdoor country look. You should be able to mix and match most or all of your clothing in Western fashion style. Keep in mind that cowgirls generally lived on ranches far from major cities and towns, so they had to combine all of their clothing into different looks if you need cowgirl outfit ideas.

You might only have two or three pairs of jeans, but five shirts to swap in between them. Tops were also often made of plaid cotton material, which looked good and could come in a variety of colors, but were also made of sweat-wicking cotton, were cheap and affordable, and could often be repurposed into other things once the shirt had worn out, like handkerchiefs or rags.

Cowgirl Look
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How to Dress Like a Cowgirl : Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

Not every hat is a cowgirl hat, and not every pair of boots are cowgirl boots. If you need cowgirl look ideas, you might want to keep some of the following in mind when selecting your wardrobe pieces for cowgirl outfit ideas.

  • Plaid shirts
  • Denim shorts/skirts
  • Hats
  • Denim jackets
  • Scarf
  • Bell bottom jeans
  • Boots
  • Fringes
  • Leather belts
Cowgirl Style Boot
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Expect to have some of the following in your cowgirl wardrobe:


Cowgirl boots can be found at retail stores or online, but what distinguishes them from other types of boots? Cowgirls have their preferences when it comes to boots, and they don’t all hold the same value. The majority of cowboy and cowgirl boots are made of leather and have side stitching, with a defined heel for stability in the stirrups of a Western horse saddle.They’re generally brown or in a cow print style, and they’re usually constructed of light or dark colored leather with no artificial coloring added. In addition to being utilitarian, they are also fashionable enough to wear with any pair of denim pants, whether they are bellbottoms or skinny jeans.


You won’t see many cowgirls in the city wearing designer pants, even if they’ve got a Western belt on. Western-style cowgirls favor various styles of denim jeans in a natural denim color, while certain other colors of jeans have been seen in the genre. There aren’t a lot of skinny jeans to be seen in the Western style, but they aren’t completely absent. However, bellbottom jeans will predominate in the Western style. Because of the flapping bottom half of jeans, bellbottoms are favored in this fashion genre because they appear like a cowboy’s “chaps,” which are leather fittings over denim pants that prevent a saddle from ruining denim pants. On cowgirls, however, the bellbottoms style mimics this.


Rodeo bustin’ cowboys often make entire statements with just their belts. Awarded as prizes in competition, silver belt buckles, often outlandish and oversized, offset the male cowboy look, but cowgirls also have their own fashion statements to make with belts. A belt in the Western style is nearly always made of leather, but woven fibers can also be used. It is common for leather belts to be simple or embellished with Native American symbols or symbols from the ranch, like stars and horseshoes, to be added to them.


Even in places where cowboys and cowgirls are nearly unheard of, the sight of a gallon Stetson hat quickly identifies one as a cowhand. The ranch-hand hat is undoubtedly the most distinctive part of the country Western look.

Ironically, historical cowboys and cowgirls likely wore straw sun hats and bowler hats, as it was the Mexican rancheros who wore the distinguishable wide-brim Stetson hats and sombreros that became so well-known in Western movies and TV shows. Even if hats aren’t historically accurate, cowhands on the prairie require some sort of headgear to keep the heat off their eyes and faces. Cowgirl hats will not be as large as the ones meant for cowboys, but will look very similar. Women tend to wear camel hats rather than large Stetson hats, and these can come in a variety of styles themselves.


Plaid and calico shirts are also iconic parts of the cowhand style. For the modern cowgirl, these tops can come in a variety of cuts and styles and still harken back to life on the range. Paired with a good pair of cowgirl boots, and it almost wouldn’t matter which pants you were wearing or even if you were wearing a hat. The combination of plaid and boots screams “cowgirl.”

Plaid tops come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, so you may wear practically any of them with a wide range of hats and jeans or skirts. It’s possible to create a full wardrobe with just a few pieces of clothing and some accessories. With a solid-colored or denim shirt, plaid scarves are an important part of the cowgirl look.

Red bandanna

The red bandanna was another iconic symbol of the cowhand on the range, as cowboys on cattle drives often fashioned them into makeshift facemasks to keep the choking dust of the trail out of their noses and mouths. Additionally, they make excellent handkerchiefs, bandages, even arm slings, and have a host of other utilitarian applications. Red calico, a crimson-patterned cloth, was popular because it was constantly available in the local rural stores where it was sold.

For the stylish cowgirl, the red bandanna can be used in a variety of ways, most notably as a neck scarf tied around the neck. It can be tied around the head to act as a hairband, or even wrapped around the wrist as a wristband.


Jackets, like everything else a cowhand owned, had to be long-lasting, sturdy, and useful to ensure their long life. On the prairie, even when the days are nice, the nights can be very cold, so practically everyone has a good leather jacket, often in a natural color, even in the summer. A soft brown leather jacket with fringe or other country-style accents can do the trick for your cowgirl look.

Not many cowgirls bothered with wraps or scarves, unless they were traded for by local Native Americans. Cowgirl shawls are usually based on Native American designs and patterns that would have been made by the tribes that lived near them.


Cowgirls on the range would not have had much time or use for a lot of jewelry; it gets in the way of the manual labor, though some locally made pieces find their way into an outfit. A silver and turquoise bracelet or necklace, for example, was not uncommon among cowgirls who traded with their Native American neighbors. Leather bolo necklaces with a silver design clasp were also popular for ladies living on the range.

Blouses and skirts

Women did not often work it out on the range with the male cowhands, although they did when necessary. Women of different cultural backgrounds living on the range often found themselves working in the home or in the community as school teachers. These women frequently wore light-colored basic blouses and denim or calico skirts in an understated style. It was thought inappropriate for a cowgirl to wear skirts above her knee or even above her ankle in some Western regions, so country-style dresses tend to be longer than those worn by current cowgirls.

The Takeaway

You may wear cowgirl attire in many different ways for both casual and formal settings in cowgirl styles, and it always looks great. It is possible to express a wide range of emotions and attitudes in cowgirl attire. Cowgirls are boisterous and raucous, yet adorable and well-dressed.

Fabulous Cowgirl Style
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The cowgirl style is a blend of both basic and complex elements. Simple tops and trousers can be paired with leather belts and coats, expensive riding boots, or even silver jewelry. To look like a cowgirl, jewelry and other accessories should be eye-catching and in a Western style.

Incorporate basic or embellished leather boots, coats, belts, and handbags that are delicately woven or embellished with fringes. Either way, try out various cowgirl outfit ideas and explore different things to show off your inner cowgirl and let your country gal show!

FAQs about Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

1. What can we substitute boots with for cowgirl fashion?

Boots are fairly distinctive in the Western look, but more recently, a good pair of Doc Martens in natural leather can offset the look and stand in the place of boots.

2. How do I get a perfect cowgirl fashion look?

Above all, make sure you look comfortable, with plaid or calico tops, denim, and throw in a red bandanna for good measure. All of these are staples of the cowgirl look.

3. 5 must have stuffs to complete a cowgirl attire?

Plan to have in your cowgirl collection at least the following: a pair of bell bottom jeans, a camel hat, a cotton plaid shirt or shawl, leather boots and a red bandanna.