Indian Food: A Cultural Perspective

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Indian Restaurants in Frisco
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Best Indian Restaurants in Frisco

Indian food is known for its heavy use of spices and curry. Throughout history, local recipes across the Indian subcontinent have called for using a variety of spices to boost flavor and add nutrition. These foods were a favorite among the upper classes and royalty.

One example of these rising trends are the famed samosa treats. They were well-loved in the royal courts of medieval India and were made for the king and his subjects. There were similar foods that appeared such as the shish tawook and the various paneer dishes. These foods broke the boundaries of social class and are now a favorite among people everywhere regardless of class.

The Value of Spice Indian Restaurants in Frisco

Why spices are synonymous with Indian culture is an interesting question. One school of thought postulates that spices were known for several health benefits, including antioxidant properties. Others are known for fighting cancer and inflammation, while some impact your cholesterol levels by lowering them. In any case, spices have almost as much value in India as precious metals do in the United States.

The value of spices goes as far back as the 12th century. Traders and travelers then speculated that a single pound of nutmeg was worth more than gold. Two centuries later, Vasco de Gama traveled to India in search of these prized culinary treasures. Word got around quickly, and India was soon known as the spice mecca of the world.

Western culture, in particular the United States, has long been fascinated by anything spicy. Our own fascination with the holistic effects of spices is actually the same as India’s and can be traced back to Native American roots.

This could be the reasoning behind the demand for venues in urban areas that serve traditional Indian cuisine. Frisco, TX is known for its love of such fine cooking. Below are the top six picks of the best Indian restaurants in the region.

List of Indian Restaurants in Frisco

1. India 101 XPress

Rating: 5/5 stars

The first place on the list is the India XPress restaurant, which is best known for the dahi bhalla. The dish is made of yogurt dipped fritters topped with a curry and can serve as your appetizer. You might also enjoy the fine cooked samosas and garlic naan.

And if you’re not sure of what you want, that’s okay. Restaurant staff have a sound, working knowledge of the different foods and their spices. You’re always welcome to ask questions. Plus, you might be able to sample a few items.

All staff are fully vaccinated against covid for your protection. You can order takeout or get delivery by simply calling in your order ahead of time.

2. Chaat and Dosa

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Located in the heart of Frisco, TX, the Chaat and Dosa has earned its moniker well. The establishment is reputed for its dosas, which are thin Indian crepes made of a rice and lentil blend. These delicacies can be folded and stuffed with anything you want. They almost resemble classic burritos and, in some cases, even pancakes. And that’s only the beginning.

What Chaat and Dosa also does is serve food fresh. There is a small buffet that allows you to choose how you want to dress up your dosas. You can add meat, curry, vegetables and other spices. Plus, you’ll have delicious chaat at an affordable price. The restaurant is known for fast and friendly service as well.

3. Dumka

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

If you’re looking for a place to nosh on some fine, home-cooked butter chicken, then Dumka is it. You can dine indoors or order takeout on just about anything, from a variety of Naan snacks to chicken tikka masala.

The venue is known to open its doors for live entertainment. You could be greeted by a local band on some nights. But there’s more. Service is good and food portions are known to be excellent for the price.

Staff do wear masks out of concern for your health and safety. Plus, you’ll have catering and free Wi-Fi. And if you choose to arrive using green-friendly transportation, that’s fine. There are places to park and lock your bike for your convenience. There are wheelchair ramps as well.

4. Kesari

Rating: 4/5 stars

If you’re looking for a vegan friendly place, you’ll find it at Kesari’s. The menu is fully stacked with both regular and plant-based options for everyone. You’ll find dishes such as the famed North Indian thali, which is, essentially, nothing more than a sampler. You can order it to get a vibe of the various appetizers they serve. You can go regular, vegetarian or vegan. You can even mix it up.

There are other options for you to choose from. You can try the South Indian dosas and even order extra butter for a better taste. Your other options would be the spicy paneer masala and the cheesy dosas. The choices are endless.

What’s even better for your meal is the spicy masala tea, a special chai blend of hot black tea, milk, and herbs. The tea might pair well with the hot saffron kesari dessert. Needless to say, it was the inspiration behind the restaurant’s name.

Kesari is wheelchair accessible and offers indoor private dining options. You can order takeout anytime and there are delivery options. What’s more, the restaurant gives you the option to beat the lunch and dinner crowds. You can call ahead of time and make reservations.

Kesari’s is a great place for groups and business lunch meetings. There is a bit of moderate noise but not too much. There are other benefits such as special discounts for active duty service members and catering services. So if you’re looking to host that office party, you’ve come to the right place. Plus, the restaurant offers Happy Hour.

The only drawback is that there is no Wi-Fi. But the fine dining experience and family-friendly atmosphere should more than make up for it.

5. Coconut Hill

Rating: 4/5 stars

Coconut Hill has a reputation for serving the best Indian chicken dishes. Customers rate it highly for its tasty butter chicken, chicken tikka, and chicken tikka masala plates. You even have the option of choosing the paneer tikka, which is comprised of Indian cottage cheese known simply as paneer. It has a texture that is similar to the soybean curd that’s made into vegan tofu.

The dosa menu is varied and has the chocolate dosa along with the honey dosa as a treat for the kids. You can order a plain or chicken one, or a dosa with ghee on it. This treat is versatile enough for a regular meal or for dessert.

Coconut Hill has other viable features, such as free Wi-Fi and a child-friendly atmosphere. Plus, this Asian owned establishment offers private dining in a quiet setting. There is television available for your entertainment needs.

Customers and staff are both required to wear face masks regardless of vaccination status. But if masks aren’t comfortable for dining, you have the option of takeout and delivery. And yes, you can use either Android or Apple Pay.

6. Spice Creations

Rating: 4/5 stars

Spice Creations is very local. In fact, you could almost consider it a “mom and pop” joint with an international twist. The focus is on good use of spice as an excellent highlighter for bringing on the zest and the flavor.

Spice Creations has its charms. They offer a vast menu with a good helping of gluten-free options, which include many chicken meals such as the tasty methi kabob. It consists of fried onions and a dried green fenugreek leaves. And there are vegetarian and vegan options for those who enjoy plant-based alternatives.

Nothing beats it like a good mango lassi to chase down your meal. It’s basically an Indian fruit smoothie with milk, cardamom, yogurt and a hint of sugar. It’s great for those boiling hot summer days. You can relax with this mouthwatering thirst quencher alone or while waiting for your food.

There are extras you can enjoy at the restaurant. No, they don’t involve food, at least not directly. But they can help enhance your dining experience just the same.

For starters, you’ll have the luxury of private parking and a semi-formal dining experience. Plus, the atmosphere is known for cleanliness and following recommended covid protocols. Staff wear face masks as required by the CDC, which helps give you much needed assurance for your health and peace of mind.

Spice Creations offers outdoor seating so you can have fresh air while dining. Groups and individuals are welcome, plus you can bring the kids.

Although there is free Wi-Fi, you won’t have the option of television. It may hinder your entertainment choices, but the good news is that there is only moderate distraction. And who knows, maybe you’ll be better able to dine with friends and catch up without ado.

There are places outside where you can park and lock up your bike if you travel green. And if you’re in a wheelchair, that’s not a problem. Ramps are available for your convenience.

Conclusion of Indian Restaurants in Frisco

The popularity of good Indian food continues to grow in U.S. cities. People’s desire for trying new things continues to nurture its demand. With its spicy demeanor and focus on using fresh produce, Indian cuisine is similar to Mexican. Both value using plant products as well as different types of meats in a vast array of menu items. That said, variety is the spice of life that’s pleasing to the palette.