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Illuminating Beauty

Jun/07/2024 / by Abhijit Masih

A renowned makeup artist shares her creative journey from finance to facial features

With a skill set honed to precision and a heart devoted to uplifting her clients, Kanwal Batool has carved her niche as one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry. From brides preparing for their special day to celebrities gracing the red carpet and films, Kanwal’s touch transforms not just faces but also spirits, instilling confidence and radiance in each brushstroke.

Kanwal Batool’s journey into the world of beauty was not the conventional one. Armed with a background in finance, she navigated through the corporate corridors, yet her heart yearned for something more fulfilling. “I went to school for finance. However, I was never 100% happy,” she reminisces. It was during this time that her passion for makeup began to bloom, and she started doing makeup for friends while working a full-time job.  

The transition was not without its challenges, but for Kanwal, it was a journey fueled by passion and purpose. With each client she worked with, she discovered the transformative power of makeup—an art form that went beyond mere cosmetics to become a vehicle for self-expression and empowerment. “I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities open up to me once I started doing this full time,” she says.

A client-centered approach

At the core of Kanwal’s philosophy lies a three-fold promise to her clients: to look fabulous, to feel fabulous, and to leave them feeling confident. Guiding clients on makeup trends requires more than just technical skill—it demands communication and a deep understanding of individual preferences and features.  

For Kanwal, skincare is the foundation upon which beauty is built—a belief evident in her meticulous prepping rituals, which include facial massages to stimulate blood circulation. “Makeup should enhance your features and your complexion, but you really have to take care of your skin,” she emphasizes. 

Staying abreast of the latest techniques and trends is paramount in an industry where change is the only constant. “Knowledge is power,” she says. “The more you keep learning, the more you’ll be able to keep up with the latest trends.” From collaborating with fellow artists to observing the latest trends through her work with celebrities, Kanwal is constantly seeking new avenues for growth and inspiration. 

An evolution in style

Kanwal’s evolution is a testament to her adaptability and creativity. “When I first started out doing makeup, I focused heavily on eye makeup,” she recalls. Over the years, her approach has evolved towards a more natural aesthetic. “My signature look now is the no-makeup look,” she reveals. It’s a style that resonates with her clientele, many of whom seek authenticity and simplicity in an increasingly curated world.

For Kanwal, makeup is more than just a means of external adornment—it’s a tool for self-expression and empowerment. “Makeup allows you to have creative freedom as an artist,” she explains. “You just gotta have fun with it.”


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