How To Make DIY Rings That Match Your Style

Sep/14/2021 / by Team SEEMA

Accessories are essential for creating a fashion statement. However, not everyone can pull off enormous cocktail rings in every color conceivable – sometimes you simply want to keep it simple. But, it’s not always easy to find a ring that matches our style on the market.

Moreover, while rings are a fun way to dress up any outfit, there’s no need to break the bank by purchasing a ring from a jewelry store – why not build your own instead? Here are some of the very best DIY rings you can make without much hassle.

1. Beaded Chain Ring

How to Make Rings

This basic ring has a lovely, minimalist appearance – and it’s extremely easy to build! To begin, simply gather some gold chain, wire, and a few beads… You’ll be done in no time.

2. Quartz Ring

Here’s a set of stunning quartz rings that are surprisingly simple to build. Finding “ring blanks,” which are simply the metal component of the ring even without stone, is the trick.

3. Seed Bead Rings

Seed beads, twine, and a needle are used to create these geometric marvels. They’re made by weaving together a complex but simple design. Using different bead colors, you may create whatever design you choose.

4. Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring

How to Make Rings

If you want something a little more daring and colorful, try this lovely wire wrapped crystal ring. You may use whatever sort of crystal you have and wrap it around both sides with copper colored wire.

5. Pearl Bead Ring

This is yet another wire wrapping ring, but this one is in a different style from the previous one. Wire is wound around the borders of a thicker circular piece, and the focal point is a beautiful pearl bead.

6. Gold Leather Ring

How to Make Rings

This lovely ring is created using leather from a pair of thongs, but you could also get some gold leather from your local craft shop. They are then braided together, and elastic is added to make the ring adjustable.

7.  Gold Chain Hamsa Ring

How to Make Rings

You can make this lovely gold ring using the famous Hamsa sign, a Hamsa charm, and some chains. Simply thread a length of gold wire through the charm and connect the ends to the chain.

8. Easy Elastic Ring

How to Make Rings

This lovely ring is constructed of elastic string, which makes it adjustable and very pleasant. All you’ll need are a few beads and a cubic zirconia. And since it’s customizable, it’d make an excellent present!

9. Clay Dream Ring

These one-of-a-kind rings are created from polymer clay and beads and are attached to coins! The lovely moon shape on the left is complemented by the lovely beads that resemble stars.

10. Living Succulent Ring

How to Make Rings

This amazing ring is one-of-a-kind because it is fashioned from real live succulent plants! The small plants will probably not survive on a ring indefinitely, but this would be ideal for a special event.

11. Stackable Micro Bead Rings

How to Make Rings

These vibrantly colored rings are created using ring blanks and then filled with teeny tiny micro beads to give them a distinctive textured appearance. These fascinating rings can be layered one on top of the other.

12. Leather Bow Ring

How to Make Rings

This beautiful ring looks like a present bow, but it’s made of a wonderful dark leather material. It is then placed on a ring blank and is perfect to be worn throughout the holidays!

13. Easy Heart Rings

How to Make Rings

These beautiful tiny heart rings are very simple to create — all you need is some gold wire, pliers, and a marker (to wrap the rings around). These may also be created with any color wire… wouldn’t they be adorable in red for Valentine’s Day?

14. Button Rings Made of Fabric

These fabric button rings will add a bright burst of color to your hands, and you can fully personalize them by using a favorite piece of fabric that you have on hand (no pun intended!).

15. Beaded Chain Rings

How to Make Rings

Although chain isn’t the first item that comes to mind when creating rings, it may be a highly useful resource to have on hand. Beads are threaded on wire and then connected to chains, forming a very comfy loop shape.

16. Rings Made of Faux Granite

How to Make Rings

With these quirky fake granite stacking rings, you can give your fingers a more contemporary look. These are easy to create with only polymer clay and a utility knife. The trick is to get a speckled clay that mimics granite, such as the one seen above.

17. Bling Rings with Hammered Accents

How to Make Rings

This lovely ring has a bit of a costume jewelry feel to it, yet it still has an exquisite feeling to it. You’ll make the hammered metal ring first, then wrap the bling around it!

18. Statement Ring with Faux Druzy

How to Make Rings

If you’re looking for a brilliantly colored statement ring, this is the DIY for you. This stunning fake druzy ring was created with glass glitter and Mod Podge… brilliant!

19. Faux Gem Ring

How to Make Rings

Here’s another daring ring design, this one made of clay. Simply mix a range of polymer clay colors to create a swirly design like the one seen above, bake it, and then glue it on a ring blank.

20. Drilling A Hammered Ring

How to Make Rings

Drill through a hammered ring to make these lovely rings piled high with beads and metallic embellishments.

21. Paper Ring Layered

How to Make Rings

This ring, believe it or not, is constructed of laminated paper. Paper! Thirty layers of paper in various colors are glued together and sanded down to create the shape seen above.

22. Pearl Wire Wrapped Ring

How to Make Rings

This eye-catching ring is created of a big pearl, broad flat wire, and thin gauge wire to hold everything together. The trick is to wrap the flat wire diagonally around your finger so that everything fits properly.

23. Knuckle Rings with Pearls

How to Make Rings

Turn the conventional pearl ring into a knuckle ring… which is easily inserted between the top two knuckles of your fingers. They are also adjustable due to the way they are constructed.

24. Twisted Knot Rings

How to Make Rings

Try these beautiful twisted knot rings for a more delicate look. They are constructed of gold or brass wire and are very easy to manufacture. Make these in silver and copper as well!

25. Faux Agate Rings

These amazing statement rings are designed to seem to be made of agate, but they are really constructed of enamel on top of gold leafed clay.

FAQs On Making DIY Rings

What do you need to start making rings?

3–4′′ thin sheet of paper, scissor,  8-gauge silver plated half-round wire. 4/0 saw blades for jeweler’s saw. Pliers with a flat nose.

What material is best for making rings?

  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Beads (optional)
  • Nail polish bottle
  • Sharpie
  • Nail file

What jewelry lasts the longest?

Tungsten is by far the most resistant and durable metal for jewelry.

Although titanium, stainless steel, as well as cobalt are all very strong and durable, tungsten is roughly ten times as hard as 18K gold and four times as hard as titanium.


Don’t you simply adore these easy-to-make rings? You could easily create hundreds of these to fill your jewelry box! Alternatively, create these as meaningful gifts for family and friends.

Moreover, to learn how to make other types of jewelry, keep reading Seema!


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