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Indulge: Flower Power

Feb/03/2024 / by team-seema
Seema Sunny

The South-Asian-owned brand reinventing the floral industry

When Sunny Chadha sent his new girlfriend Seema Bansal lackluster Valentine’s Day
roses, he was mortified. The flowers were of poor quality and faded fast— hardly the impressive gesture he intended. For the young couple, the experience encapsulated ongoing disappointments with the floral industry. But this disenchanting moment
planted the seed for their eventual success together.

Motivated to transform floral gifting, Seema and Sunny founded Venus et Fleur less
than six months into dating. Their mission? To redefine flowers as luxury keepsakes built to last thanks to innovative preservation techniques. The result? Stunning rose
arrangements that maintain their beauty and fragrance for up to a year, aptly dubbed “Eternity” flowers.

The brand’s blooms begin their journey at solar- powered farms in Ecuador, the world’s leading rose exporter. The flower farms are predominantly female-owned and are dedicated to socially sustainable practices. While Venus et Fleur debuted with French-inspired hat boxes brimming with forever roses, its arrangements now span a full botanical garden of eternity flowers styled in posh vases and boxes.

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