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Indulge: Smashing Hair Stigmas

Sep/02/2023 / by Team Seema
SpanxRed2 Sept 2023

South Asian make-up artist Nikki Patel pulls back the curtain on naturally darker hair

As a semi-finalist in BBC’s Glow Up to find the next big make-up star, Nikki Patel has long shared beauty tips with her one-million plus fans on YouTube and TikTok. But she wasn’t always open to talking about all aspects of her beauty routine — especially hair removal. 

As a teen, Nikki was mocked for her darker facial hair. She felt pressure to remove it to conform to traditional beauty standards. “I was teased for my upper lip hair,” she told The Mirror newspaper. “Having hair-free skin is an aspirational beauty standard in South Asian culture.”

Today, she finds it’s important to show facial hair removal on her social media channels to let young girls know it’s okay to have thicker, darker hair. “That doesn’t mean it should be a taboo,” she says. “We should feel comfortable in our own skin, our own color and embrace who we are.” She often films close-up videos of threading of her upper lip and chin. 

She started her social media channels in part because she saw a lack of South Asian role models online across her favorite makeup channels on YouTube, and decided to fill the gap herself. “If we conform to the ideology that Westernized beauty is the most beautiful, everyone would start to look the same.” 

Follow Nikki: 

Instagram/TikTok: @nikkissecretx


Trend Alert: Latte Makeup

It may not quite be Pumpkin Spice season yet, but latte makeup is the latest trend taking TikTok by storm. Like the name implies, the trend focuses solely on shades of browns and nudes. To help her achieve the look, Nikki recently raved about the L’Oreal Paris True Match Tinted Serum in 6.5 medium tan. 

Harnessing Hemp

5 Brands Banking on CBD Beauty

Derived from the hemp plant, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has only recently been studied as a beauty boosting ingredient, with research finding that the molecule helps in moisturizing the skin and calming inflammation. Not to be confused with its plant cousin marijuana and THC, hemp-derived CBD doesn’t produce a high, but rather has relaxing and soothing effects similar to valerian, chamomile, and lavender. Here are a few of our favorite products using the new star ingredient. 

Shanti Relax Bath Bomb

Combining eucalyptus, spearmint, and chamomile essential oils plus and 50mg CBD, this Ayurvedic-inspired bath bomb promotes relaxation and ease muscle tensions. $10,

Herbivore Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil
Harnessing Colorado-grown hemp, this CBD-infused oil nourishes and calms the most irritated skin. The adaptogen ashwagandha also helps skin cope with stress, leaving a lingering glow without any lasting greasiness. $50,

Leaf & Flower CBD 7-Minute Blowout

Leaf FLower

We love how this light spray speeds up drying time up to 50% on even the most thick hair. The CBD complex smooths frizz and enhances shine under heat, leaving hair healthy and glossy. $35,

Vertly CBD-Infused Bath Salts

Combining CBD, arnica flower, and other botanicals, these award-winning bath salts calm even the most stressed muscles. The soothing scent of clary sage adds a spa quality to any bath. $24,

Prima Night Magic Face Oil


This mix of antioxidant oils containing 300mg of CBD works to calm skin and combat environmental stressors while you sleep. Plus, we love the herby, subtle scent that never overpowers. $68,

Focus on Fall Fashion

Experts weigh in on what trends are running the runways this season

Forget the muted tones and understated sensibilities of autumns past. This season is all about making a statement to be remembered. We spoke to fashion expert Harman Awal from to find out how to rock the latest looks for this fall: 

Ravishing Red
Forget the little black dress—this year’s all about the real reds. “From deep velvety tones to bright crimson hues, this color says it’s time to turn some heads and rule the season,” says Awal. “Forget black and burnt orange, red is where it’s at if you want to know the ‘It’ color of the season!”

Spanx The Perfect Sheath Dress, $198

Big Bow Ties

Normal neckties are out in favor of a bigger, bolder statement. “Made for the bold and daring, these oversized ties can be worn with a sleek suit, or add a quirky twist to a more casual look,” she says. “You’ll see them on tops, dresses, as an add-on accessory and everywhere else.”

Anthropologie Hutch Bow-Tie Maxi Dress, $218

Blazing Blazers & Trendy Trench CoatsA staple of fall fashion, the right jacket can up-level any outfit. “These timeless, fall staples let you strut down the streets anytime in total style,” says Awal. “Pair your blazer or trench coat with a loose shirt, slim jeans, and your favorite ankle boots for a chic, head-turning ensemble.”

Reformation The Classic Relaxed Blazer, $278


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