A Fun Guide On How To Make Cool Bracelets

2 years ago / by Team SEEMA
How to Make Bracelets

There are several incredible DIY jewelry projects available these days, and Pinterest is chock-full of ideas. Many of these lessons are simple to follow and provide stunning outcomes. In this section, we’ll look particularly at popular bracelet crafts to determine which ones are the easiest to create and which will need a bit more work or a trip to the craft shop for materials.

1. Friendship Bracelet

How to Make Bracelets

The friendship bracelet hasn’t ever seemed to go out of style and is still a wonderful DIY project that requires little supplies to create. The most common kind of friendship bracelet is woven or braided, which typically includes a variety of colors and patterns of varying difficulty.

To create a weaved friendship bracelet, you will need the following materials:

  • Floss for Embroidery (or similar yarn)
  • Scissors
  • A pin or hook — to keep your threads in place as you braid!

Depending on the pattern, your braiding or weaving will need varying degrees of patience – it may be difficult to get into the rhythm of weaving or braiding your strands while preventing them from tangling.

Friendship bracelet designs may range from a basic three-stranded braid to eight or more strands producing a woven design with a flat or raised pattern.

2. Beaded Bracelet

Stringing beads onto a tigertail or cord and adding a clasp is one of the easiest methods to create a bracelet. Beaded bracelets hardly seem to go out of style since there are so many different variants on this basic design. Smaller beads will, of course, make more delicate bracelets, while larger beads will make something a little more statement.

You would need the following elements to create a beaded bracelet:

  • Beads of any shape or size may be used.
  • Cord or wire that is appropriate for your bead size and project
  • A lobster claw, spring ring, toggle, magnetic, or barrel fastening is usually best suited to a beaded bracelet.
  • Crimps – if tiger tail Pliers are used
  • Calottes — to conceal crimps
  • Jump Rings
  • If you’re using cord knots to connect the fastener, you’ll need a lighter.
  • Scissors or cutters
  • A beadboard Is optional, to help you plan your design before you start.

Beaded bracelets may be created to appear as basic or as elaborate as you want, depending on the beads you use. Laying out your design is a good place to start since it enables you to see the finished item and make adjustments without having to restring your whole design.

If you opt to use bigger beads, constantly checking the length around your wrist since the mass of the bead may need more string than you anticipated. Based on the size and variety of your beads, you may wish to experiment with various methods or finishes.

Beads made of glass or semi-precious gemstones — pearl knotting would be an excellent choice to prevent the beads from breaking or wearing down where they would contact if simply strung onto a string or wire.

Seed Beads or Small Beads — Because smaller beads are lighter, a softer string is preferable to tigertail or wire. Small beads strung onto tigertail may often result in gaps between the beads and a “springy” appearing bracelet that doesn’t look or feel nice.

3. Stretch Bracelet

If you want to create beaded bracelets without a clasp, you may choose to build a stretch bracelet instead. This is a very similar bracelet-making method to the one described above, but instead of requiring a fastener, you just thread your beads onto an elasticated string and tie a knot at the end of the row.

You would need the following things to make a stretch bracelet:

  • Beads of any shape or size may be used.
  • Elastic cord — the kind will vary on your bead selection.
  • For thicker, fabric-wrapped elastic, a lighter may be required.

A stretch bracelet may be made with any kind of bead to achieve a variety of effects, but you want to ensure that your bracelet will last and not break. Larger, heavier beads, like glass or semi-precious stones, will need a firmer elastic than, for example, seed beads.

4. Multiple Strands Bracelet

How to Make Bracelets

If you’re feeling a bit more daring, a multi-strand bracelet may pique your interest, since you get to use a lot more beads and create more complex and crazy patterns. You may make these bracelets out of cord/wire or elastic, and that you can include as many rows as you like. If you wish to make several rows of beading, you will need the following materials:

  • Beads — It is simplest to utilize similarly shaped beads all across the pattern, such as round or seed beads.
  • Elastic, cord, or wire
  • Fastening – the same as with a beaded bracelet, but certain designs may need a multi-row fastening connection or magnetic bar.
  • Multi-hole spacer bars — these may be required to keep rows in place.
  • If you want to plan out your design beforehand, use a beadboard.

A stretch, multi-strand bracelet with 5 or more rows can make a stunning statement cuff bracelet, or you may build a hefty, boho 3 strand bracelet with semi-precious or wooden beads. You don’t have to use beads to make a multi-strand bracelet; you may make your bracelet out of several rows of cord.

5. Charm Bracelet

How to Make Bracelets

A charm bracelet is a fabulous project for making something really special for yourself or as a present for a friend. A charm bracelet’s basis is often a chain, to which the charms are connected, although beaded charm bracelets may also be made. Because some individuals like making their own charms.

If you want to start creating your handmade charm bracelets, you would need the following supplies:

  • Long enough chain to wrap around your wrist
  • Chains Cutter
  • Charms come in a variety of forms and sizes, depending on your design.
  • A lobster claw, spring ring, or toggle will be the finest option.
  • Jump Rings
  • Pliers with a flat nose
  • Beads — If you’re creating your own charms or a beaded charm bracelet, you’ll need beads.
  • Headpins or ball pins — for making your own charms
  • Plier with a round nose — for making head pin charms

Charm bracelets are very flexible since they may be delicate and beautiful, or big and quirky! Use your charms to create themes, like anchors and seashells for a nautical feel, or purses and shoes for a very feminine appearance. When creating charms out of headpins and beads, you can create beautiful color schemes to suit anybody – they make the ideal present.

How To Make the Unique Bracelets

There are many projects to attempt that utilize the same principles as those mentioned above yet provide entirely different results. Your variety of beads, thread, cord, and charms may really personalize a creation. Here are a few more bracelet ideas to get you started:

  • Morse Code Bracelets — These bracelets utilize the same method as a single row beaded bracelet, but instead of dots and dashes, they use Miyuki Delica seed beads to form vivid patterns that spell out a phrase of your choosing.
  • Beaded Braid Bracelet — Take inspiration from a basic braided friendship bracelet and add beads periodically throughout your design. You may also experiment with a thicker chain and bigger beads to create a totally new appearance.
  • Wrap Bangle Bracelet – This method is very easy to learn and is ideal for novices. Tie some embroidery floss firmly around an existing bracelet, plastic or metal, and begin wrapping it all around the bangle till it is fully covered. You may change the color of your floss at regular intervals or add crisscross patterns like a hairband. Use jump rings to add charms for a jingle-jangle bangle!


What is the easiest bracelet to make?

Here’s a list of some of the most easiest bracelets to make:
– Crocheted Bangles
– Faux Braided Bangle Bracelet
– Friendship Bracelet Bangles
– Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelet
– Peace Charm Bracelet
– Quick Ribbon Bracelet
– Rainbow Rope Bracelet
– Woven Chain Bracelet

What do you need for DIY bracelets?

– Round-nose pliers
– Wire cutters
– Crimping tool (crimp pliers)
– Flat-nose pliers
– Beading cord or thread
– Bead organizer
– Memory wire
– Big-eye beading needle

How do you make a fishtail bracelet?

Children like wearing a rainbow weave fishtail bracelet. The design of these bracelets seems complex, but they are easy to create. It will be simpler to make if you have previous experience creating rainbow loom bands, but you can still make them if you are a beginner.

– Rubber Band Looms
– Rainbow Loom Kit C-Clips Bands
– A Small Crochet Hook
– Loom Hook

1. Place a tape measure around your wrist loosely, then note the measurement. For every inch, use eight to nine bands. Depending on your preference, you may utilize the same or different colors.
2. Make an 8-shape bracelet by wrapping your first loom band all-around two pegs closest to you.
3.You may also create an 8-figure using your fingers. To do this, gently pull the band between your fingers. Twist the points in opposite directions to form an 8-shape.
4. Insert the left half of the loom band into the first peg and the right half into the second peg. Slide it to the bottom of the pegs to make room for two loom bands. Place the second and third pieces on top of the first.
5. Pull the left edge of the figure-8 band through the peg to make a loop around the two crest bands. Repeat the method on the right side of the loom band.
6. Increase the number of bands on the pegs. Continue looping and adding strings until you reach the required length.
7. The trick here is to keep three bands on the pegs at all times. Furthermore, the following strips should be inserted into the pegs normally after the eight-shaped string.
8. Pull the bracelet off the right peg using a crochet hook. Check that the band is in the hook before sliding it off the left peg and onto the knob.
9. Take a transparent, plastic C-clip and attach it to the bands on the crochet hook. Remove the clasp, then locate the other end of the bracelet. Both bands should be pushed to the side and towards the C-clip.
10 Your fishtail loom band is finished! Show off your braiding talents by wearing your handcrafted fishtail bracelet.


So, now that you know how to make these really cool bracelets, pick out your material and get started! You can even make this a fun get-together at parties or while hanging out with your friends, and as a souvenir, you’ll have unique bracelets made by you! To know more about how to make other types of jewelry, keep reading Seema.