How To Make Earrings For Beginners

2 years ago / by Team SEEMA

Sure, you can buy lovely diy earrings that match your personal style, but why not increase your fashion quotient by learning how to create them yourself?

There are many options whether you are a total newbie to jewelry creation or have expertise with other crafts that may be used to produce earrings. Making your own earrings is a fun, creative activity that takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

They make an excellent handcrafted gift for friends and family, or you can keep them for yourself! This post will teach you how to make dangly beaded earrings, hoop earrings, and studs, as well as some creative ideas utilizing household items.

So, in this blog, we’ll show you how to make earrings that are not only easy to execute but are also extremely beautiful.

How To Make Earrings: Beaded

To make these beaded earrings, you’ll need two headpins, round-nosed pliers, two French hook ear wires, and a variety of beads – pearl, crystal, plastic, or glass are all options.

Beads should be threaded onto the headpin. The number of beads you put on each headpin will depend on the size of the beads and how long you want your earrings to be. Experiment with different colors and bead sizes until you find a look you like.

Cut the headpin to the desired length. Cut the end of the headpin with your pliers to reduce the length of the earring. Simply leave a centimeter between the last bead and the wire’s end. Curl the headpin’s top. Curl the top of the headpin with your round-nosed pliers until it forms a full loop.

Attach the ear wires with the French hooks. Take one of the French hook ear wires and open the hook on the end with your pliers. Insert the open hook through the loop you created on the headpin’s end. Adjust the hook’s tension. Using your pliers, close the open hook. Make it snug so the earrings don’t come apart.

To produce the second earring, repeat the technique. Have fun with your new earrings!

How To Make Earrings: Hoops

A tube of memory wire, a memory wire cutter (pliers will leave dents in the wire), round nose pliers, two French hook ear wires, and a variety of beads are required to construct hoop earrings (optional).

Make a complete circle out of the memory wire. This will be your earring’s hoop. If you desire a smaller hoop, cut a segment of the wire using the cutter. Curl one of the hoop’s edges. Curl one edge of the wire hoop underneath itself with the round-nosed pliers until it creates a full loop.

Thread the beads onto the thread. To produce beaded hoops, thread the required amount of beads onto the wire – you may experiment with different colors and bead kinds to find a design that works for you.

Curl the opposite hoop’s edge. Curl the opposite edge of the wire using the pliers, but this time curl it outwards rather than beneath. Curl it until it forms a nearly full loop.

Connect the two loops by hooking them together. Hook the curled outward loop into the curled beneath the loop. Tighten each loop with the pliers if required. This should hold the earring in place.

Attach the ear wires with the French hooks. Using your pliers, open the bottom loop of the French hook ear wire. Hook the ear wire’s open-loop onto one of the closed loops at the top of the earring hoop. Using your pliers, close the loop.

To produce the second earring, repeat the technique. Remember to check that the second hoop and the first hoop are the same sizes.

How To Make Earrings: Studs

Diy earrings

You’ll need two stud-style earring posts and two rubber or butterfly backs to produce stud earrings. You will also want a hot glue gun or superglue. Other supplies will vary depending on the type of earrings you want to construct; you can use pearls or beads, colorful fabric, or glitter glue.

Earring posts should be cleaned. To clean the earring posts, use a moist cloth or a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. This cleans them and makes them safe to wear. You may also use sandpaper to roughen up the face of the earring post, which will help the adhesive stick better.

Decorate the studs. You may now attach whatever you want to the earring post’s face. Pearl or glass beads are a basic alternative that yields simple, beautiful results. Simply dab a drop of glue on the earring post and press the bead against it for a minute to let the glue cure.

Cut eight circles (each slightly smaller than the previous) from the colorful net fabric to form flower studs. Layer the circles one on top of the other to make a flower design, then stitch a tiny bead to the center of the flower with a threaded needle. Sew a couple of stitches around the back of the flower to keep it in place. Apply a dab of adhesive to the earring post and adhere the flower on top.

The simplest approach is to simply coat the face of the earring post with gold, silver, or colored glitter glue and allow it to dry. Now, you have a simple glittering earring!

How To Make Earrings From Unique Materials

Bottle Cap Earrings:  Next time you open a bottle of soda, keep the caps because you can use them to make these adorable earrings!

Diy earrings

Earrings Made of Feathers: Feather earrings are lovely and one-of-a-kind, giving a free-spirited touch to your ensemble.

Diy earrings

Earrings For Foodies: If you’re a foodie, these earrings are ideal since they serve as both a quirky adornment and a delectable nibble!

Diy earrings

Origami Earrings: Origami is the delicate Japanese art of folding paper, which is used to make these beautiful earrings.

Diy earrings

Earrings Made With Quilling: Quilling is yet another paper-based craft. Coil large strips of paper and shape them into distinctive shapes for some fashionable new jewelry. If origami and quilling aren’t your things, there are plenty of alternative paper earrings to try!

Earrings With Buttons: Everyone has extra buttons hanging around, so why not repurpose them into some cute tiny studs? They are just the cutest!

Diy earrings

FAQs On How To Make Earrings

What wire is used to make earrings?

The most popular earring wire gauges are 20, 21, and 22. If you’re creating ear wires, it’s also a good idea to use half-hard wire.

What materials do you need to make earrings?

You’ll need the following materials:
– Earring hooks
– Cleaning alcohol
– Glue, or a hot glue gun
– Toothpicks
– Thin wire
– Small pliers
– Aluminum foil
– Paint, stickers, tiny bows, glitter, or diamonds, or whatever else you choose to use to adorn your earrings

Is it easy to make earrings?

Yes, if you have the correct materials and know the technique, you can easily make earrings that are not only budget-friendly but are also extremely stylish and unique.

How do you make earrings without pliers?

Follow the steps below to create earrings without using pliers or any other tools:
– With your fingers, open the tiny loop on your ear wire (where the ball hook is)
– Thread the charm from the rear of the earring to the tiny loop’s base
– With your fingers, close the loop
– Repeat the steps above for the other earring


Fun and fabulous at a fraction of the cost; these DIY earrings are the perfect solution for all those who love earrings but are on a budget. They can be customized to your liking, too, in your favorite colors and materials. Many of these earrings do not need an abundance of jewelry-making abilities (in other words, advanced skills). You’ll be astonished at how simple these are to create! So go ahead and start making something!

To learn how to make other types of jewelry with minimal skills and equipment, keep reading Seema!