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Indoor Gardening For Fall

Sep/17/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

Look after your plants at home

Closeup of croton plant against a wood background
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As the mercury drops, it is time to introduce changes to our plant care routine.  Making sure that house plants get acclimatized to indoor environments and adjust to cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels are some of the key aspects of autumn plant care. 

Read on to find out how you can look after your plants in the fall.

Plant Care Tips: Lighting

As we transition between seasons, move houseplants that you had outdoors in the summer to the indoors. Do this as early as you can, before there is a drastic change in the temperature.  Watch out for any pest attacks or diseases before you bring the plants indoors. 

Ensure that you place your plants in a strategic position depending on their need for natural light.  For plants that require lots of sunlight, place them near a sunny window, balcony or any area that receives natural light.  If your indoors are not well illuminated, you can invest in grow bulbs which support the growth of your plants.  They are a convenient solution to provide your plants light energy.

Plant Care Tips: Water

The next step is to monitor their water levels as plants generally do not require as much water in the fall than they do in the spring and summer.  Excessive watering can lead to rotting roots, causing irreversible damage to plants.  Succulents and plants with thick leaves need substantially less water.  Moreover, it is also a season where plants become dormant, and their growth is much slower.  So, water them accordingly.  This is also why you will need to cut down on the fertilizer levels.

Another important factor that needs to be kept in mind for plants during the fall is the reduced humidity levels.  Given that the temperatures are low, heaters are often switched on at home which makes the air dry and may cause the leaves to yellow and wilt especially at the edges.  Consider buying a humidifier which is especially suitable for tropical species.  Further, weed out yellowing leaves and repot plants that have overgrown during the summer to bigger planters. 

Adding Color With Fall Plants

Brown, rust, ochre, mustard, olive, and sage—the colors of autumn are alluring.   And plants are a great way to bring in the fall colors and warm vibes intrinsically associated with the season.  The ever-popular snake plant with its air purifying properties is a favorite in the season since it is easy to maintain and can adapt well in indoor environments. 

Crotons with their bright red, orange and yellow hues add the perfect color pop to your space.  They also thrive well in the season and hence are a great idea if you want to elevate the look of your space. 

Bromeliad again is an easy-to-maintain house plant known for its air purifying properties.  If you have ample sunlight and can maintain humidity at optimum levels, anthuriums are a good choice.  With their fiery red blooms, they bring in delightful fall vibes.  Another great option is the Chinese evergreen or aglaonema. Its multi-hued foliage makes it an ornamental plant that adds a lot of character to indoor spaces.  Plus, it is fuss-free and suitable to grow indoors. 

So, go ahead and enjoy gardening in the fall!


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